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Chris Rock

The comedian chris rock is probably best known for his stand-up comedy. The chris rock comedy most popular on online video sites is chris rock stand-up from his HBO and Comedy Central specials. Many people have placed chris rock comedy in the vein of Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy, as chris rock makes many jokes about race and class relations. Yet chris rock is not only known for his stand-up but also for his sketch comedy on shows like saturday night live and In Living Color. The chris rock comedy that has become familiar to younger audiences today is probably chris rock as a host and as a movie star. With films like Down to Earth and Head of State, chris rock has made himself known in Hollywood. The next chris rock project to be released is i think i love my wife, a film about marriage and temptation. The problem with chris rock comedy in film, however, is that chris rock never seems to do very well at the box office or with the critics. Since his first foray into writing and starring in a movie with cb4, chris rock has never been a Hollywood favourite.
The style of chris rock comedy that jump started chris rock’s career was certainly stand-up. The stand-up career of chris rock began in 1985 in New York. Eddie Murphy spotted chris rock doing stand-up at a New York club and decided to take him under his wing and mentor him. What really gave chris rock exposure was his role on saturday night live. In the late 1980s, saturday night live was in a major slump and needed some new talent desperately. The only talent keeping saturday night live a float at the time was Eddie Murphy. In 1990, saturday night live turned around as the introduced a crop of new comedians, including chris rock.
The saturday night live group to which chris rock belonged included Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, and David Spade. This new saturday night live cast that included chris rock was expected to draw back in the college audiences that had made saturday night live a success in the first place. The problem with chris rock comedy on saturday night live was that there just did not seem to be a big place for chris rock on the show. The sketches chris rock was cast in were rarely recurring roles. The only real recurring chris rock character was Nat X. As Nat X, chris rock hosted a militant black talk show and harassed his guests. While the Nat X character was relatively popular, chris rock only did background and impressions beyond this sketch. It seemed like saturday night live just was not the forum for chris rock comedy, as they did not know how to use him. In 1993, chris rock left saturday night live for good and returned to stand-up.
After chris rock left saturday night live, he also tried parlaying his chris rock comedy into In Living Color but the show was cancelled soon after chris rock joined the cast. 1993 marked a big transition year for chris rock. After leaving saturday night live and returning to stand-up, chris rock found a new medium for chris rock comedy when he wrote the film cb4. While cb4 would prove to be a failure at the time, the film marked the entry of chris rock into Hollywood. The story of cb4 follows a rap group with little talent but with a major image. In cb4, chris rock stars as the leader of a rap group who send a gang leader to jail and then steal his name and image in order to sell records. The style of cb4 followed that of This is Spinal Tap, a mockumentary about a fictional band. While cb4 was not a success at the time, cb4 was granted a bit of a revival after chris rock became very popular with younger audiences in the late 1990s. The fans of chris rock comedy that were interested in seeing his older work were particularly fans of cb4 and the work chris rock did on saturday night live. In the late 1990s, chris rock comedy had a major revival as chris rock did a few high-profile stand-up comedy specials, as well as releasing music videos on MTV.
The video chris rock released in 1999, “No Sex (In the Champagne Room)” opened up a big younger audience for chris rock comedy. Since the late 1990s, chris rock has been a major comedy star. The success of chris rock comedy has lead to a few movies that chris rock has written and starred in, including the box office flop Head of State. The latest chris rock film is called i think i love my wife. In i think i love my wife, chris rock plays a happily married yet extremely bored typical commuter businessman who becomes overwhelmed with temptation when an old flame comes back into his life. The premise of i think i love my wife actually sounds like it could be a comedy or a drama. Yet as chris rock is the star, i think i love my wife certainly does lean more towards comedy. Still, i think i love my wife has been called a much more mature comedy than the other films chris rock has done. It says something about chris rock that he has been able to maintain a fairly constant popularity for nearly a decade. Though chris rock comedy has been around since the 1980s, younger audiences today are more familiar with chris rock as a Hollywood star and celebrity comedian. In 2005, chris rock gained even more exposure by hosting the Academy Awards.
Perhaps the Academy Awards were hoping to add a bit of edge to the broadcast but chris rock comedy and Oscars just were not a good fit. It seems like chris rock does his best work on his own comedy specials. The HBO and Comedy Central specials that feature chris rock comedy have always been huge hits and chris rock may have success in this forum for years to come.