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Britney Spears is officially single

The last three years have not been kind to Britney Spears. Formerly the biggest star in the world and a woman that epitomized youthful spirit and beauty has become haggard due to the tumultuous last few years of her life. From having two children quickly in succession to watching her ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake catapult to King of Pop status and to going through numerous public breakdowns including a bizarre fascination with bikini swapping with strangers, Britney Spears has definitely seen better days. Her current behavior has been detailed by celebrity friendly magazine, OK! Magazine, which is crazy because this is the same magazine that reportedly bought Nick Lachey and Vannessa Minnillo sex photos from their Mexican vacation with the sole purpose of not publishing them in order to protect the celebrities that they love. While Britney has had a number of numerous of public relationship disasters including famously shaving her head, partying with Paris Hilton where she consistently ended up passing out with britney spears no panties photos being snapped by the paparazzi and popping up all over the Internet to her reported feud with her parents, many people have attributed the swoon in Spears’ career to her relationship with Kevin Federline.
The dancer and aspiring rapper, Kevin Federline or K-Fed as he often goes by, managed to woo Britney back when she was at the top of her game. Feeling an instant spark to the magnetic Federline whose proud white trashiness must’ve touched a nerve with the Louisiana raised Spears, Britney Spears soon shocked the world by marrying Kevin Federline and enticing him to leave his pregnant girlfriend. While the rest of the world were baffled and slightly disgusted with the new glamorous couple, it didn’t seem that Britney Spears and Kevin Federline cared. Buoyed by her love for her man left, Britney quickly started a family and had two sons with Federline.
However, Federline’s desire to be a man around town in the hot Hollywood clubs and embark on a quixotic journey to become a legitimate rapper left britney spears exposed. With people openly questioning whether Spears had lost her mind by being married to somebody that was clearly several tiers below her league and with intense scrutiny on Britney Spears’ parenting abilities, eventually things had to change. It did on November 7, 2006 when Spears officially filed for divorce. It has been reported that Spears broke the news of her desire to break up with Kevin Federline via a text message during an interview that Federline was conducting in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Due to a prenuptial agreement that Federline agreed to before marrying Britney Spears, there was many complications when finalizing the couple’s divorce settlement. Complicating the issue was britney spears toxic behavior over the last few months where she has essentially violated the couple’s custody agreement by taking her children out of the state without Federline’s approval. The number of britney spears pics and britney spears photos that have circulated showing a woman that looks increasingly disheveled and somewhat unfit to raise two children.
However, July 30, 2007 may be the day that Britney Spears can officially close a dark chapter in her life and hopefully bounce back. That’s because that was the day that she officially divorced Kevin Federline, in which the couple agreed to joint custody and Spears giving $15,000 a month to Federline for child support. While the news that Britney Spears is back on the singles market doesn’t bring out the same type of enthusiasm as it would’ve three years ago, there’s some chance that Britney can rebound and become the singing/dancing phenom that she was in her younger days. Either that or the eccentric journeys of Britney Spears adult will continue and that’s interesting too.