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Usher ain’t getting married quiet yet

Atlanta pop star and the self-proclaimed King of R&B, Usher has become one of the music industry’s biggest stars over the last few years. His last album, Confessions anointed him as a critical and commercial success and his ability to tackle controversial subjects within the context of a four minute pop sing has made many people feel that he is the only current R&B titan that can be compared to soul icons like Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder that took legendary Motown records to great commercial and artistic heights in the 1970s. As one of the world’s most eligible bachelors, usher raymond became a legend for his exploits on the singles scene. Songs like Confessions Part Two found the singer acknowledging his philandering ways but hey if the ladies love you as much as they love Usher, it would be pretty hard for you to stay true to your lady too.
After all, a typical usher music video showcases the singer’s style, swagger, and his buff yet pretty boy-ish look. However, after so many years hopping from bed to bed, Usher seemed like he was ready to settle down. While he tried to keep his relationship with stylist Tameka Foster a secret, the rumors about usher and his new lady was soon overwhelming. Coming to particularly big prominence with yeah by usher, Usher seemed a bit unprepared with all of the mainstream attention. When news surfaced that usher fires mum who had been his manager since he began his career as a young child, many people speculated that Tameka Foster was wearing the pants in the relationship. These rumors had gotten so bad that Usher had to address them in an open letter to People Magazine where he reiterated that Foster was not leading him into engagement and forcing him to make these decisions.
Despite the negative attention, Usher and Tameka Foster soldiered on. Earlier in the year they announced their engagement and the fact that Tameka Foster was pregnant with Usher’s child. It would be Usher’s first child and Tameka Foster’s fourth. Inspired by his enthusiasm for Foster, Usher has reportedly been working on his fifth album and has several songs that are about Tameka Foster.
However, it seems that there will be more potential usher confessions after news have surfaced that their wedding on the weekend of July 27-29, 2007 had been cancelled at the last minute. Although some people are speculating that this move was designed to throw off paparazzi and unwanted media attention, thus allowing Usher and Tameka Foster to get some privacy for their wedding, nobody is quiet sure. Allegedly the couple had decided to get married quickly so that Tameka Foster wouldn’t have a baby bump showing for their special day.
There are also reports that the couple disagreed with the wedding style with Usher wanting a more formal wedding while Foster wanted something more laidback like a barbecue. Despite the strangeness of the bride wanting a less formal wedding, it shouldn’t be surprising as Tameka Foster had just recently divorced her first husband. As the whole saga unfolds, Usher fans are quiet delighted. For female Usher fans, it provides them the hope of being a meaningless one night stand with the man known as Ursh and for fans of his music, you can expect that new usher lyrics will shed some much needed detail on this whole episode. So in conclusion, yeah usher – you’re going to get out of this alright.