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Kate Moss and Pete Doherty Sex Tape?

Over the last two decades, a couple of rebellious British figures have charmed the rest of the world with their unique foibles and their relentless charm. During the 1990s, Kate Moss would revolutionize the modeling world. The short, thin girl was a striking contrast to the tall, voluptuous supermodels of her time like Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell. Ushering in a period of modeling known as heroin chic, kate moss shocked everybody by having considerable staying power. Discovered at the age of 14, Kate Moss continues to be a massive presence within the modeling world, as she is currently the second highest paid model in the world. Despite overcoming a cocaine controversy and several highly visible relationships, including one with actor Johnny Depp, Kate Moss continues to be a survivor. Her fearlessness has led to several modeling campaigns that subtly featured kate moss nude.
A kate moss gallery would show a fearless fashion icon that has ushered in numerous fashion trends that continue to persist today. However, news have surfaced about a controversy that has allegedly left the supermodel distraught. Apparently, Kate Moss has been unable to find two sex tapes that she made with ex-boyfriend, Pete Doherty, and is extremely concerned that these two tapes could eventually be released to the public, who have been clamoring to see kate moss naked. Kate Moss’ relationship with former Libertines singer and current walking rock and roll cliché, Pete Doherty abruptly ended in July 2007, after allegations that the current Babyshambles frontman cheated on her.
Although Pete Doherty may be best known for his debilitating drug addiction, the renowned poet and British rock icon has influenced a new generation of rock and roll musicians through his work with The Libertines. Formed and led by pete doherty and carl barat, the Libertines inspired a new generation of pop-punk acts that were equally inspired by the band’s music and Pete Doherty’s lyrics. However, at a time when Pete Doherty should be on top of the world, he continues to struggle with his demons. His relationship with Kate Moss has been marred with intense arguing and both of them being busted at various times doing drugs.
While Doherty claimed that the two were engaged just a few months ago, it seems that the relationship is over for good, which is why Kate Moss is so distraught. Allegedly the couple made a total of eight sex tapes during their time together. While Kate Moss has been able to retrieve and destroy six of these tapes, there are two currently missing. Understanding that Pete Doherty still has a massive drug addiction that he has struggled with since his youth, where he apparently worked as a male prostitute for a time to fund his drug habit and also ended up getting kicked out of The Libertines just as they were getting international success, Kate Moss is understandably distraught about what could happen. After all junkies tend to do desperate things for money and a kate moss sex tape would bring in a huge score for Doherty. Who knows what will happen.