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Lebron James to host Saturday Night Live

Basketball star and aspiring global icon, Lebron James has exceeded the extremely lofty expectations placed on him in his 22 years. One of the most hyped athletes of his time, lebron james high school basketball career was so unprecedented that he was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated in his junior year dubbed as The Chosen One, just the second high school basketball player to ever have that distinction (the first was Kevin Garnett). Following the end of his high school career, the 18 year old Lebron James was chosen as the first overall pick in the star-studded 2003 for the Cleveland Cavaliers and has met every ridiculous expectation placed on him by transforming the Cavs from a 17 win team to one of the NBA Championship finalists in his four year professional career. Searching for lebron james wallpaper, you will find a lebron james gallery full of lebron james highlights and lebron james dunks.
A massive and practically unstoppable figure on the basketball court, Lebron James is also a remarkable figure on the small screen. Nike’s lebron james shoes are some of the most popular shoes on the marketplace and his commercials featuring The Lebrons are hysterical and a major hit with his fans. Throughout sports history, many athletes have attempted to have an additional career in show business while continuing their day jobs as athletes. With his considerable charisma, excellent skills, and youth, Lebron James is about to take the leap into national treasure by extending his abilities into acting. While Lebron James has had recent experience performing with his nike commercials and his recent co-hosting duties at ESPN’s Espy Awards, he is about to take the leap into prime time. News have surfaced that Lebron James has been chosen as the host for institutional sketch comedy show, Saturday Night Live.
Entering its 32nd season in September, Saturday Night Live or SNL, as it is known as, has staved off criticisms for being stale by producing a number of popular snl skits like the famed snl lazy sunday video and the snl dick in a box song. With expectations still high about the show’s quality, there is a lot of anticipation for Lebron James’ hosting gig on the first episode of the new season of saturday night live. Although Lebron James is the first basketball player to host Saturday Night Live since Charles Barkley in 1993, there have been a number of athletes that have been given hosting duties.
Just last year, one of the most popular episodes of the show was the peyton manning snl show, in which Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning celebrated his first Super Bowl by showing his comedic chops on the show. With his interpretation of Bobby Brown’s massive hit, My Prerogative at the ESPYs, Lebron James has shown an ability to add some comic relief to the considerable amount of lebron james highlights out there already. Although there may be some people that remain skeptical of Lebron James’ ability to delivery the comedic goods on Saturday Night Live, the father of two has had to meet impossible expectations throughout his life. Considering his track record of making the impossible look remarkably easy, there is a good chance that Lebron James’ Saturday Night Live episode will be remarkable. Who knows, maybe we’ll see the transition of lebron james basketball player to lebron james comic genius!