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Dave Chappelle is tired

On July 14, the saga of beloved comedian Dave Chappelle took an added twist. That Saturday, dave chappelle was taken to an emergency room for exhaustion. However, according to his publicist, the comic that shot to fame with his immensely popular chappelle show was released a few hours later. Although the official reason for his exhaustion has been attributed to traveling, it is just the latest oddity in Chappelle’s life over the last few years.
A renowned comic that built his career by touring the Washington DC comedy circuit and the New York City circuit, many fans consider Dave Chappelle to be the successor of legendary comedians Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy. While comedian dave chappelle was becoming a known figure for his appearances in movies like Half Baked, You Got Mail, and Undercover Brother, his career would explode with the dave chappelle show or as it was called, chappelle show. An alluring mix of his standup and different sketches, the chappelle show was an immediate hit. The dave chappelle rick james skit may have been his most famous skit but other skits like his impersonation of Lil John, his R Kelly spoof video Piss on You, and his recurring character of crack head Tyronne Biggums entered the mainstream vernacular. The show was such a rousing success that Comedy Central offered Dave Chappelle a 55 million dollar contract for an additional two seasons of the show. While working on the third season of the chappelle show, Dave Chappelle shocked the world by leaving production in May 2005. With the show left in limbo, many people wondered what was happening with the affable comedian. When news surfaced that he had left the country to visit South America, many people wondered about his sanity.
As rumors circulated that comedian dave chappelle had either succumbed to drug addiction or was having mental problems, the comedian remained in Africa waiting for things to blow over. When dave chappelle eventually returned to America, he had decided to turn his back on his 55 million dollar contract and stop working on Chappelle’s Show. While he left the door open for a potential return to chappelle show, he would slam that door shut once Comedy Central made the decision to air the few completed skits that were intended for the show’s third season. Although he completed a movie, Dave Chappelle’s Block Party that showed him organizing a concert in the Bedstuy projects in Brooklyn that featured prominent musicians like The Fugees, Common, Kanye West, dead prez, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Talib Kweli, Mos Def and The Roots, dave chappelle has been relatively quiet. One thing that Dave Chappelle has been vocal about was how much the success of the chappelle show had hampered his stand-up career and created stress in his life. Seemingly living a low key life, dave chappelle was last heard on April 15, 2007 where he set a new record for endurance by performing stand up for six hours and seven minutes at the venerated Laugh Factory comedy club. As dave chappelle continues to enjoy life outside of the limelight, fans of the chappelle show have given up hope of his return to the small screen. However, this recent news of dave chappelle’s hospitalization for exhaustion has only fanned the flames of concern that comedian dave chappelle is actually confronting a larger problem that has derailed his career.