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Lindsay Lohan: Out of Rehab, Into the Clubs

The last few years have certainly been eventful for Lindsay Lohan. The starlet has made the difficult transition from being the child star of Disney fare like The Parent Trap and Freaky Friday to becoming a bonafide star and a young actress to look out for. Shedding her clean teenage image, sexy lindsay lohan has proven her adult luster by taking on more adult roles such as her upcoming movie, I Know Who Killed Me, which will apparently feature lindsay lohan stripping, and by releasing a couple of records that contain lindsay lohan mp3 of her revealing her adult angst at her parents.
While making the transition from child star to respected adult star is an extremely hard one, it also can take it toll. In previous years, a gallery of lindsay lohan pics would contain lindsay lohan bikini pictures and other lindsay lohan photos. However, naughty lindsay lohan has filled up lindsay lohan wallpaper with pictures of lindsay lohan drunk and lindsay lohan cocaine photos. Her battles with the paparazzi has led to a number of car crashes and it seemed like just a matter of time before a lindsay lohan dui charge was going to happen. Well it did when on May 26, Lohan was pulled over by police after she had crashed her Mercedes into a curb. Although being arrested in Beverly Hills would be embarrassing enough, it appears that the police discovered a sizable amount of cocaine in her car and that she was drunk at the time. All of a sudden, lindsay lohan rumors were spreading on all of the lindsay lohan websites out there on the Interweb. Her fans were atwitter about what would happen to their hero – after all, the Los Angeles judicial system had just thrown the book at Paris Hilton, who some would say is the queen bee of the Hollywood party scene.
Although the whole question of jail time was definitely a big issue, it was becoming apparent that Lindsay Lohan had developed a problem – one that many people her age have but much worse due to the fact that her considerable success allowed her to indulge in booze and drugs more than most people her age. Soon after her arrest, Lindsay Lohan decided to take matters into her own hands. As you could probably imagine, lindsay lohan first attempt at going to rehab was a massive disaster. However, that had been a few months prior to the embarrassment of her being arrested. Checking into rehab at the Promises Rehab Facility in Malibu, Lohan dedicated herself to gaining sobriety. Although her attempts at rehab were ridiculed by a jaded audience that had watched with disdain over fellow starlet’s Britney Spears’ attempt at rehab, it seemed like Lohan was devoted to her new decision. As a show of her commitment to getting herself cleaned up, Lohan even cancelled her 21st birthday party at a Las Vegas nightclub, which is pretty crazy because your 21st birthday tends to be a really fun night of drinking and Las Vegas is a great party city. Through it all, Lohan remained in rehab until Friday, July 13 2007. That was the day that she had successfully completed her 45 day stay at Promises.
However, this is not to be the end of Lohan’s journey into sobriety. Moved to an outpatient program that comes with daily AA meetings, Lindsay Lohan seemed committed to proving her doubters wrong, even agreeing to wearing an alcohol monitoring bracelet that will instantly test her body’s blood alcohol level. Of course spending 45 days in rehab can be draining for anybody and who could begrudge Lindsay Lohan for wanting to celebrate her new found sobriety by going out dancing with some friends. However, her decision to go out dancing at the same Las Vegas nightclub that her 21st birthday was originally going to be may not have been the best decision.
However, Lohan has insisted that she went to the club solely to surprise her assistant for her birthday and was surrounded by sober friends. Her alcohol monitoring bracelet didn’t explode or go off and it seems like that Lindsay Lohan has managed to celebrate her sobriety in a Las Vegas nightclub of all places on the weekend. While Lohan may have managed to keep her sober cool on her first night out of rehab, it may not be the best idea for her to continue hanging out at Las Vegas nightclubs. After all, a recovering alcoholic partying in Las Vegas is like: 1. a recovering cocaine addict going to Colombia for a vacation. 2. a recovering fat man going to an Indian buffet. 3. a recovering sex addict going to the Playboy Mansion to clear their heads. 4. a recovering polygamist moving to Salt Lake City. 5. a recovering manic depressant watching Requiem for a Dream 6. a down on their luck movie producer casting Robin Williams to add some edgy humor. The bottom line being that all of these are just bad ideas.