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Nicole Richie Pregnant

Recent speculation has grown about whether or not Nicole Richie is currently pregnant. The Simple Life starlet has not made an official confirmation but many people suspect that she is on the verge of announcing her pregnancy. These reports have surfaced as nicole richie has been seen refusing alcohol at a number of recent nights out. This is particularly prescient as Nicole Richie has been shown to love her booze. In 2003, nicole richie and paris hilton rocketed to fame based on their reality TV show, The Simple Life
. The show followed these two Hollywood raised rich girls complete menial task and live the life of regular people. While the show increased both of these stars profile, the main reason why Nicole Richie has become such a big celebrity is due to her personal troubles. The adopted daughter of 1980s r&b legend, Lionel Richie, nicole richie has fought threw a number of controversies, like her battle with her weight, drug addiction and for her notorious partying. One of the most common figures cited as an example of young Hollywood losing control, Nicole Richie has not been free of controversy. On December 11, 2006, Richie was pulled arrested for a DUI. She had been spotted driving her SUV the wrong way on the 134 Freeway in Burbank. When stopped, nicole richie admitted to driving while on Vicodin and high on pot. With Paris Hilton’s recent stint in prison, many people have speculated that the news of Nicole Richie avoiding alcohol was a ploy to avoid jail time. However, many media sources are reporting that Nicole Richie is actually pregnant. The news of nicole richie pregnant may just be the thing that helps her settle down. Nicole Richie is currently dating Good Charlotte front man, Joel Madden, who had just recently ended a high profile relationship with pop star, Hillary Duff. Impressing Nicole Richie with his Karate Kid impression and his emo-tinged pop punk music, Joel Madden has seemingly snatched up Nicole Richie for good as there are reports that the couple will get married this summer. There are also many people who believe that the news of Richie’s pregnancy is good news for her upcoming DUI trial, as it would be hard for a judge to jail a pregnant woman. Although it is always good news to hear about somebody’s pregnancy, many observers are baffled by the thought of nicole richie pregnant. After all, she is a tiny girl. When she was booked for her DUI trial, it was revealed that the 5’1 nicole richie weighed in 85 pounds. The thought of a baby developing in Nicole Richie’s tiny frame is as mind boggling as the sudden addition of 7 feet tall Chinese basketball players to the NBA. While reporters, paparazzi and nicole richie’s fans are undoubtedly waiting for official confirmation of her pregnancy so they can chase her around to take pictures, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden have been surprisingly coy. With recent reports speculating that pop star Christina Aguilera is also pregnant and with Britney Spears being a baby making machine over the last few years, this may be the moment in time where young Hollywood grows up. Tsk tsk, babies making babies.