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Spice Girls Reunion

The spice girls are back together and planning a year-long tour beginning in Los Angeles this December. This comes as a surprise to spice girls fans, who haven’t heard from the spice girls since the nineties. After selling millions of records and making a spice girls movie about themselves, the spice girls disbanded to pursue their own careers independently. A bunch of them fell pregnant and some of them continued with their singing, though none were as successful alone as they were with the Spice Girls. One of the original spice girls went on to marry soccer star, David Beckham. Today, almost a decade older, and certainly following a lot of plastic surgery, namely their massive breast implants, the spice girls are making a comeback. Their shows will no doubt sell out, but the lucky few that get to witness the spice girls reunion will surely get their moneys worth. It would be interesting to see who their audience is now as compared to their following of teenage girls at the beginning of their careers.
It has been difficult to arrange a reunion until now because each of the spice girls now have other obligations, like children and husbands. And what’s a spice girls reunion with only three or four spice girls. All five spice girls, including sporty spice, posh spice, baby spice, and scary spice, will be present at this winter’s spice girls reunion concert. The spice girls’ manager has tried to arrange spice girls reunions in the past but was not able to arrange a date when all the girls would be available at once. The spice girls have called their reunion tour, “the return of the spice girls” and intend to visit eleven different venues. The spice girls announced that if any country wants them to perform during their reunion tour, they need only tell them and they will make it happen.
The spice girls had not included Canada in their reunion tour and so Canadian spice girls fans, which numbers more than two million, have been petitioning the group to visit Canada during their ‘return of the spice girls’ tour. The funny thing is, Canadians have taken action by creating facebook groups for spice girls fans, petitioning the spice girls to visit Canada as part of their reunion tour. If you’re wondering whether the spice girls are on facebook, the answer is yes. I checked it out myself, although Mel C hasn’t replied to any of my messages yet. Brazilian and French spice girls fans are also outraged that brazil and France were not included in the spice girls’ reunion tour. The spice girls have also promised to perform their greatest hits on heir reunion tour and maybe even some new material. Spice girls fans can also look forward to the release of the new spice girls documentary.