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Camouflage Cosmetics

There are two main types of camouflage cosmetics. First, there are the camouflage cosmetics used by the army and in combat to make your face match a jungle backdrop. These camouflage cosmetics usually come in rich greens and browns, sometimes even a lamp black in the mix. Men paint their faces in blotchy patterns to match their surroundings. The other kinds of camouflage cosmetics are the ones people use to hide scars or birthmarks or tattoos. These camouflage cosmetics don’t camouflage you in your surroundings but camouflage blemishes on your skin so that they don’t stand out so much. A lot of these camouflage cosmetics also come in surprising colours. You’d expect that camouflage cosmetics used to hide things on your skin would be the colour of your skin. However, a more effective way to hide irregular colouring on your skin is to apply camouflage cosmetics of a complementary colour first. This will neutralize the underlying unwanted colour. For instance, if you have a purple tattoo you want to hide, apply some orange camouflage cosmetics first. This will make tattoo cover-up a lot easier and you won’t need to lay on the camouflage cosmetics so thick. Once you’ve done this, you can apply a cream camouflage cosmetic that matches your skin tone. Keep in mind that your skin tone is different on different parts of your body, so match your camouflage cosmetics to whatever part of your body it is that you want to use it on. The real challenge is using as little makeup as possible to cover up because you don’t want it to be caked on. Finally, you should apply a powder that matches your skin tone to set the camouflage makeup and keep it from smudging off. The best way to figure out what the simplest and most effective camouflage cosmetic routine is for you is to experiment with different products and colours. In most drug stores that sell makeup, you can find camouflage cosmetics made specifically for different kinds of cover-up operations.

Cover Cream

Cover cream is a type of camouflage cosmetic that works to cover up uneven colouration of skin, scars, or tattoos. Cover cream usually come in tones to match your skin colour. If you are using colourful camouflage cosmetics to hide a tattoo or something else you should apply the skin tone cover cream only after you’ve applied the other camouflage cosmetics. There are a number of different makeup brands that make cover cream. Most of these cover creams can be found in your regular drug store


Make-up is a very useful tool for covering up scars, blemishes, and skin discolourations, but is only effective when applied properly. If you don’t apply camouflage make-up properly, you could make your scar or blemish more obvious than it was to begin with. So avoid highlighting skin discolourations with bad make-up and instead learn how to apply camouflage cosmetics properly. You’ll need to decide which camouflage cosmetics are best for you based on what it is you’re trying to cover up.


Scars can be tough to get rid of, especially when you get them later in life, because they never seem to heal as fast as they did when you were young. One good way to hide scars is with camouflage cosmetics. If your scar is fairly new, you can help to promote healing and make your scar less visible by applying vitamins A and E to the scarred area. This will help your wound to heal with minimal scarring. If the scar is old and you’re trying to cover it up, there are a number of camouflage cosmetics available that are designed specifically for covering up scars. Depending on the severity and nature of the scar, you will need different camouflage cosmetics. You should also try covering up with something other than makeup. It may be easier to cover your scar with clothing or jewelry, depending on where your scar is. If you have a scar on your chest, try finding a pendant that would hang over it, or if your scar is on your foot, choose shoes that cover up that area. A lot of the time, scars aren’t as noticeable to others as people think and you’re better off just leaving your scar as it is, rather than drawing attention to it by always being conscious of it. However, some scars are more noticeable and it’s nice to be able to wear the clothes you want to wear without people looking at your scar. Generally men have it easier when it comes to minor scars because they think it makes them look tough. Women, on the other hand, are expected to look flawless. I see each of my scars as a story about my life, so I don’t mind when people ask me about them. In fact, they make good conversation starters.

Tattoo Cover-Ups

Tattoo cover-up jobs are tough. Tattoo removal with lasers is very expensive, so you might want to consider some tattoo cover-up alternatives. One tattoo cover-up alternative is makeup. Usually the older the tattoo, the easier it is to cover up because tattoos fade with time.

Veins and Birthmarks

Veins and birthmarks can be difficult to cover up, especially if you’ve got very pale skin. If your skin is very pale and your birthmarks or veins are very visible, you have a couple of options. You can make your skin darker by tanning or you can cover up your skin with makeup to make those veins less visible. The same goes for birthmarks. Birthmarks get darker in the sun, so you can make them less obvious by tanning the rest of your body and using very strong sunscreen on your birthmarks so that they don’t get any darker. That way your birthmark will remain the same and the rest of your skin will approach the same colour so that it’s less visible. If you decide to darken your skin, be careful. Fair skinned people shouldn’t attempt to get a dark tan by baking in the sun for hours because this can lead to serious skin damage and result in cancer. Try using tanning cloths or self-tanner cream to hide those veins. Varicose veins can be harder to hide with makeup because they are a lot darker. For varicose veins, consider having them fixed with surgery rather than camouflage cosmetics.