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Plastic Surgery for your lower body

What a drastic change in public opinion that plastic surgery has gone through over the last twenty years. Although the practice of modern plastic surgery dates back to World War I, it only really gained mainstream popularity in the last couple of decades. Previously viewed as a strange phenomenon that the rich and eccentric can afford, plastic surgery back in the day was typified by celebrity plastic surgery patients like Michael Jackson. As the public watched Michael morph from adored youthful pop star to strange, eccentric megalomaniac, they were convinced that plastic surgery equated to awful plastic surgery. As stories circulated of bad plastic surgery and the Dangers of Plastic Surgery, many people were confused about why anybody would want to do such a thing to themselves. Flash forward to the present and turn on the television where reality TV shows like Extreme Makeover have become big hits. Flip through the tabloids and you will read glowing reviews about celebrity plastic surgery cases like pop star Ashlee Simpson’s nose job and speculation on what type of plastic surgery treatments celebrities like Britney Spears and Jennifer Aniston has had done. With so much more emphasis on continuing to act and look young, it seems that more and more people are turning to plastic surgery to slow down the aging process. In a 2005 report, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) reported that nearly 11.5 million plastic surgery treatments were performed in this country alone. This represents an amazing 444% increase from their first studies that were published in 1997. Although a large part of the increased popularity of cosmetic surgery can be attributed to a mounting pressure that people feel about maintaining a youthful appearance, the plastic surgery industry has to be credited for their extensive work in improving their treatments. As technology has improved, the quality of plastic surgery treatments has improved exponentially. Additionally, this use of newer technologies have allowed qualified cosmetic surgeons to perform plastic surgery procedures that are less invasive and have a reduced chance of potential complications. With the increased demand for plastic surgery, the prices for plastic surgery have drastically reduced so that it is now an option for most Americans. With plastic surgery quickly ingraining itself into mainstream society, it is interesting to see what plastic surgery treatments are popular. Although cosmetic surgery is typically associated with procedures that are designed to enhance a person’s face like facelift surgery or their upper body like breast augmentation, a large number of plastic surgery patients are having plastic surgery treatments performed on their lower body. You may be thinking, ‘why on earth would anybody want to have plastic surgery performed on their lower body,’ but it really makes sense once you think about it. We live in a society that has a very rigid sense of what is beautiful. One of the most pressing concerns that individuals have today is appearing with a slim body. Let’s face it, everybody loves a nice sets of abs on themselves and their loved ones, although this is often not possible. This obsession with having a slim but strong lower body is one of the biggest reasons that people flock to join health clubs and exercise vigorously. Diet crazes are based on the best ways for people to lose weight and melt away that extra bit of tub from their lower bodies. Although it may seem that the appearance of your lower body is something that you can control, it often isn’t. Many individuals have genes that make it impossible to shed those extra pounds despite working extremely hard to do this. While life may be peachy for those individuals that are fortunate enough to have slim waistlines, the opposite is true for those people that have an extra bit of girth. Being called fat is one of the most demeaning things to hear and it can really shatter a person’s self-confidence, especially when they are working hard to get rid of that extra weight without much success. Some people are quick to criticize popular plastic surgery treatments for your lower body like liposuction or a tummy tuck, but many liposuction surgery patients or abdominoplasty patients will tell you stories of how much their present condition had made them feel alienated from others and themselves. While critics of plastic surgery will say that these individuals should grow some extra strength to fight off the criticisms on, there is only so much snide comments that a person can take. While any plastic surgeon will tell their patient to not expect perfection or their life to completely change following either liposuction surgery or tummy tuck surgery, most patients have said that their decision to undergo this treatment has made them feel more confident and self-assured. It may seem unfair that these individuals had to undergo plastic surgery to impress others but the reality is that most of these patients make their decision for themselves. Increased confidence in the way that you look can only add to a person’s confidence in themselves and their abilities. Another popular plastic surgery treatment for the lower body is penile liposuction. Although it may sound like a strange treatment, penile liposuction is one of the most popular treatments among men. Despite its contradictory name, penile liposuction is a plastic surgery treatment that allows men to increase the size of their penis. The reason for this decision would probably have something to do with attracting a mate or pleasing their current mate, although there may be some penis liposuction patients that prefer to have this treatment performed for their personal aesthetic reasons. Regardless of whether you are strongly committed to having plastic surgery for your lower body or are just merely curious, our group of plastic surgery writers will examine the different procedures and their benefits and risks. We live in a world full of people that can be particularly brutal when it comes to another person’s appearance. Don’t let these people get you down and enhance the way that your lower body looks with plastic surgery.