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Upper Arm Lift


There are many different reasons why an individual might choose to have plastic surgery.  Some individuals worry about what they might refer to as the “Dangers of Plastic Surgery.”  However, there is for the most part little reason to be concerned about plastic surgery as it is a rare case when indeed something has gone wrong during a procedure.  In the last twenty or so years there has been an increased interested in plastic surgery and this is due to a number of reasons.  One such reason is that there has been more and more coverage of celebrity plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures that are done to fight the effects of aging.  Plastic surgery is not for everyone and it is extremely important that before choosing to undergo any such procedure that you get as much advice and counselling from the relevant health care professionals as necessary in order to be sure that you feel comfortable with the procedure.


The purpose of this article is not to discuss all the different types of plastic surgery or other cosmetic procedures that an individual may choose to undergo.  Rather it is particularly concerned with a procedure known as an upper arm lift.  It should be noted that this article should not be used exclusively as a means of deciding if this procedure is for you.  However, what this article can provide is a reasonable starting point in the information gathering process and as such will outline some of the basics surrounding this procedure.


What Type of Plastic Surgery is an Upper Arm Lift?


Upper arm lift, also referred to as brachioplasty, is not the type of cosmetic surgery that a majority of individuals might choose.  Unlike many forms of plastic surgery which are specifically developed in order to fight the effects of aging, an upper arm lift is directly meant to deal with the effects that dramatic changes in weight can have on the body.  In particular, the upper arm lift is mean to deal with the difficulties caused by excess skin in the upper arm region after an overweight individual has lost a substantial amount of weight.


The main reason for individuals to choose to undergo an upper arm lift is that they find this excess skin to be undesirable for any number of reasons, though it is generally understood that the main purpose behind the upper arm lift is an aesthetic improvement.  As individuals gain weight or after having been overweight for some time, the fat on the upper arms causes the skin to stretch for two reasons. The first reason is simply to do with the increase in volume of an individual as they gain weight.  Not unexpectedly, the skin is forced to stretch in order to accommodate this increase in bulk.  In addition to this, after an individual has been overweight for some time the weight of the fat in the upper arm area can cause the skin to stretch even further.  As a result, even while the individual in question is overweight there can already be a loose skin issue.  It should be noted, however, that it is relatively rare that any individual who has not in fact lost a reasonably large amount of weight would consider this surgery.


Those individuals, who are overweight and are looking for some surgical means of overcoming this condition’s characteristic loose skin, should not consider liposuction as a means of dealing with this problem.  Liposuction, which is the removal of the fat under the skin, will not in of itself reduce a problem due to loose skin.  In fact, a brachioplasty or upper arm lift is the only means of reducing the excess skin in the upper arm area.


Drawbacks to Upper Arm Lifts


There are a number of potential drawbacks to this procedure; however the main and most troublesome one is the presence of scars after the procedure.  The way in which the upper arm lift occurs is that a very large incision is made which stretches from the armpit all of the way to the elbow.  After having made the incision the excess skin is cut away and removed.  Now that the loose skin has been removed the incision is stitched back up using stitches which will, in time, be absorbed by the body.  It should be noted that there is significant scarring as a result of this procedure.  Given that those deciding upon an upper arm lift might be doing so for cosmetic reasons, it may seem to a degree ironic that the cosmetic procedure they are undergoing to improve the look of their upper arm may in fact result in a further cosmetic difficulty. 


As a result of the potential for scarring the decision to undergo an upper arm lift is in fact a relatively serious one.  One of the uncertain aspects of this procedure is directly related to scarring as although it is possible to suggest the relative degree of scarring that may occur as a result of this procedure, it is not possible to know in advance exactly how each individual body will heal itself.  So, if you are considering an upper arm lift it is very important that you weight the relative deficiencies both in terms of financial cost and aesthetic improvement or exchange as a means of deciding whether the potential scarring is worth undergoing the procedure.


The procedure is done by a professional either at a certified clinic or at a hospital under general sedation.  There is no need to stay in the hospital for any length of time after the surgery, which itself takes between one and two hours.  Bandages are removed within the week with the possibility of the individual who has undergone the treatment returning to work as early as three days after the procedure.  However, it cautioned that one should not attempt exercise for the first two weeks after the procedure.  Should you still be interested in an upper arm lift surgery, it is recommended that you contact your family physician or certified health care professional.