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Laser Breast Lift

Plastic surgery is controversial – it always has been since its spread following its development in World War I. While some people may criticize plastic surgery as a superficial exercise that is fraught with potential complications caused by the Dangers of Plastic Surgery, others view plastic surgery as a technological marvel that allow individuals to live their lives in a more fulfilling way by getting rid of visual blemishes that affect the way that others perceive them.
The truth of the matter lies somewhere in between. Although there are instances where people have definitely overdid plastic surgery and now walk around like a testament of plastic surgery gone wrong, it would be wrong to suggest that the majority of plastic surgery treatments end up as bad plastic surgery or awful plastic surgery. In the overwhelming majority of plastic surgery treatments that are performed, the plastic surgery patient is overjoyed with the results of their surgery. However, it is important to note that plastic surgery may not be for everyone and it is a big decision to make. One of the biggest reasons why plastic surgery has such a negative reputation is that many people associate it with unnecessary changes like breast augmentation. While there are cases of celebrity plastic surgery that is done solely for vanity reasons, many plastic surgery patients are not only trying to create a change in their bodies but also change their own perception about their bodies. Although this may seem a bit shallow, look at the case of Shianna Tomlin. Shianna Tomlin was a beautiful woman that took great pride in maintaining a healthy appearance. A hard working woman who her friends praised for her great attitude, Shianna Tomlin was living a charmed life. She had married her high school sweetheart and had given birth to three beautiful kids.
However, once Shianna Tomlin noticed that her kids were getting bigger, she finally took the time to check out her appearance. While she had worked diligently to get rid off the extra fat caused by her pregnancies, Tomlin noticed something had changed that she couldn’t control. Her clothes and tops weren’t fitting the way that they used to and she was very self-conscious when wearing smaller tops. That was because Shianna Tomlin was confronting something that she couldn’t have expected – the skin in her breasts that had stretched out due to pregnancy had remained in the same state thus making her breasts sag more. Concerned that she wouldn’t feel like herself, Shianna Tomlin quickly started doing some research on one of the most popular plastic surgery treatments out there - breast lift surgery. While breast lift surgery or mastopexy, as it is technically known, is considered a safe and effective plastic surgery treatment that is designed to get rid off excess breast skin and lift the breast up to a higher level, there are still some criticisms of the treatment. Notable risks of breast lift surgery include permanent scarring caused by the incisions that are required in the treatment. Another negative byproduct of breast lift surgery is that the changes created by the surgery eventually gets undone due to aging and the forces of gravity. Fortunately, one of the most exciting aspects of the popularization of plastic surgery has been the constant innovation within the industry. One exciting development in breast lift surgery has been the development of laser breast lift surgery. Although laser breast lift surgery is a relatively new plastic surgery treatment, its popularity is increasing.

Laser breast lift surgery

In traditional breast lift surgery, a plastic surgeon makes an incision on the patient’s breasts and then cut away excess skin. From there, the plastic surgeon would then restructure the remaining breast skin around the patient’s breast tissue. By tightening the remaining breast skin, the plastic surgeon will create a firmer support and elevate the patient’s breasts. However, in laser breast lift surgery, a plastic surgery will use the power of a CO2 laser to create an internal bra that is made up of the patient’s own breast tissue and excess breast skin. In this form of breast lift surgery, a plastic surgeon will use a laser to deepithelialize the patient’s skin. The heat energy that is created by the CO2 laser contracts the underlying breast tissue and hardens it. When this occurs, the plastic surgeon is able to create an internal bra that attaches itself to the patient’s chest wall. By using an internal bra that is made up of the patient’s breast tissue, the plastic surgeon will be able to avoid the common problem of infection, as the patient’s body will not reject something that has been constructed with their own tissue. The biggest benefit of laser breast lift surgery is that it produces a longer effect. By attaching an internal bra to the patient’s chest wall, the plastic surgeon is able to guarantee that the patient’s breasts will be lifted for a longer period of time due to the strong support of the chest wall.
The popularity of the laser breast lift surgical techniques can be seen in its usage in other plastic surgery treatments that are designed for the upper body. The surgical methods used in a laser breast lift have also been applied to breast reduction surgery. Another benefit of laser breast lift surgery is that it makes the treatment easier to perform for plastic surgeons. Although breast lift surgery is typically viewed as a safe plastic surgery treatment, one of the potential complications from the traditional method of breast lift surgery is the loss of patient’s blood. By utilizing laser technology, the plastic surgeon is able to preserve the patient’s blood supply when performing this plastic surgery treatment. This ensures that the patient will be able to retain sensation in their nipples following the treatment – something that could be lost during traditional breast lift surgery. Although some plastic surgeons feel that laser breast lift surgery represent the future of plastic surgery, it is important to remember that the treatment is new and isn’t performed by every plastic surgeon. It is important to remember that while laser breast lift surgery may be a new treatment that it is highly recommended that you use a board certified plastic surgeon that has extensive experience performing laser breast lifts.