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Endoscopic Breast Lift

Life can be so hard sometimes. When you’re younger, you often feel like you have no control over your life and you depend on the wisdom of your family even in those instances where their advice completely runs contradictory with what you want. Through adolescence, people become rebellious and are convinced that they know the best way to run their lives. However, parents and other authority figures are usually the last people to trust your independent streak (often with good reason) and this period of your life is marked by a whole lot of fighting. Once you’re in your twenties, you finally get the independence and control over your life that you’ve always wanted, only to find out that life is actually pretty hard and more complicated than you could’ve imagined. Eventually, you grow out of that and are smarter for all of the experience you had to go through and then ….
As you get older, you will have to eventually confront something that is unavoidable – aging. While this may sound like a silly thing, when people notice that their bodies are showing visible signs of aging, they are often overwhelmed by these changes. Some people get despondent while others embrace the changes in their body. In some cases, maintaining a healthy lifestyle by having healthy eating habits and getting plenty of exercise will help slow down the aging process. However, there are some changes that happen in our body that are completely unmoved by these healthy acts. One of these conditions is known as ptosis. In ptosis, a woman’s breasts will have sagged due to a number of potential reasons. Whether it’s from pregnancy, weight loss, gravity, or breastfeeding, ptosis is a condition that can’t be reversed. Many women have complained about how much ptosis has made them unable to wear their old clothes and have made them feel less confident in their appearances. After all, it can be hard for women to notice their breasts sagging over a period of time. For that reason, many women are turning towards plastic surgery to get the changes that they want. Plastic surgery – two words that don’t necessarily provoke much of a reaction on their own but when put together will set off a fiery discussion. Critics of plastic surgery will argue that the Dangers of Plastic Surgery offset any potential benefits that come with the treatment. While the widespread prevalence of plastic surgery photos that can charitably be described as bad plastic surgery or awful plastic surgery may be enough to deter some people, others are wowed by celebrity tabloid magazines that are full of gushing stories of how celebrity plastic surgery has made that person look younger and better than they’ve ever had before. So where does the truth lie – in between these overly optimistic and negative reports on plastic surgery. While it is fair for people to be concerned about their safety and the overall outcome of plastic surgery treatments like breast lift surgery, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) have indicated that the overwhelming majority of plastic surgery treatments that are performed in the country are successful and safe. However, it is important to note that breast lift surgery (or mastopexy, as it is known) is a plastic surgery treatment that has some negatives to it. One of the biggest concerns that breast lift surgery patients have to face is knowing that their breast lift surgery isn’t permanent. While plastic surgeons are working hard in crafting surgical techniques that will allow the patient’s breasts to stay lifted for a longer period of time, eventually aging and the effects of gravity will cause the patient’s breasts to go back to their ptosis state.
Although innovations within the plastic surgery industry like laser breast lift surgery have shown promise in making the effects of breast lift surgery last longer, eventually the realities of aging will trump the technology of cosmetic surgery. A more pressing concern that breast lift surgery patients face is being reminded of breast lift surgery permanently due to the permanent scarring caused by the incisions within breast lift surgery. Although a qualified cosmetic surgeon is sensitive to concerns of their patients and will work diligently to make incisions that produce scars that can be easily covered up, it is understandable that most breast lift surgery patients would rather avoid permanent scarring. For that reason, more and more people are turning towards endoscopic breast lift surgery to enhance the way that they look while avoiding notable scarring that comes with breast lift surgery.

Endoscopic Breast Lift Surgery Procedure

Unlike the traditional mastopexy breast lift surgery that involves making an incision directly on the patient’s breasts, an endoscopic breast lift involves incisions in the patient’s armpits. While it would seem strange for a plastic surgeon to make changes in the patient’s upper body through their armpit, it really is an effective treatment due to technological advances that have made endoscopic breast lift possible. In an endoscopic breast lift, the plastic surgeon will make small incisions in the patient’s armpit that will allow them to insert an endoscope. Essentially a camera attached to a tube, the endoscope is then moved through the patient’s body where the plastic surgeon is able to monitor the progress of the breast lift surgery. Able to view their progress on a video screen, the plastic surgeon then can work diligently in loosening the patient’s breast tissue from their chest muscles. Once this is completed, the plastic surgeon will remove excess breast tissue from the patient’s body.
After the plastic surgeon is satisfied with their work, they will attach the remaining breast tissue together with sutures and then close off the incision. While the biggest benefit of an endoscopic breast lift is that the patient is able to avoid having visible permanent scars, there are other advantages. As the surgery is considered to be less invasive and utilizes smaller incisions, endoscopic breast lift surgery patients typically heal quicker and have a lower chance of potential complications arising from the surgery. However, it is important to note that not every plastic surgeon is qualified to perform an endoscopic breast lift and that because the treatment is less invasive, the plastic surgeon has less opportunity to do a more extensive job.