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Breast Augmentation

Whether or not you like the news, the plastic surgery industry is one of the fastest growing fields in North America. In 2005, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) reported that approximately 11.5 million plastic surgery treatments were performed in the country, which represents a 444% increase from the totals that they reported for 1997. The second most popular cosmetic surgical treatment was breast augmentation, with the ASAPS reporting that 364, 610 treatments were performed in that year alone. When people think about breast augmentation they immediately think about celebrity plastic surgery cases. Voluptuous starlets like Pamela Anderson and Anna Nicole Smith rode their breast implants into big time Hollywood fame and numerous celebrities have been suspected of undergoing breast augmentation as a way to increase their visibility. It’s telling that women that are considered beautiful and ambitious like many Hollywood celebrities are more than willing to go under the knife to enhance the way that they look. Sure, they work in an industry that places a higher premium on youthful beauty but this phenomenon shows something that is unfortunately true: people that look great have a better chance of having success in their personal and professional lives than others. It is for this reason that many people overlook the Dangers of Plastic Surgery and explore the potential of undergoing breast augmentation surgery. While many people assume that most breast augmentation surgery patients are just vapid individuals that are overly focused on the small size of their breasts, the reality is that there are many reasons for individuals to undergo breast augmentation surgery. Some of these reasons include individuals that are trying to fix their breasts that have been damaged by either a significant accident or a disease, like breast cancer, that has had made numerous negative impacts to their body. Other breast augmentation patients are interested in the surgery as a way to correct a proportion problem between their breasts, while others seek out the treatment to restore their breast volume to their normal size after their breasts have gotten smaller from either weight loss or pregnancy. Regardless of the reason, there is a lot of information that is out there that individuals that are considering undergoing breast augmentation surgery should carefully consider. While there are many people that are concerned about bad plastic surgery and the possibility of being a living example of awful plastic surgery, breast augmentation surgery is generally considered one of the safest and most successfully performed plastic surgery treatments. However, one of the downsides of breast augmentation is the fact that it leaves permanent scars. Just take a look at breast augmentation before and after pictures and you will see that visible scars are left behind. However, there is a new technique known as endoscopic breast augmentation that drastically minimizes the size of the scarring. Just take a look at endoscopic breast augmentation photos to see the difference. To find out more about the potential risks involved in breast augmentation surgery, check out our article on breast augmentation surgery risks.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

There are a whole lot of questions that you have to answer before you undergo breast augmentation surgery. One big issue that you will have to face is the type of implant material you want used for your breast implants. To find out more about this issue, take a look at our article on breast implant material. Another thing that you have to consider is the size and shape of your breast implant, which you can learn more about by checking out our article on this issue. As there are a number of pertinent issues that you have to resolve before undergoing breast augmentation surgery, it is important that you obtain a board certified plastic surgeon that is qualified and experienced in performing this surgery. When you obtain a qualified plastic surgeon that you can trust, you will quickly discover that there are a number of surgical methods at their disposal to perform breast augmentation surgeries such as 800cc breast augmentation. For males that are interested in male breast augmentation, it is important that you find a plastic surgeon that is qualified in doing this unorthodox plastic surgery treatment. In an inframmary incision breast augmentation surgery, the plastic surgeon will make an incision in the part of the body that is known as the inframmary fold. This is essentially the crease in the upper body where the breast comes together with the chest. In this breast augmentation surgical method, the cosmetic surgeon will make an incision along the inframmary fold underneath the patient’s breast. Once the incision is made, the plastic surgeon has a pocket that they are able to slide the breast implant upwards through the incision. Once it is there, the plastic surgeon will suture up the incision and leave a subtle scar that is easier to hide. Another surgical technique that the plastic surgeon is able to use is the peri-areolar incision breast augmentation surgery. In this method, the plastic surgeon makes an incision around the patient’s nipple area. This allows the plastic surgeon to have more control in creating a precise pocket for them to slide in the breast implant. Its primary advantage is that it allows the plastic surgeon to control the patient’s bleeding and leaves a less visible scar due to the color of the areola. Another surgical option is transaxillary incision breast augmentation surgery. In this method, the plastic surgeon is able to make an incision in the patient’s armpit and creates a channel that leads up to the breast. The most common incision used in endosopic breast augmentation, the advantage of this method is that it leaves a scar outside of the patient’s breasts. Similar to this method is trans-umbilical incision breast augmentation (TUBA) surgery. In this method, the plastic surgeon makes an incision on the rim of the patient’s navel and then creates a tunnel that leads up to the patient’s breasts. Through this tunnel, the plastic surgeon is able to insert the breast implant. While it also has the advantage of leaving a permanent scar outside of the patient’s breasts, it is also the most difficult breast augmentation surgical method to perform, as the plastic surgeon is working away from the breast.