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Neck Liposuction

In today’s time – it pays to look good. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist, a nuclear physicist or a tenured professor at an Ivy League School to recognize that there is a direct correlation between looking good and having more opportunities in your personal and professional life. However, this rigid standard for beauty can be overwhelming for many people. Additionally, it doesn’t help that as you get older and your body ages, there continues to be the same expectations for looking great. For many people, this expectation of looking great can be overwhelming. After all, we live in a time where people are busier than ever. The grind of working, living a healthy social life, and taking care of the family can be difficult enough for people to balance without adding the extra societal expectation of looking good while doing it. As some people continue to look like they never age, others find that it can significantly affect their confidence, which has a negative impact on the way that they live their life. For that reason, the plastic surgery industry has increased in popularity. Although plastic surgery has existed since the end of World War One, it only really gained mainstream acceptance over the last decade. With technological innovations making plastic surgery treatments safer and more effective, it seems that getting plastic surgery is a great way to continue to look good while living a busy life. Critics may say that by undergoing plastic surgery, plastic surgery patients are leaving themselves vulnerable to an unnecessary risk. After all, there isn’t exactly a lack of bad plastic surgery photos and plastic surgery pics of plastic surgery gone wrong available on the Internet. While nobody wants to be a victim of awful plastic surgery or become a living example of plastic surgery gone wrong, the reality is that the number of these bad plastic surgery treatments occurring are actually miniscule. Of course, this isn’t meant to infer that plastic surgery is for everybody. Although the number of plastic surgery treatments have dramatically risen with the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) reporting that a 444% increase of plastic surgery treatments had occurred from 1997 to 2004, it is still a major decision. Whether you’re making a major change in the way that you look or adding some subtle flourishes, undergoing plastic surgery is a decision that people have to take their time in making. In addition to the cosmetic changes in your appearance, undergoing plastic surgery is often a life long commitment. Depending on the plastic surgery treatment you have performed, there is a large chance that you may have to undergo additional treatments in the future. Still, there are a number of positive changes that can come with undergoing plastic surgery. While many people associate plastic surgery with cosmetic changes, many plastic surgery patients quickly discover that in addition to their bodies changing that their mind set has changed as well. Although most cosmetic surgeons refuse to perform plastic surgery on people that expect the treatment to radically change the way that they feel about life, the vast majority of plastic surgery treatment patients have indicated their surprise about the way that they feel. By thinking that they look better than ever, many plastic surgery patients discover they have a more positive attitude and are bolder (and happier) with their life decisions. Among the most popular plastic surgery treatments performed in the country is liposuction. Liposuction is a good example of how much the plastic surgery industry has changed over the last couple of decades. Considered one of the safest plastic surgery treatments performed, the field of liposuction has led to a number of innovative techniques like tumescent liposuction, laser liposuction and ultrasonic liposuction that has made the treatment safer. Additionally, the widespread popularity of liposuction has led to a reduced cost of liposuction. Although liposuction is typically associated with abdominal liposuction, there are a number of facial liposuction methods that are increasingly popular. One of these methods is neck liposuction.   While it may sound strange that there is a demand for neck liposuction, people that have fatty deposits and loose skin in their neck area will tell you that having a fatty neck can make them feel self-conscious about the way that they look. A major criticism about plastic surgery is that it is a short cut to creating physical changes in your body. However, there are no exercises that a person can do to change the way that their neck looks. For that reason, more and more people are turning towards neck liposuction to create the changes in their facial appearance. A fatty neck can take the focus from a person’s face to their neck area. However, with neck liposuction a plastic surgeon is able to create a leaner and firm neck that will put people’s attention where they should be – on your face. In neck liposuction surgery, a patient will go to either the plastic surgeon’s office, a hospital or an outpatient center. Given a local anesthetic, the patient will feel no discomfort while the plastic surgeon performs neck liposuction surgery. Typically completed within an hour, neck liposuction is a simple procedure that is considered quiet safe. In the treatment, the plastic surgeon will make small incision around the patient’s ears. From there, the plastic surgeon will then insert a probe into the patient’s neck and jowls. Through this probe, the plastic surgeon is able to break the fatty deposits located in these areas that are removed and placed into a container. After this is completed the plastic surgeon will either suture up the patient’s neck or jowls or will continue to do additional plastic surgery on the patient’s face depending on the patient’s request. For people that are interested in completely revitalizing their face, neck liposuction is a plastic surgery treatment that can be combined with other popular cosmetic surgery techniques. In many cases, neck liposuction is often combined with either facial implants or upper-face lifts. Considering how small our necks are, it isn’t surprising to learn that neck liposuction is the least invasive and time consuming of all of the liposuction treatments. Patients typically recover from the treatment within a week.