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Chin Liposuction

Brady O’Donnell was tired of hearing what everybody was saying about him. A good person that took great care in maintaining good physical shape, O’Donnell couldn’t help but curse his genetics whenever he looked at the mirror. That was because despite his fresh faced appearance, O’Donnell was born with a fatty chin. While it may seem like having a big chin wouldn’t be such a big deal, the prominence of O’Donnell’s chin caused others to focus on that part of his body. As a child, O’Donnell was used to hearing the insults and whispers of others concerning his chin. This situation didn’t get any better as he entered high school where he had to constantly hear jokes (both good natured and mean) about the prominence of his chin. Now in the working world, O’Donnell suspected that a big reason why he was being passed over for promotions had to do with his unorthodox chin. While there have been successful people that have managed to overcome prominent chins to become successful such as talk show host, Jay Leno, O’Donnell understood that the issue of the big chin is one that wouldn’t go away.
Worse of all, Brady O’Donnell discovered that even being an adult that his chin was getting in the way of his personal life. With memories of blind dates where he couldn’t help but notice his date’s eyes squarely focusing on his prominent chin had made him frustrated. Avoiding mirrors at all cost while finding that his considerable sense of humor about his chin was diminishing with each day, Brady O’Donnell had finally reached the end of his rope. Clearly wanting a change in his facial appearance, O’Donnell was considering something that he never thought he would ever consider – plastic surgery. The plastic surgery industry has been one of the most successful and thriving industries in the country over the last ten years. Buoyed by a generation’s desire to thwart off the realities of aging in an effort to capture a few more years of youth, plastic surgery has gone from a fringe industry that catered to celebrities like Cher to being mainstream and the subject of reality TV shows like Extreme Makeover. One of the biggest factors that was holding Brady O’Donnell from considering plastic surgery earlier was his fear of being a victim of plastic surgery gone wrong. Maybe it was the first Batman movie that showed a plastic surgeon working diligently to try to fix Jack Nicholson’s character only for Nicholson to discover that his character had made the transition from rough bad guy Jack Napier to full on sociopathic The Joker. It didn’t help that when O’Donnell searched for plastic surgery photos on the Internet all he could find were pictures of bad plastic surgery and awful plastic surgery.
Fully versed on the Dangers of Plastic Surgery, O’Donnell had always rejected the idea of going under the knife. However, O’Donnell was starting to have second thoughts. After all, it’s hard to ignore the popularity of celebrity plastic surgery and he couldn’t help but be curious about the plastic surgery treatment of chin liposuction. Although liposuction is typically associated with other parts of the body, particularly abdominal liposuction, chin liposuction was increasingly becoming popular. A surgical technique that contours a person’s face by removing fatty deposits from a specified part of the person’s body, liposuction is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures. With the number of liposuction treatments on the rise and the advent of new technologically advanced liposuction methods like tumescent liposuction, ultrasonic liposuction and laser liposuction, the cost of liposuction has drastically reduced. Additionally, O’Donnell was impressed by the fact that liposuction surgery has become safer and produced better results. Intrigued by the possibility of undergoing chin liposuction, O’Donnell quickly discovered that the most important decision a person has to make when undergoing plastic surgery is carefully selecting a board certified plastic surgeon that is qualified in performing that particular plastic surgery treatment. Even if you are still deciding whether undergoing chin liposuction, discussing the procedure with a qualified plastic surgeon will help you obtain the necessary information to make an informed decision on whether chin liposuction is right for you. It was while talking with a plastic surgeon that O’Donnell discovered what chin liposuction was all about.
Much like abdominal liposuction, chin liposuction involves a plastic surgeon reshaping the chin by removing fatty deposits and loose skin from the area. In chin liposuction, the plastic surgeon makes a few small incisions around the neck and underneath the patient’s chi. From there, the plastic surgeon will then insert a cannula into the incisions. The role of the cannula (or probe) is to break up the excess fatty deposits in the chin area and then to suck it out, so this excess fat is removed from the patient’s face. From there the plastic surgeon will suture up the stitches and the patient will typically recover from the swelling and bruising within a week. Once the tissues within the chin are fully healed, the patient will be able to enjoy the final result of the chin liposuction surgery. However, this typically occurs a few months following the procedure.
Although plastic surgery may have a bad reputation, there are very few things a person can do to alter the shape of their chin. Unlike abdominal liposuction, people aren’t able to exercise to reduce the fat stored in their chin. For that reason, the only potential way to alter your chin is to undergo chin liposuction. Additionally, one of the biggest benefits of chin liposuction is that it is typically a one-time deal. Other popular plastic surgery treatments like breast augmentation often involve the likelihood of having to undergo further surgery in the future. However, liposuction is considered a permanent procedure because adults are unable to develop new fat cells but only expand existing ones. For the most part, chin liposuction typically takes an hour to complete. Considering the lack of fat in the chin, the plastic surgeon will only have to remove a few grams of fat from the patient’s chin to create a dramatic change.