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Facial Cheek Implants

What a rapidly changing world we live in. Over the last few years, the progression of technology has increased at an exponential pace. Just a few decades ago, computers were seen as something that only the super rich could afford and people couldn’t even conceive of an information superhighway that would provide people with instant access to information at the tip of their fingers. Why, how much things have changed. With computers considered essential items and the Internet enabling people to access as much information as they could possibly want, it is amazing how much more media savvy people are. Unfortunately this comes with some negative repercussions. At a time where celebrities are adored more than ever and being superficial is no longer a guilty pleasure, the way we look has become more important than ever.
Technological changes have made it easier to communicate with a larger group of people than in previous times but this also means that people have less time to spend with others. The immediacy of the Internet makes it possible for people to stare at an endless parade of airbrushed and attractive images. In turn, this has made many people feel insecure about the way they look. Rather than being powerless to this dilemma, people are working hard to look the way that they’ve always wanted to. Gyms and health clubs are full of people that find time in their schedule to get the exercise that will allow them to maintain their ideal body weight. Right at this moment, there are thousands of people deciding to go on a diet and embrace healthy eating habits. While some people may say this is all an exercise of superficiality, you don’t need to be a genius to see the correlation between looking good and feeling good.
However, there are some parts of our bodies that can’t be affected by the things that we eat or exercise. This is particularly true of our faces, which are dictated by genetics. In a cruel twist of fate, it is our faces that are the most visible parts of our body and sadly the one thing we can’t control. Even children learn at an early age how much of an advantage it is to look cute and many people lament the fact that they can do little to change the way their faces look, except now there is a way. The last ten years has seen a startling transformation in the way that plastic surgery is perceived. Once considered a fringe thing, plastic surgery has entered the mainstream. Shows like Extreme Makeover and I Want a Famous Face told stories of the remarkable transformation that real people went through both emotionally and physically through plastic surgery. While these shows paint an overly optimistic tone of the plastic surgery industry, the Internet ironically is full of overly pessimistic interpretations of plastic surgery.
From finding harrowing tales of plastic surgery gone wrong to awful plastic surgery photos to reading long articles about the Dangers of Plastic Surgery, it would seem like the most common fate of plastic surgery patients is being victims of bad plastic surgery. However, the reality lies in the middle. The increased popularity of the plastic surgery industry has led to increased safety standards. The incorporation of new technology has meant that plastic surgery results are more refined than ever. However, just because plastic surgery results in better results than ever before, it doesn’t mean it’s for everybody. Undergoing plastic surgery is a major decision and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Still, there are many people out there who want nothing more than to have high cheekbones and plastic surgery is able to make this dream attainable through facial cheek implants. While plastic surgery treatments that prominently feature implants are typically associated with things like breast implants, butt implants, penis implants, and dental implants, cheek implants are a rapidly popular plastic surgery treatment. The sheer number of celebrity plastic surgery cases of facial cheek implants has been incredible and there really is something irresistible about high cheekbones. The best part of all is that facial cheek implants surgery does not require big implants. Considering how small our cheek bones are, cheek implants are small and generally the treatment is completed within 45 minutes. Typically combined with other plastic surgery treatments like a facelift or eyelid surgery, facial cheek implants surgery is usually performed at the plastic surgeon’s office or at an outpatient center. One of the biggest concerns that people have about plastic surgery is waking up during surgery.
However, facial cheek implants surgery patients are given a local anesthetic that will allow them to sleep throughout the surgery. Performed on its own, facial cheek implants surgery works simply. The plastic surgeon will initially make an incision either inside the patient’s mouth or insider the patient’s lower eyelid. From there, the plastic surgeon will create a pocket within the underlying tissue. Once this is completed, the plastic surgeon will then insert an implant that has been customized to the patient’s desired facial contour. After the cheek implant has been inserted, the plastic surgeon will close the incision through sutures. Unlike many other plastic surgery treatments that are more extensive but require more recovery time, facial cheeks surgery patients are able to recover within a week. By properly following the post-operation recovery instructions given by the plastic surgeon, the vast majority of facial cheeks surgery patients are able to get back to work a week following the surgery. Although swelling occurs following the surgery, it subsides after a few days.
Additionally, facial cheeks surgery has the advantage of leaving no visible scars. While most cosmetic surgical treatments require incisions that are often visible after the treatment, the sutures used by the plastic surgeon tend to dissolve within ten days. That being said, until the sutures dissolve, it is common for facial cheeks surgery patients to have difficulty having a full range of movement in their mouth and lips following the treatment. However, this is just a small price to pay for having a new fabulous face!