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Facial Implants

When people think of plastic surgery they immediately think of popular cosmetic surgery treatments like liposuction and breast augmentation that are designed to create changes in a person’s body. Although one of the biggest criticisms of plastic surgery has been that it directly impacts parts of a person’s body that they can alter themselves through proper dieting and exercise, this perception is actually untrue. There are many parts of our bodies that we can’t change regardless of what we do. However, you don’t have to allow genetics to change your life, which is the promise that plastic surgery makes that makes it so appealing. The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons reported in their 2005 study that approximately 11.5 million plastic surgery treatments were performed in this country alone. A 444% increase from their study conducted in 1997, these numbers indicate how popular plastic surgery has become. One of the most prevailing criticisms of plastic surgery is regarding its safety. Any time a person undergoes surgery of any kind, they are leaving themselves vulnerable to potential complications occurring.
However, the increased popularity of plastic surgery has been partially due and has caused even more vigorous safety standards for plastic surgeons to follow. While it is easy to find bad plastic surgery photos on the Internet and other visual examples of plastic surgery gone wrong, it is important to get both sides of the story. Although it would be a lie to suggest that there hasn’t been any awful plastic surgery performed over the last couple of years, the number of plastic surgery gone wrong pictures on the Internet would indicate that it is a common phenomenon. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Although it is important to understand that there are Dangers of Plastic Surgery, the innovations made in plastic surgery technology over the last decade have been staggering. In addition to making plastic surgery safer, these technological advancements have made plastic surgery even more effective in creating positive changes in the way that a person looks.
The increased activity of celebrity plastic surgery has been a testament to the increased effectiveness of the plastic surgery industry in recent years. One part of our bodies that we can’t change regardless of how much we try is our face. Our faces essentially work as our calling cards – they are the parts of our body that is most exposed to people and our conduit of emotion. How many times have you made your first impression on somebody based on their face? While it may sound superficial, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that there is a correlation between having a pretty face and having more opportunities in your personal and professional life. Although having a good looking face is empowering for many people, the opposite can be true. People that have strangely shaped faces or disproportionate faces often make poor impression on others for no other reason than the way that they look. Additionally, many people that do not like the proportion of their face internalize their self-consciousness and that prevents them from living an active life like they would want. Let’s face it – life is hard enough without people feeling self-conscious about the way that they look. For that reason, more and more people are turning towards plastic surgery to change those quirks that they feel is having a detrimental effect on their life. One of the fastest growing plastic surgery treatments that are designed to create changes in the way our faces look is facial implants.
Although implants are typically associated with popular plastic surgery treatments like breast implants surgery, penis implants or butt implants or cosmetic dental procedures like dental implants, facial implants are actually becoming increasingly popular. There are two main kinds of facial implants - jaw implants and facial cheek implants. To learn more about these particular plastic surgery treatments, check out the in depth articles about these popular facial implant treatments. Although it may seem a bit fanciful, facial implants have actually been quiet refined over the past few years. By inserting facial implants, a patient will find that they will have enhanced facial contours that provide a more proportional balance to the way that their face looks. In facial implant surgery, a plastic surgeon will insert an implant that are manufactured through different materials that will alter the overall shape of a patient’s face. Facial implants can be placed under the jaw to create a stronger jawline or in a patient’s chin or cheekbones. The way that the plastic surgeon inserts these facial implants is to make a few small incisions on the patient’s face where they will have the opportunity to insert the facial implant material. Considered a safe plastic surgery treatment, much of the work required in facial implant surgery is during the preparatory phase.
This is because any plastic surgeon that is experienced in performing facial implant surgery will tell you that each patient’s face has been different and require their own unique facial implant. It is during this part of the facial implant process that it really helps to have a board certified plastic surgeon that is qualified in performing facial implant surgery. Prior to your facial implant surgery, you will have several discussions with your cosmetic surgeon about whether facial implants are the way for you to go and what type of shape you want. When the plastic surgeon makes the facial implants, they are doing it following the patient’s instructions. Therefore, it is extremely important that people who are considering undergoing facial implant surgery think about whether the surgery is something that they want to undergo and the type of facial shape they would like to end up with. In many cases, facial implant surgery is combined with additional plastic surgery treatments. This is particularly true for older patients and facial implant surgery is typically combined with face lift surgery. However, for individuals that prefer to have the subtle change of just facial implants, plastic surgeons will perform facial implant surgery on their own if that’s the patient’s wish.