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Thermal Facelift

Tamara Lyons was in a bit of a pickle. As a high profile advertising executive, a big part of her job was to dazzle clients to sign up with her company. While Lyons was incredibly detailed in her preparation and could answer any question that a potential client could ask, she had a clear understanding that having an attractive face was a great way to make a great first impression on her clients. Throughout her extensive career, Tamara was able to develop a great routine. She would make a striking first impression with her youthful face and big smile. Making her clients feel comfortable, she would then show them her expertise, which would eventually seal the day. Working in a youth driven industry, Lyons was able to have high profile clients trust that she knew how to reach to younger people. However, the unfortunate thing about aging is that our body ages as well and this was where Tamara Lyons found her predicament. Noticing that her potential clients weren’t as warm as they used to be, Tamara Lyons had a realization.
She couldn’t believe that these clients’ skepticism with her abilities had anything to do with her advertising expertise. Fully understanding that the advertising game is a relationship driven industry that places a huge emphasis on first impressions, Lyons understood that her potential clients didn’t seem to believe that she was in touch with the youth at all. While Tamara Lyons was thinking about her new professional quandary, she was also dealing with some personal issues. A beautiful woman, Lyons had always been in the habit of looking at the mirror, just to admire her reflection (but not in an overly narcissistic way). However, these days Lyons was avoiding the mirror. It wasn’t because she had turned ugly over night but simply because she noticed the formation of a few wrinkles on her face. These wrinkles combined with her facial skin getting looser and beginning to sag had made her face look older than it appeared. With the visible signs of aging affecting her professional career and her confidence, Tamara Lyons was wondering what she could do. Over the last decade, the plastic surgery industry has grown exponentially.
In terms of cultural impact, the wild success of shows like Extreme Makeover had shown that plastic surgery had entered the mainstream. Statistics also show that the popularity of plastic surgery has risen markedly, as the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) reported that there had been a 444% increase in the number of plastic surgery operations performed in the country from 1997 to 2005. Plastic surgery treatments like facelift surgery had become remarkably popular and the amount of celebrity plastic surgery had also risen. While the main benefit of plastic surgery is that it produces incredible changes in the way that people look, it is still a big decision and may not be for everyone. This was particularly true of Tamara Lyons who had encountered numerous clients that had awful plastic surgery. Well aware of the Dangers of Plastic Surgery and wanting to avoid bad plastic surgery as much as she could, Tamara Lyons was unsure of what she could do. All that she knew was that facelift surgery was not an option, not even an endoscopic facelift. However, the topical creams that are designed to solve facial blemishes just weren’t working for her. Unsure of what to do, Tamara Lyons found that she was reconsidering her stance on facelift surgery, when a friend told her of a non-surgical way of enhancing your face - thermal facelift. Although it may sound strange to be able to create changes in your facial appearance through the power of heat, a thermal facelift is one of the fastest growing cosmetic surgery treatments out there. The biggest advantage of a thermal facelift is that a plastic surgeon will not make any incisions on your face. The way that a thermal facelift works is that a qualified plastic surgeon will place a radio frequency gun near the patient’s face.
While this may sound shady, it really isn’t. This radio frequency gun emits heat energy that works past the outer layers of the patient’s facial skin and into the deep tissue and muscle layer of the face. Due to the intense heat that is being emitted from the radio frequency gun, the patient’s muscles and deep tissue will contract. As the treatment continues, the outer layer of the patient’s facial skin will eventually contract, thus resulting in tighter skin. The thermal facelift patient will be amazed by how their wrinkles have been reduced significantly and how much smoother and younger their face looks. Although some people may be skeptical on the overall effects of the thermal facelift, it is important to remember that in traditional facelift surgery, the plastic surgeon removes the excess facial tissue and muscle from the patient’s face anyway. The process of a traditional facelift surgery and a thermal facelift is remarkably similar, with the exception that one uses heat while the other requires the skilled work of a cosmetic surgeon and facial incisions. While the thermal facelift may not produce the same level of changes as a traditional facelift, a patient will be able to be comforted by the fact that at no point during the thermal facelift process will their face be cut open.
Although a thermal facelift is considered safer than other facelift surgical techniques and requires less recovery time, it is important to note that a thermal facelift will take a few months to fully reveal itself. That is because the reconstructed facial tissue typically requires two to three months to fully heal. If you want to know how effective a thermal facelift is, just ask Tamara Lyons. After undergoing the treatment, Lyons is once again collecting clients and taking proud looks in the mirror again. With the numbers of thermal face lift treatments rising, you can expect that more and more people like Tamara Lyons will be turning to this innovative new treatment to make those changes in their faces that they’ve always wanted!