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Acupuncture Facelift

Doesn’t it seem that every time you look at a mirror, you can’t help but detect flaws in your face? While it’s human nature to be self-critical and want to look better, these feelings can get obsessive for some people. Although it may sound absurd, the way our faces look are really important. Our facial expressions are a barometer of how we are feeling and are a great way to communicate. Additionally, it’s not hard to make a striking impression if you have a great face. However, the way we feel about our face is a two way street. When you are confident about the way you look, your face tends to glow. There is a smoother look to your face that people can’t help but be impressed by. Whether it’s a business meeting or a date, feeling confident in the way your face looks is the best thing that you can do. On the flip side, when you feel self-conscious about the way your face looks, your feelings form on your face. Your eyes tend to furrow more and your face will have a colder look. People will tend to shy away from you believing that you are unapproachable. As we get older, our relationship with our face often changes. While it’s impossible to avoid feeling self-conscious about your face from time to time when you are younger, the way our face changes due to aging can be difficult for many people to adjust to. When the skin on our faces loses elasticity, it causes sagging skin that makes us appear older than we actually are.

 Additionally, the formation of wrinkles, furrows and frown lines are inevitable but still quiet a big surprise and hard thing to adjust to. For many people, these changes come at the worse time. After all, it’s no surprise to learn that more job opportunities are available to people that have a smooth, youthful, attractive face. While it’s unfortunate, there is a correlation between how we look and how much we earn. In addition to this is how much our changing faces affect our personal lives.

Although our personalities obviously matter when we are in the dating scene, there is still something to be said about physical attractiveness. For many people who have been having difficulty dealing with the changes in their face, they are turning to different ways to enhance their face to a more youthful and vigorous look. With over 11.5 million treatments performed in 2005 alone, it appears that more and more people are turning to plastic surgery as the answer. While plastic surgery is most associated with treatments like breast augmentation and liposuction that directly enhance a person’s body, there are a number of extremely popular cosmetic surgery treatments that are designed to enhance a person’s face. One of the more extensive treatments is facelift surgery, which uses incisions and physically removing excess tissue, muscle, and facial skin to help shave off the years off a person’s face. It is an effective treatment that will help you appear to be look even younger than you actually are.

However, while plastic surgery may be accepted now, it doesn’t mean that it is the right treatment for everyone. There are a reason why people talk about bad plastic surgery stories that they’ve heard and laugh when they see people on the street that have undergone awful plastic surgery, plastic surgery is still risky. For the most part, the long term effects of changes caused by plastic surgery are still susceptible to time and eventually aging will catch up with your surgically enhanced body. Additionally, the Dangers of Plastic Surgery are well known and many people would prefer to not have their faces cut open by a plastic surgeon. So, what do you do if you want to enhance your face but want to avoid the invasive nature of facelift surgery? There is one option that predates modern plastic surgery and has been used by some since the time of ancient China - acupuncture. Although acupuncture is typically associated with solving back pain, headaches, and nausea, acupuncture can also be used to keep your face looking more youthful. This practice is known as an acupuncture face lift. 

Acupuncture is a fascinating medical practice that is often discredited by Western medical practitioners that can’t explain why it is so effective. Following the Traditional Chinese Medicine method of ensuring that your life force (or qi) is able to flow freely through fourteen different paths of your body. In this medical theory, diseases are caused by blockages in these energy pathways. The way that acupuncture works is to insert a number of acupuncture needles in the skin to modify the energy pathways to restore the patient’s balanced energy flow. With an acupuncture facelift, an acupuncturist will be able to identify the reasons for facial aging and then act accordingly. Although this may sound strange, acupuncturists firmly believe that aging signs like wrinkles are caused by specific muscular movements. By inserting acupuncture needles into specific areas of a patient’s face, they will be able to reduce the signs of aging and provide the patient with a smoother, more youthful looking face. Unlike facelift surgery, an acupuncture facelift is minimally invasive. Incisions are not made to the patient’s face, thus eliminating the side effect of permanent scarring that is involved in traditional face lift surgery. Additionally, an acupuncture facelift does not require taking days off to recover from the treatment. However, unlike traditional facelift surgery techniques, undergoing an acupuncture facelift is not a one time thing. A patient is usually required to visit an acupuncturist several times a week for treatment for a period of up to two months. In some cases, an acupuncture facelift patient may be required to have acupuncture facelift treatments for more than two months. While you may not be able to see as much of a dramatic effect on your face in acupuncture facelift as you would in other facelift techniques like an endoscopic facelift, acupuncture facelift patients will be able to see gradual improvements in their face’s appearance when undergoing this treatment.