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Mini Facelift

As children, we are told refreshing stories about how much our personalities matter. Stories like The Ugly Duckling illustrate how much appearances may matter to some for a short while but eventually personality wins out. Even common sayings like, “Never judge a book by its cover,” detail how much inner beauty is much more valuable than outer beauty. While this is a great message and a morally true story, let’s be honest, it really isn’t a true message. Although a person’s inner beauty will matter more than their outer beauty when working closely with friends, family, and business associates, we live in a big world where we meet hundreds of people. In those brief instances where you meet somebody, they aren’t looking at you to seek out your inner essence. No, they’re looking at your calling card – your face. Even the ugly duckling found redemption by turning into a beautiful swan and thousands of people each day are realizing how important an impact the way their faces look has on their lives. Think about it, just look at your friends that have beautiful, magnetic faces – they probably have a more thriving professional career than most and are undoubtedly living a great persona life. While, it may not seem fair, studies and common sense show that people with a beautiful face tend to live more fulfilling lives with more opportunities for professional advancement and personal play than people with merely average looking faces. The advantages of having an aesthetically pleasing face have been something that has impacted our lives since the day we were born. Even as babies, having a particularly cute face has its benefits. People tend to flock to beautiful cherubic faces that with a slight coo can melt the hearts of adults. This obsession with looking cute continues as babies turn into school children. Once high school (and in some cases later on in elementary school) starts, the importance of having a beautiful face only multiplies. As kids discover their raging hormones and battle the changes caused by puberty, teenagers begin to put a lot of value on how their face look. It’s a bit of an anxious time, but you would think that as we get older, the value that we place on the way our face looks will decrease. Of course, the answer to that is wrong. Whether you like it or not, the way your face looks is extremely important. When you meet somebody for the first time, the first impression that you make will be based on how warm your facial expressions are and how attractive your face is. This isn’t malicious but just a fact of human nature. However, as we get older, the issue of how our face looks becomes even more important. The formation of wrinkles and sagging skin often make people look older and crankier than they actually are. For many individuals, this can result in having bad relations with others that can diminish their self-confidence. Additionally, living in a time where it seems most people in their 40s can pass off for being in their 20s, the way that our face looks has become even more paramount. For that reason, it isn’t surprising to learn that more and more people are turning to Plastic Surgery. Once considered a fringe industry, plastic surgery has officially entered the mainstream. Families gather around to watch the heartwarming stories of plastic surgery in reality TV shows like Extreme Makeover. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) reported in 2005 that nearly 11.5 million plastic surgery treatments were performed. This represents a 444% from the figures that the group gathered in its initial report made just eight years before. With plastic surgery more popular than ever, it seems like more people are finding that this is the perfect solution to slow down the aging process for their face. Although there are a number of popular cosmetic surgical procedures for your face, the most well known facial plastic surgery treatment continues to be facelift surgery. There are a number of surgical techniques that a plastic surgeon is able to employ when performing a facelift depending on how much work the patient wants. For individuals that only want subtle changes made to enhance the appearance of their face, then you may find that mini facelift surgery is the right plastic surgery treatment for you. A mini facelift is exactly what it sounds like. It is a plastic surgery treatment that is a miniature facelift. Rather than make the long and deep incisions in a traditional facelift, a mini face lift utilizes smaller and fewer incisions on a patient’s face. Although this limits the amount of work that a plastic surgeon is able to perform when doing a facelift, it also results in fewer complications and less scarring. Widely considered to be the most minimally invasive operation in the facelift surgery oeuvre, a mini facelift works in the same way that a traditional facelift. In a mini facelift, the plastic surgeon will make small incisions along the patient’s face. From there, they will remove the excess fat, muscle and sagging skin from the patient and then tighten the remaining skin to give the patient a smoother, more youthful look. However, a mini facelift does have its limitations. Considering the small size of the mini facelift surgical incisions, a patient has to understand that they are only able to target specific areas on their face. For individuals that are looking for a more thorough change in their face, then you may want to consider other facelift surgery treatments. However, a mini facelift has become one of the fastest growing Plastic surgery treatments performed today. Typically, mini facelift patients tend to be younger than traditional facelift surgery patients. These patients tend to find that the signs of aging are creeping in on specific parts of their face. By undergoing a mini facelift, these patients find that their face regains the symmetry of youth again. It is an excellent treatment for individuals who are living a fast paced life that utilize their faces for professional advancement and for charming potential mates in their personal life. Considering that a mini face lift has a smaller recovery time than traditional face lift surgery, many people are finding that a mini face lift is just what the doctor ordered for retaining that great youthful look.