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One of the hardest things about aging is watching your body change. While it’s something that’s unavoidable, it can certainly still be a big shock when you look at the mirror and can barely recognize the person staring back at you. Although our bodies change, one of the most difficult things for people to accept is watching their faces change. The formation of wrinkles and the stretching of our skin often make us appear older than we actually are. For some individuals, this change can be so hard to accept that it negatively impacts their self-confidence. That’s the last thing that anybody wants, but there are ways that you can slow down the aging process and continue to have a vivacious youthful look. In recent years, it’s become impossible to ignore the growing popularity of plastic surgery. The amount of celebrity plastic surgery has increased and is no longer a big secret. This was evident in music legend, Gene Simmons decision to allow television viewers watch his facelift surgery on his hit reality TV show, Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels. The gene simmons facelift episode was a big ratings winner and signaled the mainstream acceptance of cosmetic surgery. This has only been confirmed with the popularity of reality TV shows like Extreme Makeover and MTV’s I Want a Famous Face. A study conducted by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) confirmed the growing number of plastic surgery treatments performed. In their 2005 study, the ASAPS reported that approximately 11.5 million cosmetic surgery treatments were performed, a whopping 444% increase from their 1997 totals. While it seems like plastic surgery is becoming more mainstream, it doesn’t mean it’s for everybody. Many people continue to be suspicious of the long term effects of cosmetic surgery and are too scared when learning about the Dangers of Plastic Surgery. Although there can be a number of complications that result from plastic surgery treatments, the last thing that anybody wants is to have awful plastic surgery performed on them. After all, who really wants to end up as an example of bad plastic surgery? So for individuals that want to return to a youthful face but want to avoid the drastic changes and relatively high cost of facelift surgery, what can you do? Fortunately, there are a number of non surgical facelift treatments and natural facelift treatments that you are able to undergo to create the changes that you want. If you are looking for a non surgical facelift that can create a number of notable changes on your face, you may be the perfect candidate for the thermacool facelift. An innovative treatment developed by Thermage, a thermacool facelift works in a similar way as a traditional facelift without having to utilize incisions. In this treatment, you will still use a cosmetic surgeon except you won’t have to worry about the permanent scarring that result from traditional facelift surgery techniques. In a traditional facelift surgery, a plastic surgeon will make a number of incisions to your face so they can separate the outer layer of your skin from the underlying tissue and muscles. Through these incisions, they are able to physically remove excess tissue and muscle and sculpt the remaining tissue and muscle in an aesthetically pleasing way. While a thermacool facelift does not allow plastic surgeons to have the ability to sculpt the patient’s face in a precise manner, it will remove excess tissue and muscle from a patient’s face, thus producing a smoother, thinner face that contains significantly fewer wrinkles. In a thermacool facelift, a plastic surgeon will use a radio frequency emitter that pulsates heat energy. Placing the radio frequency emitter next to the patient’s face, the extreme heat that it generates will work through the upper layers of patient’s facial skin and directly impact the underlying muscle and tissue. The heat that is generated from the radio frequency emitter causes the excess tissue and muscle to contract. Eventually, the heat will get so hot that the outer layer of the patient’s facial skin will contract and pull the skin tighter. What results from the thermacool facelift is a patient that has a smoother face and looking years younger than they did prior to the treatment. The nice thing about a thermacool facelift is that it doesn’t require the use of incisions that result in scars. A treatment that typically takes up to an hour to complete, the thermacool facelift is also effective because it does not require as much time to recover as traditional facelift surgery. Although you will be sacrificing an opportunity to drastically alter your facial appearance, the thermacool facelift is a safe alternative to face lift surgery. While the thermacool facelift is an excellent non-surgical technique for performing a facelift, some individuals would prefer to have a more organic facelift. For those individuals, you may be interested in a natural facelift. Steeped in holistic theory, a natural facelift works under the new age premise that changes in your face are a result of stress and negative energy. Although it is practically impossible to avoid the formation of wrinkles on your face as you get older, there are some individuals whose faces tend to be more affected. With a natural facelift, the theory is that there are twelve important nerve centers that are located on your face and neck. The idea is that these nerve centers are vital in maintaining the balance in a person’s face. However, under the natural facelift theory, sometimes negative energy blocks these nerve centers causing an imbalance of energy in a person’s face that result in the formation of wrinkles and other visible signs of stress. With a natural facelift, you will be able to visit a qualified holistic practitioner that will gently massage these nerve centers to drain away the negative energy and maintain a harmonious balance of energy in a person’s face. Although some people are skeptical about the theories of a natural facelift, there is no denying that people who tend to be free of stress show it on their youthful calm faces.