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You may have seen the hit reality TV show, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, in which the famed KISS bassist goes through the challenges of raising his family while continuing on his legacy of cashing in on shrewd business deals. Considering that Simmons is an icon and the show was a big hit, there was considerable pressure on the show to make a big splash with its new season. The show managed to build up a buzz when pictures circulated of Simmons bandaged up and looking like he’s seen better days. The photos created a shock, after all Simmons is regarded for having a sexual appetite that can only be challenged by Wilt Chamberlain. Was this the end of one of the world’s most renowned Casanovas? As it turned out, it was just a rebirth of Gene Simmons.
The pictures that were circulating on the Internet was of Gene Simmons following a plastic surgery treatment. While many people initially thought the pictures were a testament of awful plastic surgery, the truth of the matter was that the gene simmons facelift was a rousing success. Later episodes of Gene Simmons Family Jewels reveal a Gene Simmons that looks significantly younger and more than ready to live up to his considerable legacy as rock royalty. The fact that a music legend like Gene Simmons was comfortable showing his facelift plastic surgery operation on reality TV is a testament to how accepted facelift surgery has become in the country. A generation ago, a man’s man like Gene Simmons would have scoffed at the prospect of undergoing Plastic Surgery treatments but times have changed. Plastic surgery is more popular than ever and one of the most popular cosmetic surgery treatments today is facelift surgery. Among the top five most performed plastic surgery treatments for men in 2005, facelifts are one of the oldest and well-known plastic surgery treatments today. A face lift is a fantastic way to turn back the clock and continue having that radiant youthful facial look that is so popular these days. While aging is a fact of life, it can be difficult to accept how much it impacts the way that we look. Considering how much we look at ourselves in the mirror throughout our lives, it can be hard for many people to accept how much they are aging. There’s a famous saying – out of sight, out of mind.
However, for many people it’s impossible to not at least peek at the mirror to see how they look. When a person stares at a mirror and sees a reflection of a face that has been ravaged with wrinkles and has elastic skin, it can be hard to deal with. After all, if you look older than you are, you tend to act like you are older than you are and you tend to view yourself in a more disparaging manner. However, facelift patients will tell you that they continue to live the lives that they did when they were younger as they are buoyed by the confidence that facelift surgery has given them. There are a number of different views of cosmetic surgery facelifts. While there are some pictures of bad plastic surgery on the Internet that prominently featured mangled facelifts, these cases are the extremely rare exception to the rule. By definition, a facelift is a cosmetic surgical procedure that is intended to tighten up the patient’s facial skin and muscles.
As we get older, the skin on our faces loses its elasticity and becomes droopy. This combined with other factors like sun exposure and stress contributes to our faces becoming ravaged and wrinkly. The way that a cosmetic surgery facelift rectifies this is by going directly into the patient’s facial skin and muscles and literally tightening them. By tightening the skin, the patient’s wrinkles and other visible signs of aging will be eliminated. Following facelift surgery, a patient will find that their face feels smoother, which makes them look years younger than they actually are. One of the most impressive things about facelifts is how diverse they are. Depending on the patient’s need, a cosmetic surgeon is able to reach into their arsenal and utilize a number of facelift surgical techniques. For extensive facelift surgery, it is possible to undergo a 3 Day Facelift.
However, for the most part most facelift patients undergo a traditional facelift that involves a cosmetic surgeon making a large incision behind the temples and ears. Once the cosmetic surgeon has made the incision, they will then disconnect muscle attachments around the patient’s cheek and jaw. Once they have completed this, the cosmetic surgeon will then tighten the muscles and pull the skin back up. This creates a smooth face that is free of wrinkles and will make a person look much younger than they did prior to the surgery. Due to the popularity of plastic surgery treatments in recent years, the technology in facelift surgery has drastically improved.
One new popular facelift surgical technique is endoscopic facelift which reduces the size of incisions and leads to a faster recovery time. Additionally, there has been great advances made with thermal facelift treatments. Other facelift surgical procedures that we will examine include acupuncture facelift, radio frequency facelift, and laser facelift. Of course, undergoing cosmetic surgery facelifts is a big decision and may not be right for everybody. If you are considering undergoing facelift surgery but still have a lot of questions, it is highly recommended that you discuss the issue with a qualified cosmetic surgeon. We will also examine mini facelift surgery, which is designed to create subtle changes in a patient’s face that only wants minor work done. Additionally, we will examine natural/non surgical facelifts that are also effective in reversing the aging process. Although there are many people who are afraid of having awful plastic surgery and coming out of a facelift surgery looking worse than they did before, this concern runs counter against the realities of facelift surgery. For the most part, facelift patients are overjoyed with their facelift, as they look and act younger than they did before!