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Lower Lid Eyelift

Sarah Pais had it all figured out. The Eugene, Oregon native had worked diligently to the point that she had the best of both worlds. A fantastic accountant that has managed to climb up the corporate ladder to become a high powered executive flourished in an exciting career. However, unlike many other ambitious working women, Pais was able to balance her professional life with a fulfilling personal life. The mother of three had expertly managed to always be up in the morning to fix her children breakfast and lunches for school. She would be at her office promptly by 8:30 where she continued to wow her bosses with her efficiency. She even managed to fit in regular fencing classes as a way to maintain a youthful shape. However, this paragon of having it all was about to have a rude awakening.
One day as she was finishing up the touches of a sumptuous pork rump roast, her young daughter couldn’t help but stare at her mother’s face. Concerned about her daughter, Sarah asked her what was on her mind. This is where children are blessed and curse with unbridled honesty. While Sarah was understandably concerned about what was troubling her daughter, she may not have asked her what was wrong if she knew the answer. Innocently, Sarah Pais’ daughter exclaimed, “Mommy, what are those lines under your eyes? You look so OLD!” While it is always great to see a child speak their mind, the one bad thing about children are that they tend to tell the honest truth, no matter how brutal it is. Although Sarah found her daughter’s utterances to be cute, she was also a bit hurt. After all, she has done everything in her power to maintain a youthful look including extensive exercise and good eating habits, but it was true. Every time that Sarah looked at the mirror, all she could do was wonder what was happening to her face. Wrinkles were slowly forming underneath her eyes causing her to look older than she actually was. Of course, there is the whole question of what Sarah Pais could do about her predicament. After all, lines forming under your eye lids are something that you can’t really prevent. Stress and exposure to the sun are two of the biggest factors contributing to this facial change and are two things you really can’t avoid. However, Sarah soon became quiet distressed. Every time that she looked at a mirror, she became increasingly frustrated by the wrinkles under her eyes. Her confidence was shaken and she started becoming more self-conscious about the way that she looked. It’s really too bad how much today’s beauty standards can affect us. While there is considerable pressure to look as great as you can while you are younger, it is a much harder thing to deal with once your body and face gets older. However, there are millions of women who are in Sarah Pais’ position and have found the best way to counteract these changes in their face. Through the power of plastic surgery, many individuals are finding that eye lift surgery is the way to go. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS), eye lift surgery is the third most popular cosmetic surgery treatment performed today. It is an effective way to get rid of those wrinkles and crease lines by your eye lids that can make people appear to be grumpy and tired when they really aren’t. A popular procedure for men and women, there are a number of eye lid surgical techniques. One of the most popular treatments is a lower lid eyelift. Lower lid eyelift surgery is a treatment that directly affects the lower part of a person’s eyelid. Although this may seem like a strange area to treat with plastic surgery, just think about how much bags under a person’s eyes make them appear to be older than they actually are. The area underneath the lower eye lid is a trouble spot that often indicates signs of aging. The drooping skin underneath a person’s lower eye lid can make them appear to be grumpy and unapproachable. If you don’t believe me, just search for images of former Houston Rockets coach, Jeff Van Gundy, and wonder why this man appears to be so sad. Additional problems that can occur underneath a person’s eyelids are the appearances of dark circles. Lines that form around your lower eyelid that extend to your nose can make you appear to be permanently tired, which is something that most people undoubtedly want to avoid. While there are numerous stories of bad plastic surgery floating around there and there are plastic surgery photos that can only be generously described as awful plastic surgery, lower eyelift surgery is regarded as one of the safest cosmetic surgery treatments.
If you are interested in undergoing lower eyelift surgery, it is highly recommended that you use the services of a qualified cosmetic surgeon. A qualified plastic surgeon is an individual that is professionally accredited, has extensive experience performing the Plastic Surgery treatment you want and will tell you concisely what the Dangers of Plastic Surgery are. In a lower eyelift surgery (or lower eyelid blepharoplasty as it is called), the plastic surgeon will work diligently to remove excess fat and loose skin from the lower eyelids area. The plastic surgeon will first make an incision underneath the eyelid that follows the natural lash line of the patient’s face. After the incision has been made, the plastic surgeon will carefully remove the excess fat deposits and drooping skin from the patient’s face.
This creates a smoother look that will make the patient look younger. Once the plastic surgeon is finished, they will add fine sutures along the incision. A lower eyelift surgery procedure generally takes up to three hours to complete. While undergoing plastic surgery treatments in any conditions can be a hard thing to go through, the difference made by an upper eyelift surgery is immediately evident. Not only will you appear to look younger than you are, but you will gain the confidence of knowing that you look great. Of course, if you don’t believe me, you can ask Sarah Pais of Eugene, Oregon. After undergoing lower eyelift surgery, Sarah Pais is currently being showered with compliments by her children who are amazed by how young she looks.