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Upper Eyelift Surgery

It’s crazy how much we use our eyes to communicate with other people. Making eye contact with business associates, friends, or a date is a great way to express a confident personality and to make other people feel at ease. Our eyes twinkle when we feel mischievous, they glow when we feel overwhelmingly happy, and they can assure somebody when they are feeling down. However, as we get older, our eyes become an indicator of our age. The appearance of wrinkles underneath our eyes and the drooping of eye lid skin can cause us to look surly and tired, even if we aren’t feeling that way. When this occurs, our eyes can become an enemy – an instrument releasing a different message then the one that you want to convey. For many people, the changes in their eye’s appearances can be difficult to handle. Nobody wants to appear to look older than they are and the desperate attempts to cover these facial blemishes can cause individuals to lose confidence in the way that they look, which affects a person’s confidence in themselves. Life is too short and too hard to allow something as silly as changes in our eyelids affect the way that we feel about ourselves. As technology increases, people are expecting to live longer lives than they ever had. Additionally, this current generation are finding ways to prolong living a youthful life and there is no reason to not look the part. With so many people trying to turn back the clock and look younger than they are, it isn’t surprising to learn that the plastic surgery industry has been experiencing an incredible amount of growth.
In 2005, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) reported that over 11 million plastic surgery treatments were performed. This figure represents an incredible 444% increase from the figures collected in 1997. Although the Internet is full of stories detailing the Dangers of Plastic Surgery with photos of awful plastic surgery and bad plastic surgery to support these claims, the facts show that plastic surgery is safer and more efficient than ever before. According to the report released by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS), eyelift surgery is the third most popular cosmetic surgery treatment performed in the country. Eyelift surgery is a safe plastic surgery treatment that is designed to eliminate the fat deposits, loose skin, and blotches that obscure our eye lids and force us to look older than we actually are. While eyelift surgery is typically performed on individuals that are in their late 30s and older, there are instances where eyelift surgery is performed on younger patients. Typically, these younger patients are attempting to eliminate eye puffiness that is caused by a hereditary train of congenital excess fatty tissue. There are a number of surgical techniques that a plastic surgeon is able to use when performing eyelift surgery.
One of these techniques is upper eyelift surgery, which is used for work that focuses solely on the upper areas of a patient’s eyelids. An upper eyelift surgery is designed to solve the problem called hooding of the upper eyelid. This is an issue that describes the formation of excess skin on a patient’s upper eyelid. In addition to the aesthetic problems that this condition creates, it can also affect a patient’s peripheral vision, which can result in trouble when doing activities like driving. An upper eyelift is also an effective surgical treatment that can eliminate puffiness in the inner corner and middle of the upper eyelid. This condition is caused by herniation, which describes the process of pushing forward fat to the point where it becomes visible. Although eyelift surgery is among the most common plastic surgery treatments performed in the country, it is important to note that deciding on undergoing eyelift surgery is a big decision. Although plastic surgery has really improved dramatically in terms of its safety records, a qualified cosmetic surgeon will concede that there are Dangers of Plastic Surgery that prevents some patients from having a treatment performed. Typically safe, eyelift surgery can result in a number of complications. In extremely rare instances, a condition called retrobulbar hematoma can result from eyelift surgery.
This is a condition that is caused by bleeding behind the eye, which can result in loss of vision. Other potential complications of upper eyelift surgery include: the development of whiteheads where the sutures are; difficulty in closing your eyes; prominent scars; and problems caused by excessive tearing. While it is always scary to think about the Dangers of Plastic Surgery and nobody wants to become a bad plastic surgery story, the chances of something going wrong with your plastic surgery treatment is significantly reduced when you use a qualified plastic surgeon to perform the treatment. An upper eyelift surgery typically takes up to three hours to be completed. In the surgery, the cosmetic surgeon will make an incision in the upper eyelid area. Although the scar made from the incision will be permanent, a qualified cosmetic surgeon will be able to make a subtle incision that can be hidden by the natural folding of the patient’s skin. This will result in a less visible scar.
Once the plastic surgeon has made the initial incision, they will then remove the excess skin and fatty tissue from the upper eyelids area. After removing the extra debris, the plastic surgeon will then tighten the patient’s upper eyelid skin, creating a smooth, youthful look. The plastic surgeon will then close the incision by using fine sutures. Although an upper eyelid surgery can be combined with other plastic surgery treatments such as a facelift or laser skin resurfacing, it can also be performed on its own. While the patient will have to take a few days off work to recover from the surgery, a few days of discomfort is worth a few years of looking youthful and invigorated. Your face is one of the biggest assets that a person can have. Maintain the confidence of looking great by getting rid off those stress lines with lower eyelid surgery.