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Eye Lift Surgery

Is there anything more frustrating than being mistaken for being older than you actually are? While pretending to be older is all fine and good when we are teenagers, once you become an adult, it’s a constant battle to look younger than your age. For that reason, more and more adults are finding times in their busy schedule to squeeze in some time at the gym to maintain a healthy body. Additionally, diet fads come and go based on the fact that adults are more self-conscious than ever about the way that they look.
The rapper Jay-Z recently released a song declaring that, 30 is the new 20. If that’s the case, that means 40 is the new 30, 50 is the new 40, and so on. While most people would agree that it is a great thing to be able to live more youthful lives longer rather than be saddled with expectations of previous generations, this new expectation of a prolonged adolescence has left many people in a tizzy. With more nights out on the scene and meeting more people, it’s now even more important than ever to look great. Appearances can be a tricky thing. Take the example of Lisa Madden from Phoenix. Madden was a 43 year old single woman who took great care of herself. Armed with a great job as a corporate lawyer, Madden seemed to be the epitome of today’s modern woman. In addition to logging hours as one of the best lawyers in her law firm, Madden managed to find the time to stay in great shape. She still considered herself a beautiful woman until one fateful summer night when she was on a date that a friend set up for her. Feeling extremely confident, Madden was in the middle of a funny story about a dinner party when her date interrupted her. “I’m sorry,” her date said, “but I’m just not into women who are in their 50s.” Can you imagine how devastating that would be to hear?
After all, Lisa Madden had done everything in her power to keep herself looking good as she could. However, her date was right to think that she was older than she was. That is because Lisa Madden’s face had been marred by sagging skin around her eyes making her look older than she actually was. Additionally, while these visible bags under her eyes made her look tough and angry, which was great in the courtroom, it was doing a terrible disservice to her personal life. Life is so unfair sometimes. While it’s possible to put in a lot of work and exercise to maintain a youthful looking body, it’s pretty much impossible to do anything to maintain a youthful facial appearance. After all, it’s not like doing sit ups is going to get rid of the sagging around your eyes. And let’s be honest, our eyes are one of the most alluring parts of our bodies. Eyes can convey mystery and mischief, but for people like Lisa Madden, they can also express fatigue and anger even if this isn’t the case. In some cases, eliminating the excess skin drooping over your eyes is a matter of life and death. Plastic surgeons are full of stories of individuals that went to them complaining about how their excess skin drooping over their eyelids has actually interfered with their peripheral vision. Considering how important it is to maintain our vision when performing such tasks as driving, there is no reason why individuals show allow excess eyelid skin to get in the way of their daily lives. Considering how much the appearance of our eyes impact the way that our face looks, it isn’t surprising to learn that more and more people are turning to plastic surgery to change the way that their eyes look.
The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) reported in 2005 that eye lift surgery was the third most performed cosmetic surgery procedure in that year. Eye lift surgery is a plastic surgery treatment that helps eliminate excess fat around the eyes that causes the skin to droop or sag. Known by its medical term, blepharoplasty, eye lid surgery is a treatment that can help shave a few years from your face. The treatment usually takes up to three hours to complete and eye lift surgery patients are usually given a local anesthetic, although there are cases where general anesthesia is used. There are a number of surgical techniques that a cosmetic surgeon is able to use to perform eye lid surgery, depending on the amount of work that needs to be completed. In cases, where a patient is having all four eyelids surgically treated, the plastic surgeon will typically work on the upper eye lids first and then work on the lower ones. In eye lid surgery, a plastic surgeon will first make an incision in the creases of your upper eye lids. They will follow this incision with an incision below the lashes in the lower lids. Each incision is made so that they follow the patient’s natural eyelids lines. A plastic surgeon will make additional incisions in cases where they are eliminating crow’s feet that are at the outer corners of the patient’s eyelids.
Once the incisions have been made, the plastic surgeon will then work to sepearte the eyelid skin from the tissue and muscle that reside beneath it. After this, the plastic surgeon will then remove the excess fat that is above the eyelid muscle. The plastic surgeon will make additional cuts on the patient’s sagging eyelid skin and muscle. After the plastic surgeon is happy with the changes that they have made, then will stitch the incisions back up with very fine sutures. For the most part, eyelid surgery patients tend to be 35 years old or older. However, there are instances where eyelid surgery patients have been younger due to a hereditary gene of droopy, baggy eyelids.
Although there are some Dangers of Plastic Surgery that patients have to be aware of, it is important to note that the chance of complications arising from eyelid surgery is drastically reduced when you use a qualified plastic surgeon to perform this treatment. While eyelid surgery is generally safe surgical treatment, there are some medical conditions that can exclude people from undergoing eyelid surgery. Thyroid problems, Graves disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and dry eye are just some of the medical conditions that can result in complications of eyelid surgery. If you are considering undergoing eyelid surgery, it is vital that you discuss it with your doctor first.