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Ear Reconstruction

While plastic surgery has grown into one of the biggest and fastest rising industries in the country, it doesn’t mean that it’s free of criticism. Although plastic surgery has taken a lot of major steps in becoming accepted in the mainstream, which is evident in the popularity of shows like Extreme Makeover, there are still a number of critics who describe it as being superficial and unnecessary. Photos of bad plastic surgery and stories of awful plastic surgery float on the Internet and many people cite the growing popularity of plastic surgery as being indicative of the decline of our civilization. Although there are some valid points in the criticism of plastic surgery, such as the unnecessary act of putting yourself in the Dangers of Plastic Surgery, there are some plastic surgery treatments that everyone can agree is completely valid.
One of these plastic surgery treatments is ear reconstruction surgery. Many people forget this, but plastic surgery originally developed during the battles of World War I. The bloodiest war of its time, the doctors at World War I were confronted with things that they had never seen before – soldiers who valiantly fought threw the war left a shell of themselves, literally. With a full understanding that it would be unfair to allow these soldiers to return to their homes ravaged by war and with a body that would be a constant reminder of fighting, these doctors developed the techniques that would later be used in plastic surgery to help reconstruct parts of these soldier’s bodies that were missing. Remember that plastic surgery encompasses two schools of thought - reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery.
Reconstructive plastic surgery is designed to help individuals overcome physical ailments that are caused by either disease, genetic defects, or an accident. In many cases, reconstructive surgery has a positive impact on a patient’s health. For that reason, it is almost impossible to criticize individuals that obtain ear reconstruction surgery. The Plastic surgery treatment is designed to help individuals that are either missing an entire ear or portions of their ear. Ear reconstruction surgery may not be the most popular plastic surgery treatment, but for individuals that are born with a genetic defect or have been in a serious accident that has led to their condition, ear reconstruction surgery is a fantastic way to obtain a sense of normalcy by acquiring an artificial ear.
Let’s face it, one of the biggest reasons why plastic surgery is so popular today is because people are more self-conscious then ever about their appearances. Whether you feel this is a positive or negative thing, it’s unfortunately the truth. We can all nitpick at certain parts of our bodies and there are times when our lack of confidence in the way that we look affects our personalities and the way that interacts with people. For individuals that are missing a portion of their ear or an entire ear, the amount of self-consciousness they feel is extraordinarily high. Although ear plastic surgery techniques that are designed to change protruding or abnormal ears are more popular and those patients feel less confident in their abilities, their situation is much less worse than ear reconstruction patients. After all, it’s extremely hard to hide the fact that you are missing an ear or portions of your ear. For individuals that undergo ear reconstruction surgery, they will tell you that most of the first impressions that they make revolve around the fact that they are missing their ear and not for anything else.
From having kids frightened by their appearance to having difficulty meeting a significant other to having career opportunities closed to them due to their appearance, it is extraordinarily difficult for individuals missing an ear to live the fulfilling life that they deserve. After awhile, the negative reaction to their appearance by others takes a toll on a person’s confidence. Many ear reconstruction surgery patients will tell you heartbreaking stories of how they became isolated and had difficulty coping with the fact that they were missing parts of their ear or their entire ear. One of the positive aspects of plastic surgery is that it allows these individuals a chance to live a normal life, free of having to explain something that they couldn’t control. However, ear reconstruction surgery is one of the most complicated and lengthy plastic surgery treatments out there. Ear reconstruction surgery requires the use of plastic surgeons that are experienced with the treatment. Additionally, an ear reconstruction surgical patient has to understand that they have to prepare for the lengthy rehabilitation time from the treatment. In ear reconstruction surgery, the plastic surgeon’s biggest challenge is to create an ear that looks natural. For them to do that, a plastic surgeon will have to find suitable replacements for the ear’s special cartilage and skin. Considering how much thinner and softer the ear’s cartilage is when compared to other types of cartilage found within a person’s body and how difficult it is to replicate the soft, flexible, and hairless ear skin, it can be difficult for a plastic surgeon to find suitable replacements for the artificial ear.
However, that is what a plastic surgeon does and a patient must have sufficient quantities of replacement cartilage and skin on their body that the plastic surgeon can use to reconstruct the ear. Typically, the replacement skin used in ear reconstruction surgery is taken from either the patient’s legs or arms. Plastic surgeons prefer to use cartilage that comes from the ribs to use as the ear cartilage. The plastic surgeon will excise and measure the right quantities of both skin and cartilage that will be used. From there, the plastic surgeon will place the skin and cartilage over the target ear area.
Once the plastic surgeon has completed that the task, the plastic surgeon will have to reconstruct the shape of a real ear. In order for them to do this, plastic surgeons will typically take numerous photos and casts of an ear reconstruction surgery patient’s healthy ear so that they can mirror it. They typically try to recreate the complex 3-D shape of the patient’s ear as much as possible and many ear reconstruction surgery patients are happy with the results. Typically speaking, ear reconstruction surgery takes several hours to complete and there are several different stages to the treatment. Ear reconstruction surgery patients can expect that the recovery and healing process will be hard but well worth the results. Although it takes years for the full effects of the surgery to be felt, most ear reconstruction surgery patients will agree that they can judge the success of the treatment after half a year.