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Ear Lobes Surgery

It’s really quiet astonishing how much the plastic surgery industry has grown throughout its short history. Modern Plastic Surgery has its roots to the reconstructive surgical techniques that pioneering doctors in World War I discovered. Over the last decade, plastic surgery has grown to become an immense industry. In 2005, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) reported that a whopping 11.5 million cosmetic surgery procedures were performed. With such a large amount of plastic surgery treatments being conducted, it isn’t surprising to see how many bad plastic surgery photos there are circulating. We’ve all heard stories of awful plastic surgery but the vast majority of plastic surgery treatments being performed by qualified cosmetic surgeons are unqualified success.
It is pretty amazing how many new Plastic surgery techniques have been created over the last few years and it is now possible to create changes for any part of your body. I know what you’re thinking – ear lobes plastic surgery, that’s preposterous! While it may seem like our ears are one of the last things we would ever need plastic surgery on, just think about how much we adorn our ears.
Since ancient times, men and women have added accessories like rings and posts to their ears. Jewelry for your ears are among the most common accessories that people buy and our ears do have a way of complementing our face. For that reason ear lobes plastic surgery isn’t as crazy as it may sound. While there are instances of individuals undergoing ear lobes plastic surgery to do unorthodox things like shaping their ear lobes like a pixie, for the most part ear lobes surgery is designed to help individuals reconstruct their ears. However, if you are a person that would like to reshape their ear lobes in an artistic manner, then cosmetic surgeons are able to make your wishes come true. Whether you want to make your ear lobes point up or would like to add some trippy shapes to your ear lobes, plastic surgeons are available to help you express yourself the way you want with your appearance.
The key is finding a qualified cosmetic surgeon that completely understands the type of look that you want to achieve and who is willing to explain the potential Dangers of Plastic Surgery so you will be informed. For other individuals, ear lobes plastic surgery is typically a treatment that is used to reconstruct their ear lobes. Whether it was through a sports injury or an injury caused by wearing jewelry, damage to your ear lobes can be a hassle. The reason why ear lobes are damaged is due to the sensitivity of the ear lobe tissue. Significant weight or trauma can create a tear within the ear lobe leaving a significant notch in the ear lobe’s otherwise smooth continuous edge. This tear is highly visible and difficult to cover up with your hair or a piece of clothing. While it would appear that a tiny missing part of a person’s ear lobe wouldn’t be such a big thing, it’s hard to be missing a part of your ear lobe. After all, it’s practically impossible to hide the fact that you are missing an ear lobe and it’s difficult when you are meeting a person and their eyes invariably wonder up at your ear lobe. From children staring and pointing to the questions that you have to answer from strangers, missing a part of your ear lobe can be an extremely difficult thing. As a result, more and more individuals are turning to ear lobe plastic surgery to replace the missing part of their ear lobe and return to a life where they look good. Ear lobe surgery can be an extensive treatment and the surgical techniques that a cosmetic surgeon uses will depend on the amount of work is required.
Generally speaking though, ear lobe surgery can be complex. However, the feeling of being able to walk down the street without being self-conscious about your ear is well worth the recovery time that you need to reconstruct your ear lobe. It is really amazing to see how fragile the ear lobe really is. With its soft texture, the ear lobe consists of skin and fat. Unlike other parts of the ear, the ear lobe does not have cartilage to add structural strength. Considering the ear tissue that is found over the ear’s cartilage is notoriously thin, any irregularity in the cartilage’s shape is immediately visible. To rectify this problem in the ear lobe, the cosmetic surgeon is faced with the challenge of reestablishing the shape of the ear’s underlying cartilage.
The surgical techniques that a cosmetic surgeon will use in ear lobes plastic surgery varies depending on the nature of the hole. In cases where only the tissue in the bottom of the ear lobe has been ripped, the cosmetic surgeon will not be able to immediately repair the ear lobe. This is because the cosmetic surgeon is required to do extra work to cover the skin-covered slot of the ear lobe. In cases, where the patient’s ear lobe damage is caused by a tear that started from a tiny pierced hole, there is the possibility that a plastic surgeon can perform an immediate repair with ear lobe surgery. However, there are cases where the plastic surgeon will delay the procedure so the patient can allow the ear lobe’s wound to heal. This has the benefit of ensuring that the patient’s ear lobe tissues will not be inflamed. Although there are a number of surgical techniques that a cosmetic surgeon can use when performing ear lobe plastic surgery, all of these techniques have the same underlying principle.
The plastic surgeon will remove the skin lining in the ear lobe slot leaving them room and a raw edge to rebuild the ear lobe. Depending on the patient, the plastic surgeon may have to deal with lost tissue or having to reestablish normal proportion for individuals that have smaller ears. While ear lobe surgery can be a difficult process to go through, ear lobe surgery patients will tell you it was well worth it for the renewed confidence they gained.