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Ear Pinning Surgery

When Jerod Heaver entered his new school, he was a bit nervous. It’s always hard to be the new kid at school but it was especially hard when you have protruding ears. Self-conscious about his ears and a bit frustrated with his inability to convince his mom to let him stay home, Jerod Heaver took a deep breath and entered his new third grade class. Mustering as much confidence as he could, Heaver walked into the classroom to be introduced as the newest addition to the class. As the teacher was introducing him, there was an empty pause. Feeling the other students’ eyes firmly trained on his ears, Heaver felt terrible and wanted to disappear. How could things possibly get worse? And then, he heard someone say loudly, “Hey, look at the ears on the new kid!” The whole classroom laughed. Kids can be so cruel.
Tom Plam was a really good guy. He worked hard at his job and went out of his way to be friendly with his co-workers. A good friend to many fine people, there was just one thing missing out of Plam’s life – a nice girl. While all of his friends would encourage Plam to hit the dating scene, Tom was too self-conscious. After all, he had funny looking ears that stuck out. He was tired of talking to girls and noticing their eyes scanning up and fixating on his ears. However, a good friend decided to intervene and set up a blind date for Plam with a girl he worked with. His friend insisted that the girl was extremely nice and Tom was really excited about his date. He entered the restaurant where he was to meet the girl, introduced himself and sat down. He bundled his nervousness into a ball and was resolute about appearing as confident as he could.
As he began to make some small talk with his date, the girl interrupted. “I’m sorry,” she said, “but there is no way I can possibly date a guy that looks like Dr. Spock.” Adults can be so cruel. Although many people criticize the plastic surgery industry and stories of awful plastic surgery float around, there is one thing that people are missing. Looking unorthodox can really make a person’s life miserable. In older times, these individuals would be identified and often accused of being witches or sources of evil. However, today they are just ostracized. Having an unconventional part of your body such as protruding ears can force people to isolate themselves. It can be hard and frustrating meeting people and the way it erodes a person’s confidence is simply heartbreaking. For that reason, many people are turning to Plastic Surgery to create the changes in their body that they’ve always wanted. While there are legitimate reasons to be concerned about the Dangers of Plastic Surgery, what critics of plastic surgery are forgetting is how ostracized many plastic surgery patients felt within their own lives prior to undergoing plastic surgery treatments.
Although most people associate cosmetic surgery with popular procedures like breast augmentation and liposuction, many people are turning to ear pinning surgery to get rid of those protruding ears that they’ve always resented. Ear pinning surgery is one of the fastest growing cosmetic surgery routines and has been cited as the most popular elective cosmetic surgery for children. With ear pinning surgery, a cosmetic surgeon will work diligently to change the proportion of a patient’s ears so that the ears have a more normal look. While it would seem strange that any person would elect to have plastic surgery on their ears, it is important to remember how much symmetry matters in a person’s face. You could have the most beautiful face but if you have noticeable ears, people will tend to notice the strange ears before they see the beautiful face. Although plastic surgery for children is a controversial issue, many parents feel that the isolation and social ridicule that their children have to endure due to their protruding ears is more than worth the plastic surgery process that their children will have to go through. It is important to note that while ear pinning surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgical techniques for kids, that it is absolutely imperative that any child under the age of five not undergo ear pinning surgery. Unless it’s a medical emergency, what kind of parent would want to have their five year old kid go through plastic surgery anyway?
The reason why ear pinning surgery has become so popular has been due to the extremely high safety standards that they are performed and for their relatively small price. In ear pinning surgery, the patient will be placed under either general anesthetic or local anesthetic. While ear pinning surgery has become routine for many cosmetic surgeons, it is still important that you use the services of a qualified cosmetic surgeon that you can trust. It is also vital that you or your child understands that there are risks involved in ear pinning surgery. Some of these risks include the over correction of the ears. This essentially means that the plastic surgeon has placed the ears too close to the patient’s head. While this sometimes occurs, you can minimize the chances of this happening by using a cosmetic surgeon that is recognized by the local board of plastic surgeons and who has had extensive experience performing this treatment. Other potential risks of ear pinning surgery include the development of a keloid. A keloid is essentially a thick scar that outgrows the original scar that normally results from ear pinning surgery. In extremely rare cases, hematoma can develop.
Hematoma is a technical term that refers to excess blood accumulation that causes localized swelling. There is also the potential for an infection to occur within the patient’s ear cartilage. However, this is also rare. Something that does occur at times is the loosening of the sutures that are put in place, which would cause the patient’s ears to return to their original position. While ear pinning surgery may sound like a risky decision right now, it is actually a highly effective and safe treatment. Don’t let other people mock your protruding ears and regain the confidence that is rightly yours by exploring the possibilities of undergoing ear pinning surgery!