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Endoscopic Brow Lift

Aging can be difficult. It’s true, but as the singer Kinnie Starr once sang, life is supposed to get harder, not easier, remember that. As we grow older, we gain knowledge about how to live life but sacrifice that with the loss of our youthful looks. Although some people have the fortune of being able to age gracefully, the vast majority of the public have difficulty coming to grips with the way their bodies change as they grow older. Living in a world that increasingly values youth and have increasing expectations on how long people should continue to act young and virile, it can be too much for people to accept the way that they are aging. For that reason, more and more people are turning to plastic surgery to help turn back the clock. While there are numerous bad plastic surgery stories out there on the Internet and awful plastic surgery photos that are meant to disgust its viewers, the truth of the matter is that Plastic surgery is one of the fastest growing industries in the country.
The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) reported in 2005 that a record high of nearly 11.5 million cosmetic surgery treatments were performed in the country. Considering the upward slope of plastic surgery treatments over the last decade, it wouldn’t be presumptuous to say that the 2005 number has actually increased over the last few years. While many people associate plastic surgery with things like breast augmentation and liposuction that focuses on a person’s body, some of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures are designed to enhance a person’s face. Let’s face it, while cosmetic changes to our bodies are all fine and good, the part of our body that most people sees are our faces. Additionally, our faces are the most susceptible to the changes caused by Father Time. Nobody wants their face to turn wrinkly and their eyebrows to droop so that their face appears like it’s in a state of a perpetual frown. However, for many people this is what occurs.
Rather than just sit back and accept the changes in your face, you can find the solution with brow lift surgery. While there are a number of techniques that a cosmetic surgeon can use when performing brow lift surgery, the most popular technique is endoscopic brow lift surgery. An endoscopic brow lift represents the latest in brow lift surgical technology. It is a treatment that is safer and produces more aesthetic pleasing results than traditional brow lift surgical methods. However, an endoscopic brow lift is primarily used in cases where extensive work needs to be performed. If you are hoping to only make subtle changes to your forehead, you may find that a better option is mini brow lift surgery. It is really unfair how much outside factors impact the way our faces age. Issues like heredity, poor diet, sun exposure, and stress contribute to the way that we age and these are things that pretty unavoidable. The changes in our faces start subtly but end up with drastic results. The elasticity of our skin increases in our foreheads, eyebrows and eyelids. Due to this, wrinkles and frown lines develop.
Compounding the issue is that due to skin elasticity and the development of excess forehead skin, our eyebrows and upper eyelids tend to droop. This produces a result where an individual looks angry, sad or fatigued – not exactly the look we are all going for. The way that endoscopic brow lift works is by tightening the forehead skin and muscles to produce a more smoother forehead. By adjusting the forehead skin, the patient’s eyebrows rises naturally producing a more youthful look. In traditional brow lift surgery, a cosmetic surgeon would make a long incision from the patient’s ear to the other ear. While this eyebrow lift surgical method is effective, it has the unfortunate result of leaving a long permanent scar. However, with endoscopic brow lift, a cosmetic surgeon will be able to produce the changes that a patient wants in a less intrusive manner. Also known as endo brow lifts, endoscopic brow lifts work by utilizing the latest endoscope technology. In an endoscopic brow lift, a cosmetic surgeon will make three to five small incisions along the patient’s hairline.
The cosmetic surgeon will then use tiny fiber optic probes that contain cameras at their tip. The use of these fiber optic probes allows the cosmetic surgeon to have a look at what is beneath the patient’s skin, scalp, and subcutaneous tissues. With so much access, the cosmetic surgeon then releases and repositions the patient’s hairline tissue upward, which is known as the muscle sectioning procedure. By raising the patient’s hairline slightly, the cosmetic surgeon is able to smooth out their forehead. To create the proper proportion in a patient’s face, the cosmetic surgeon will then slightly raise the patient’s eyebrows and redundant eyelid skin. Another component of endoscopic brow lift surgery is to trim the forehead’s glabellar muscles. After the cosmetic surgeon is happy with their results, they will then seal the incisions.
Compared to a traditional brow lift surgery, endoscopic brow lift surgery has the benefit of leaving only small scars that will heal faster and are easier to cover. The growing popularity of endoscopic brow lift surgery is a testament to the constant improvements that are being made in Plastic Surgery techniques. By using small incisions, the patient’s chances for infection are drastically reduced, thus rendering one of the biggest Dangers of Plastic Surgery moot. Another advantage of endoscopic brow lift surgery is that it does not remove a patient’s scalp tissue, which results in little to no hair loss. Nobody wants to have the look of a grumpy old person who looks they are permanently angry. By undergoing endscopic brow lift surgery, you will be able to create the changes in your faces that you’ve always wanted. Additionally, endoscopic brow lift surgery has the benefit of being among the most technically advanced and safe plastic surgery treatments today!