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Lateral Brow Lift

It’s funny how our relationship with our faces changes over time. While our face is the part of our body that most people see and is responsible for conveying our emotions, it seems that everybody has a flawed relationship with their faces. After all, it’s hard to not notice little flaws in our faces considering that most people look at the mirror at least once a day. Additionally, since our faces are our most visible part of our appearances, many people fret about the way that others perceive the way that their faces look. It’s all understandable considering how much first impressions matter. While most people tend to have a strained relationship with their face throughout the life, the relationship only gets worse as we get older. Although aging is a fact of life that everybody expects to go through, it still is a bit of a shock when it actually occurs.
The appearance of frown lines on the forehead can be hard to accept but combined with saggy eyebrows and it’s understandable why many people really begin to hate their faces as they get older. This simply should not be because let’s face it, life is hard enough and the last thing anyone needs is to feel self-conscious about the way their face looks. Factors like sun exposure, stress and the natural aging process contribute to the way our faces change. Although this is something that everybody has to experience, in some individuals the results are more pronounced. In cases where frown lines and wrinkles are particularly prominent, individuals have to deal with changes in their natural facial expression.
These facial signs combined with drooping eye brows and eyelids often make people appear to look grumpy and older than they actually are. For these individuals, the frustration of being perceived in a way that is different than reality can result in reduced self-confidence. For that reason, more and more individuals are turning towards plastic surgery to create the changes that they want in their bodies. One of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures that are designed to treat a person’s face is eye brow lift surgery.
In brow lift Plastic Surgery, a cosmetic surgeon works towards tightening a patient’s forehead skin and muscles, thus creating a smoother forehead. By repositioning the patient’s forehead skin, the patient’s eyebrows are naturally lifted from a drooping state to a more youthful straight look. There are a number of brow lift surgical methods that cosmetic surgeons are able to use. In cases where only minimal work is required and subtle changes are desired, the best option for a brow lift is mini brow lift surgery. However, in cases where extensive work is required, the best brow lift option is undergoing an endoscopic brow lift.
However, there are instances where a patient requires more work to be performed on their face than a mini brow lift surgery but not enough to require the invasive work required to perform an endoscopic brow lift. In these cases, the best option is a lateral brow lift. If you are curious about a lateral brow lift but are unsure of whether or not you are a good candidate for this treatment, there is one thing that you can do: a temporal tuck test. A temporal tuck test may sound complicated, but it really isn’t. All that you have to do is look in a mirror. Pull your forehead up and back gently above the eyebrows. If you are able to detect a change in your eyebrows and upper eyelids that you find desirable, then you are an excellent candidate for lateral brow lift surgery. A lateral brow lift is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures performed to this day and is renowned for its combination of producing fantastic results without requiring invasive surgery. In a lateral brow lift, a cosmetic surgeon works towards rectifying the heaviness of the patient’s upper outer eyelids. Crows feet and sagging on the outer part of the eyebrows can be rectified with a lateral brow lift. In some instances, a lateral brow lift can be performed to correct eyebrow unevenness. The biggest benefit of a lateral brow lift surgery is that it is less invasive than traditional brow lift surgical techniques or even endoscopic brow lift surgery.
In this Plastic surgery procedure, a cosmetic surgeon will solely focus on the patient’s eyebrows and eyes. Rather than reconstruct the patient’s muscles, the cosmetic surgeon will make a small incision one inch behind the patient’s hairline around their temples. The incision will extend for several inches where it follows the natural curve of the patient’s hairline. Once the incision has been made, the cosmetic surgeon will release the ligaments around the eyebrow, thus elevating the eyebrow. Excess scalp is then removed and the cosmetic surgeon will close up the incision. The biggest disadvantage of a lateral brow lift is that it only targets a few specific areas. While the lateral brow lift is excellent for enhancing the appearance of a person’s outer eyebrow and the outer sides of the face, it is unable to do anything for the middle part of the patient’s eye brow. If you are considering eye brow lift surgery but would want more changes to be made around your eyebrows, then a lateral brow lift may not be the right treatment for you. Endoscopic brow lift and other traditional brow lift surgical techniques may be what you want.
However, for people who want these minimal changes to be made to their eyebrows, then a lateral eye brow lift could be the perfect Plastic Surgery treatment for you. The nice part about a lateral brow lift is that it has less chance of complications occurring than other brow lift surgical techniques. On top of the excellent benefit of a patient being able to recover faster from this treatment, a lateral brow lift is also able to add an extra touch of pizzazz to a patient’s face. In many instances, patients find that a lateral brow lift has added an enhanced arch at the ends of their eyebrows that will make you look like Catherine Zeta-Jones (at least in the eyebrow area). Additionally, a lateral brow lift has the benefit of smoothing the upper cheeks and will turn your face back to being a friend and a great asset again!