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Wire Fox Terriers are Great Pets

I have a wire fox terrier myself. About a year ago, I decided I wanted to get a dog because I just moved into a new place with a back yard and a park across the street. After researching different breeds of dogs, I decided that a wire fox terrier was the dog for me. I first took a trip to the humane society to see if they had any wirehair fox terriers that needed a home. There were plenty other wonderful dogs there that I’d have been happy to take home, but I had my heart set on a wire hair fox terrier. Next, I searched the Internet for wire hair fox terriers for sale and I found a wire hair fox terrier breeder in the united states. There are plenty pedigree wire hair fox terrier breeders, but those wire hair fox terriers are far more expensive. Since I had no intention of entering my wire hair fox terrier in any dog shows, I decided to buy a non-pedigree wire hair fox terrier puppy. Because I could only find a wire hair fox terrier breeder with wire hair fox terrier puppies in the united states, I had to have my wire hair fox terrier puppy flown over to me. Like most animals, my wire hair fox terrier puppy did not enjoy the flight from Georgia. When my wirehair fox terrier arrived in Canada, I had to pick her up from customs at the airport. My wire hair fox terrier puppy was adorable.

My wire hair fox terrier is almost a year old now. I take my wirehair fox terrier for walks in the park every day. She is actually a lot bigger than a purebred wire hair fox terrier, which came as a surprise. Most wire hair fox terriers are very small dogs, but my wire hair fox terrier ha already grown to almost two feet. I had a lot of questions when I bought my wire hair fox terriers so I bought a book on wire hair fox terriers. So far, I’ve found that the most useful resource, beside the Internet, for answers about wire hair fox terriers, is other wire hair fox terrier owners. Wire hair fox terrier owners will tell you that one of the biggest problems encountered with wire hair fox terriers is their tendency to eat any small object they can find. Wire fox terriers also have a taste for dead animals. This can be harmful to your wire hair fox terrier’s health because dead animals can carry disease and cause serious infections in your wire hair fox terrier. Another problem encountered by many wire hair fox terrier owners, is having their wire hair fox terrier puppy chewing live wires in their home. You also have to keep a very close eye on your wire hair fox terrier when you take it for walks because you never know what they might find in the grass and eat. A wirehair fox terrier owner told me once that her wirehair fox terrier died because he ate poisonous fruit in the park. The best way to prevent such unfortunate accidents with your wire hair fox terrier is to train your wire hair fox terrier not to eat things off the ground when they’re still a puppy.

Wire Hair Fox Terriers are a very special breed of dog: they’re small and lovable and also very playful and energetic. A wirehair fox terrier needs a lot of exercise and isn’t the kind of dog you can lock in your apartment all day. Your wire hair fox terrier also needs constant attention, or they become very lonely. If you get a wire hair fox terrier and don’t spend enough time with them, they will howl all day while you’re out and upset y our neighbours. I take my wire hair fox terrier for two five kilometer runs each day - once in the morning and again in the evening – and even this does not tire her out. Though I work during the day, there is always someone home with her during the day. If you can’t be home all day with your wirehair fox terrier, you should hire a dog walker in your neighbourhood. A lot of elementary school children would be happy to walk your wire hair fox terrier during the day. However, it’s important that you let your dog walker know that wire hair fox terriers are fairly powerful for such small animals. If you’re not careful, your wire hair fox terrier will run away on you. The other danger with wire hair fox terriers is that they’re not afraid of cars and other traffic. I never take my wirehair fox terrier for a walk without her leash unless she’s in an enclosed space because she has a tendency to run into traffic. Wire hair fox terriers enjoy being able to run around on their own without a leash. If you don’t have a big garden for your wire hair fox terrier to run around in, look for a dog run in your area. These are enclosed fields specially for dogs to run around in. You can take your wirehair fox terrier to one of these fields if you think they’re fairly well behaved around the other dogs. My wire hair fox terrier still doesn’t get along well with other dogs because she gets too excited and normally scares smaller dogs away. On the other hand, she is completely terrified of dogs bigger than her and won’t go near them. However, my wirehair fox terrier is still a puppy and will likely grow out of this behaviour. Over the past year, my wire hair fox terrier puppy has gotten used to meeting new people and is less frightened by strangers. In fact, my wire hair fox terrier is quite friendly and gets along well with children.