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Siberian Huskies

Siberian huskies, as their name implies, originated in Siberia. The Siberian husky is accustomed to the harsh cold winters of Siberia, and was used as a sled dog. Siberian huskies were taken to Alaska during the gold rush and eventually made their way into Canada and the Southern United States. Now the Siberian Husky is a common family pet and show dog and is not used as much as a sled dog.

Siberian Huskies can be brown and white, black and white, or any number of other colours. They have distinctive colour markings on their face, tail and feet, and are known for their wolf-like appearance. Siberian Huskies have pointed triangle ears and very thick fur. The husky may also have very unusual colour eyes. Some huskies have two different colours eyes or more than one colour in one eye. A very unique feature of huskies is their sometimes very light blue eyes.

Siberian Huskies have a coarse outer coat of fur and a much softer inner coat. The husky doesn’t need much grooming and shouldn’t be washed too often. They shed their coats a couple of times a year but on the whole, huskies don’t need a lot of brushing. They are fairly clean dogs and tend not to smell bad. Huskies are strong energetic animals but have a very graceful gait. Though siberian huskies aren’t used as sled dogs as often as they once were, some husky owners use huskies for skijoring. Skijoring is something like having a skier pulled along by two or more huskies. This seems like it would be a lot more fun than dogsled racing. Today the siberian husky has been replaced in dog sledding by other dogs bred for speed.


Because Siberian huskies have such a close resemblance to wolves, many people are intimidated by siberian huskies. This is great for scaring off intruders, but siberian huskies otherwise don’t make good watchdogs because they are usually very friendly to strangers. It’s a shame that wolves and siberian huskies are labeled as vicious man-eaters, because siberian huskies are actually very gentle, loving dogs. They are especially good with children and make great family pets if properly trained. Wolves, and siberian huskies by association, have been given a bad name by children’s fairy tales, where the wolf is always the child-eating vicious killer. Siberian huskies do however share some characteristics with their wolf ancestors. For instance, siberian huskies are good hunters because they had to be to survive siberian winters when there wasn’t a lot of food to be had. That’s why they should either be raised with other pets, such as cats, or not be allowed near them at all, because unless they’re used to small animals like cats and squirrels and sheep, they will probably try to eat them. Siberian huskies are also very independent dogs and must be trained from a young age, or they can get out of hand, especially since they’re not as eager to please their owners as some other dog breeds. Some siberian huskies bark a lot, but for the most part, if properly trained, they won’t bark too much but will howl when excited.

Siberian Husky Puppies

If you’re thinking of getting Siberian Husky Puppies, you’ll need to find a good siberian husky breeder. Canada is a great place to own a siberian husky because they don’t mind the snow and the cold winters – in fact, they’re made for the cold and would be much happier in a cold country like Canada than in a tropical climate because their fur would be too warm. Siberian husky puppies grow up to look a lot like wolves. However, Siberian huskies are not any more closely related to wolves than other dog breeds. It just happened that siberian huskies weren’t crossed with too many other breeds in the course of their history. A siberian husky played the wolf in Old Yeller. Back to Siberian Husky puppies: if you’re thinking of buying siberian husky puppies, make sure you go to a good breeder. You could also adopt a siberian husky. Unfortunately, many people buy siberian husky puppies because they’re adorable with their blue eyes and unusual features, only to find that they don’t have what it takes to raise a siberian husky... Siberian huskies are known to be extremely active animals and will become destructive if neglected by their owners. If you don’t take car of your husky and exercise it regularly, it will likely try to escape. Putting your siberian husky up for adoption is not the best thing for a siberian husky, as they do better having just one owner in a lifetime. If you’re considering buying a siberian husky puppy, make sure you know what you’re getting into because it can be a very demanding breed to take care of. You also should not buy a siberian husky thinking that you can just put it up for adoption if it doesn’t work out, because this is not fair to the dog.

Siberian Husky Health Problems

Siberian huskies usually live for over a decade, longer than many dogs their size. They tend not to have too many health problems but do occasionally suffer from hip problems, eye problems, weight problems, and in their old age, cancer. Some health problems, such as obesity, can be avoided if the owner takes good car of their husky. The problem that most overweight huskies have is that their owners are lazy and don’t give them enough exercise, or they over feed them. Huskies are designed for intensive labour, so when you buy a husky as a house pet, you need to make sure it gets out a lot and stays active. You should walk your siberian husky at least once a day and make sure they have plenty room to move around in your home or yard.