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Rottweilers are German dogs originally bred by Romans and used as herders to keep their cows in line when they traveled with them. Their rottweilers also scared off thieves. Rottweilers were accepted into the kennel club as show dogs and are still used as guard dogs today, though they require careful and serious training. Irresponsible owners also use rottweilers as lethal weapons by training them to attack and kill. Trainers teach rottweilers using a protective sleeve that they wear on their arm. The rottweiler is trained to bite them on the arm because they cannot bit through the sleeve and injure the trainer. Many people believe that the rottweiler was originally bred for dog fighting, but this is not true. However, some people have tried to add the rottweiler to a list of dangerous dogs who are not allowed to breed because they were originally bred for fighting. There are also laws that state that any damage or injury done by a guard dog is the responsibility of their owner. There was a very unsettling case a few years ago about an old woman whose apartment was broken into. The guard dog attacked the burglar, and the burglar sued the woman he was robbing because her guard dog attacked him. The burglar won that case.

Perros Peligrosos Rottweiler

Perros peligrosos rottweiler is a Spanish phrase meaning dangerous pets rottweiler. There’s a website, all in Spanish, called perros peligrosos, with a page dedicated to rottweilers called perros peligrosos rottweiler. Rottweilers have a reputation for being dangerous, brutally vicious animals that don’t make good pets and like to eat children. But how much of this is true of Rottweilers?

Rottweilers: Dangerous Pets

You often hear of rottweilers attacking and killing small children and the owners complaining when their rottweiler is put down. However, it is usually not the fault of a crazed rottweiler, but an irresponsible rottweiler owner, who has not trained their rottweiler properly. This is not fair to the rottweiler, but it is necessary that these dogs are put down because they are a danger to the public. Abused or severely neglected rottweiler is especially dangerous, because they can become very aggressive and destructive. Otherwise, it’s said that a properly trained, properly cared for rottweiler makes a good pet and gets along well with other animals and children. Rottweilers however, need a lot of attention, and may take their frustration or boredom out on your furniture or other people if they don’t get any attention from you. Female rottweilers are especially bad for this. Rottweilers obviously aren’t the best pets for everyone. They were responsible for the most human fatalities caused by dogs in the nineteen nineties. A rottweiler owner should be someone who is stronger than their rottweiler and well able to control it. The only way to control a rottweiler effectively is to teach your rottweiler puppy who’s in charge from a young age. If you do not act as the leader, your rottweiler puppy will never listen to you and you won’t be able to control your rottweiler when it’s older and more powerful. In some places, due to numerous rottweiler attacks, rottweiler owners must keep their rottweilers muzzled and on short leashes. Though this is not fair to rottweilers or responsible rottweiler owners, it is a reasonable precaution to take, especially in places with a high incidence of irresponsible rottweiler breeders and owners. There have been several stories in the new of rottweilers mauling or killing infants. I think the fact that it’s usually the children of the owners of the rottweiler that get mauled is an indication of the neglect by the owners for both their rottweilers and their children. These people should have their rottweilers properly trained and should also never leave an infant unattended with an untrained (possibly abused) rottweiler. These people usually immediately blame their ‘unpredictable’ possessed rottweiler for the accident, when really it’s the irresponsible parents who are to blame. One of the biggest problems is with people who get rottweilers as guard dogs. These people don’t treat them as pets but as killing machines and often just leave the rottweilers locked up by themselves. Of course, rottweilers are very intelligent animals and will go crazy if they don’t get any attention from their owners. That is when a rottweiler may become dangerous. So to answer the question, ‘are rottweilers inherently dangerous vicious animals?’, the answer is no. Rottweilers can be dangerous or they can be very loving family pets, depending on how they are brought up. In this respect, rottweilers are not much different to humans, or any other animal.

Rottweiler Appearance

Rottweilers are strong medium-size dogs, with a short, mostly black coat, with some light brown bits around the face and feet. Rottweilers have long black tails, which owners often cut off, purely because they like the look of a stubby tail. This practice of ‘docking’ a rottweiler’s tail is not allowed in some parts of Europe but carries on today in the United States.

Rottweiler Behaviour and Personality

Rottweilers don’t usually bark very much and if they do, it’s usually not because they perceive a threat but because they’re annoyed by something. Female rottweilers are more inclined to bark to protect themselves or their puppies or their owners than male rottweilers. Male rottweilers, although very alert to any perceivable threat, are very quiet and don’t often bark at all. The rottweiler has a natural instinct to guard and if an owner provokes a rottweiler or tries to develop this instinct further through training, it will be their fault when someone gets hurt by their rottweiler. This sort of training is unacceptable and extremely irresponsible. It is these rottweiler owners that give rottweilers a bad name everywhere. Rottweilers usually live for ten years or more and if used for breeding, should be checked by a vet for hip, elbow, heart, and eye problems. These problems, as well as allergies, are common health problems experienced by rottweiler dogs.