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Pugs are toy dogs that originated in china. The etymology of the name ‘pug’ is a bit uncertain, but it is thought to have come from the Latin word for fist because its face looks like a clenched fist. Some people find this an extremely ugly characteristic but pug lovers disagree. Pug owners will tell you that pugs are very affectionate, loyal pets. Pugs are classified as toy dogs and usually live for about ten to 15 years. They tend to snore and snort a lot and are a very unique breed of dog, both in their unusual appearance and their behaviour. The pug and its ancestors have been around for centuries. Originally from China, the pug was bred for Chinese emperors and later became popular in Tibet, where Tibetan monks kept the dogs as pets.

Pug Appearance

They are usually a cream or white colour with a wrinkly black face and black paws. Pugs are very small dogs, with a lot of personality. There are pugs with different types of coats that shed at different rates, but all pugs shed year-round. Pugs are short and stocky with short legs, big bulging eyes, and a curly tail. In some respects, the pug looks a bit like a miniature chow chow. Pugs tend to shed a lot, which can be a nuisance for pug owners. Some pug owners try to control shedding using special shampoos or trimming their pug’s hair. Often, the best way to reduce pug shedding is to brush your pug regularly to minimize pug hair on your clothes and furniture. Though pug dogs don’t have much in the way of a nose, they make up for it with their oversized expressive eyes. The most recognizable characteristic is clearly their deeply wrinkled flat faces and big eyes.

Pug Behaviour

Pugs are very friendly pets and get along well with people, including strangers and other animals, but can also be very stubborn. If you don’t exercise your pug regularly, it will become obese. There is no need for harsh punishment with pugs. Usually, a stern tone of voice is all that is needed to punish your pug. Pugs need a lot of attention from their owners and don’t like to be left along for extended periods. Though pugs generally get along well with other animals, they may become jealous if you give a lot of attention to another pet. Pug dogs are especially good with children and love to play.

Pug Health

Because pugs have such flat faces and big eyes, they can easily scratch or puncture their eyes because they haven’t the blocking protection of a long muzzle as moat dogs do. Pugs are also known to have difficulty breathing and controlling their body temperature due to the compactness of their upper body and face. The deep wrinkles in a pug’s face can collect a lot of dirt and debris and should be cleaned regularly to prevent infection. Many pugs also experience serious weight problems because their owners don’t exercise them enough, and they become very fat. That’s why lots of walks and healthy diet for your pug is important. Sometimes when pugs get excited, they will reverse sneeze. This is due to fluid being trapped in their throat and results in breathing difficulties. Some pug owners don’t realize that this is very unpleasant for their pug, and think it’s just a funny snorty laugh.


Puggles are an American hybrid dog. A puggle is a cross between a pug and a beagle. Puggles look something like stocky beagles with a slightly flatter face and a wrinkled forehead, though their wrinkles are much less pronounced than those of the pug. There is great variation in the appearance of puggles and they can have many different coloured coats. Because puggles usually don’t have as extreme facial feature as the purebred pug, they tend to experience fewer health problems associated with flat faces and compact muzzles. However, puggles still tend to have more health problems than purebred beagles do. If your puggle is unlucky, they might inherit the breathing and cooling problems of the pug parent and the high energy hunting dog traits of the beagle. If this is the case, your puggle will be particularly susceptible to heat stroke, which can result in death. If your puggle does have heat stroke, take it to a vet immediately.

Pug Rescue

Pug rescue is dedicated to rescuing abandoned pugs and pug puppies. A lot of pug owners discover after buying a pug that a pug is not the right dog for them. These pug owners then abandon their pugs and pug rescue attempts to find new homes for them. If you want a pug and are sure of what you’re getting into when you adopt a pug, contact pug rescue to adopt an abandoned pug in need of a home.

Pug Puppies

If you’re considering buying pug puppies, make sure you go to a responsible pug breeder. The problem with a lot of pugs is that they’re very inbred, and breeding for certain unusual characteristics, such as the flat face, can cause a lot of health problems in pugs. Breeding pugs isn’t easy because pugs need assistance in all stages of breeding and have to be closely watched, especially towards the end of their pregnancy. Pug puppies are delivered by caesarian section. A lot of pug puppies are born with or develop serious defects due to genetic problems. These pug puppies may have a curly spine like their curly tail, which results in paralysis. Pug puppies can also develop a slew of other health problems in the course of a lifetime, so a pug breeder must take every precaution to avoid these problems as much as possible.