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The pomeranian breed originated in Germany and is not a very old breed. Pomeranians’ ancestors used to be sled dogs and were used as working dogs in very cold climates. Breeders began selectively breeding for smaller and smaller pomeranians. Though the pomeranians of today are much smaller than their ancestors, they retain their thick coat and are therefore suited to cold climates. Pomeranians are very small dogs, but have a lot of energy. They can come in a wide variety of colours, including golden, black, white, or an combination of the three. Pomeranians have small legs and faces with delicate feature and a big mane of hair. A pomeranian looks almost like what you’d imagine a Chihuahua would look like in a fur coat. IF you’re thinking of getting a pomeranian, be warned – they are delicate dogs because o their size and small children or other pets could seriously injure a pomeranian if they’re not gentle with it. Of course, the pomeranian is a toy bred, and as such, suffers from a lot of the health problems that other toy breeds do. One problem common among toy breeds is reverse sneezing. Pomeranians, pugs, and a number of other toy breeds have reverse sneezing, which is very unpleasant for the dog, but is usually harmless. Also, because a pomeranian is so small, you have to be careful with them getting under your feet. The pomeranian is a very affectionate dog and like to be close o their owner at all times, but this can be a problem if you accidentally step on your pomeranian. A friend of mine had a pomeranian as a child but it was sat on by a family member at his uncle’s wedding and died. If you’re worried about stepping on your pomeranian, the best thing to do is to train it not to walk under your feet. Training is especially important in high energy dogs, or else they can become a nuisance. You should start training your pomeranian from a young age, while it is still a puppy. This will be much easier than trying to force your pomeranian out of old habits when it’s older. If you find that your pomeranian is chewing on your furniture or clothes while you’re out, or just being destructive in general, it may be due to a number of things. First, if you haven’t trained your pomeranian, they obviously won’t know that they’re not allowed to destroy your stuff. Another common cause for this destructive behaviour is that the pomeranian is lacking attention from their owner. If you don’t let your pomeranian release some of that energy through mental stimulation and regular exercise, they may release their frustration on your furniture.

Pomeranian Puppies

If you’re looking for poeranian puppies, you can start by checking out your local animal shelter or pomeranian rescue group. Many pomeranians are abandoned by their owners because after buying a pomeranian, the owner realized that it wasn;t te right dog for them. That’s why it’s so important to do some research on pomeranian, and any kind of dog, before you buy it. Otherwise, it’s not fair to the pomeranian who must then be adopted by new owners or killed. One reason why many owners abandon their pomeranians is that they find that they bark too much. This is the fault of the owner. Pomeranians, like all dogs, need to be trained from a young age not to bark all the time. If you don’t train your dog, its incessant barking could drive you crazy. If you do train your pomeranian, they can make great watchdogs. Pomeranians have very keen hearing and will bark if they hear an intruder.

Teacup Pomeranians

Teacup pomeranians are extremely small pomeranians. The problem with any sort of teacup version of a dog is that they’re not designed to be so small and suffer from a lot of unusal health problems. They also tend not to live as long as pomeranians normally do because they have so many health problems. Breeding teacup versions of dogs, just because they look so cute, is cruel and unethical. If you’re looking for an extra tiny pet, you might want to look into getting a hamster or a rat. These animals are naturally small and won’t have to suffer as much as an irresponsibly bred teacup pomeranian. If you’ve never seen a pomeranian, a good place to look out for them is Yorkville, Toronto. You’ll see plenty of women in the summer walking their dogs along while they go shopping in Yorkville. Also beware, teacup pomeranians have a lot of health problems and can run up a hefty vet bill, so make sure you’re able to afford a teacup pomeranian before you buy one. In some countries its illegal to breed teacup pomeranians because the quality of life for the dog is so poor. If you are a dog lover, get a healthy dog, like a full-size pomeranian; if you’re just looking for fashion accessories, why not spend the money on a nice pair of earrings?

Pomeranians at Work

Though some people’s jobs allow them to have their dog at work with them, it’s usually not a good idea to bring a Pomeranian to the office. Pomeranians can be quite yappy around strangers, especially if they’re not properly trained. They also demand a lot of attention and can be very distracting if you bring them to work with you. Also, coworkers won’t be used to having a pomeranian around and may be rough with your Pomeranian or accidentally step on it. If you’re afraid that you won’t be home often to spend time with your pomeranian, this might not be a good tie in your life o get a dog. If you’re only away from home now and then for a few hours at a time, you can hire a student dog walker to take your pomeranian out for walks once in a while.