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Pointers are a breed of dog commonly used for hunting. A pointer’s job is to help the hunter find prey by sniffing it out and then pointing his muzzle in the direction of the prey. A pointer can be trained to do this by the time they’re just eight weeks old. Hunters used to breed all sorts of dogs to help them hunt, including pointers, setters, and retrievers. Sometimes hunters tried to teach their pointers to retrieve game, but they were not always successful and so had to sometimes bring both a pointer and a retriever with them when they went hunting. Pointers don’t have a lot of genetic diseases, as many purebred dogs do. In fact, they tend to be very healthy dogs and live to be quite old for such a big dog. Pointers often live past seventeen years old. However, pointers do experience some of the common health problems that most dogs have, such as hip and eye problems. Pointers have fairly short coats and don’t shed all that much. Pointers don’t need a lot of grooming either. Pointers do need a lot of exercise however. Because pointers are sporting dogs, they need to get out regularly and have lots of room to run around. A country home or any large estate is ideal for a pointer because they love to run, but need to be kept within bounds because they will often wander off your property if you don’t have a good fence. It is believed that pointers have a tendency to wander off because they were bred to look for prey quite far from their owners when they went hunting. The pointer would run ahead until it found some animals and the hunter would follow along behind to shoot the bunnies or foxes or whatever they happened to be looking for.

German Shorthaired Pointer

Pointers can have several different kinds of coats, including smooth, silky coats, to rough or wire haired coats. The german pointer has short hair and so is called the german shorthaired pointer. The german shorthaired pointer looks fairly similar to the English pointer. The german shorthaired pointer has a long narrow muzzle and pointd floppy ears. They are very elegant and intelligent-looking dogs. They have long legs and a strong fit build. The german shorthaired pointer is very alert and always looks ready for anything. The german shorthaired pointer hs a slightly thicker, coarser coat than the English pointer and so handles cold weather better than the English pointer. The german shorthaired pointer began as a cross between a number of different hunting dogs and was used in germany as a very versatile hunting dog. It was important that the pointer was lean an muscular so that it could run fast to chase prey and carry heavy prey back to its owner.

English Pointer

One of the best-known, most widely recognized pointers is the English pointer breed. English pointers are medium to large size dogs, but different kennel clubs have different size standards for pointers in different parts of the world. English pointers come in a wide range of colours and are commonly white with light or dark brown patches. Some English pointers may even have a speckled coat with dark spots all over.

Pointer Puppies

 Pointer puppies are a lot of fun. You’ll find if you get a pointer puppy that they have a lot of energy but it only lasts for a little while at a time; they soon exhaust themselves and settle down for a nap at least a few times a day. Unless you’re a pointer breeder, you’re not likely to see pointer puppies younger than six weeks. Pointer puppies like to play with their owners and need a lot of attention. It’s a good idea to have a lot of toys on hand at all times for your pointer puppy to make sure they don’t get tempted to chew the furniture or your clothes. When pointer puppies grow up, they began a lot more independent. When they’re young, a pointer puppy needs a lot of attention, bu as they grow up, pointers tend to get better at being left at home alone during the day. Of course it’s never fair to leave your pointer home alone for long. If you know you can’t be at home on a regular basis to play with your dog, you probably shouldn’t get a pointer. Pointers really get attached to their owners and like to feel as if they’re part of the family. You’ll often find your pointer lying on your furniture, but this is common among pointers. You can train your pointer not to do this but it’s not really that bad because they tend to be clean animals and don’t really shed all that much. For me, the worst colour pointers to get are black and white pointers because it means that whatever you’re wearing is going to have visible dog hair on it.

The Pointer Sisters

The pointer sisters are a group of R&B singers that were most successful in the 70s and 80s. Though they started as a quartet of four sisters, the pointer sisters only hit it big when one of the sisters, bonnie, dropped out of the group to pursue her own career. The sisters began their singing careers singing gospel music at church as young girls. The pointer sisters were soon working as back up singers for various blues, rock and pop artists. During one of their performances, a talent scout heard their singing and signed the pointer sisters to Atlantic records.