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Norfolk Terrier

Norfolk terriers are small good-spirited little dogs. They usually have reddish to gold colour coats but can be other colours as well. Norfolk terriers originated in England and were bred as ratting dogs. Today, norfolk terries kept as household pets still have their rat predator instincts and enjoy chasing and catching small animals. Norfolk terriers ar fearless dogs and surprisingly courageous for their size. If trained properly, a norfolk terrier does not bark excessively. Norfolk terriers, like most terriers, enjoy running and digging and chasing animals. Norfolk terriers also get along well with children and other pets, except for small rodent pets, which they may try to kill. The norfolk terrier needs a lot of attention from its owner and doesn’t like to be left alone. Like most dogs, a Norfolk terrier left alone for too long will become bored and may destroy your furniture or bark a lot. If you don’t have a lot of time to spend at home with a dog, you shouldn’t get a norfolk terrier because they’ll be quite unhappy. Norfolk terriers are very energetic dogs and like to get out a lot. You should take your norfolk terrier for a good walk at least every day. However, Norfolk terriers are not outside dogs, as they don’t like to be apart from their owners. Also, norfolk terriers don’t handle cold weather all that well so you can’t keep them out too long in the winter. Norfolk terriers should also be fed a nutritious healthy diet. Because they are small, norfolk terriers metabolize their food faster then larger dogs and so have more energy from less food. You should make sure that the small amount of food that your norfolk terrier eats is of the best quality. If you’d rather make your norfolk terrier’s dog food than buy it from the grocery store or a pet shop, you can find lots of recipes on the internet. It’s usually suggested that you make a whole lot of it at once to save time and divide it into daily portions so that the rest may be frozen for later.

Norfolk Terrier Puppies

Norfolk terrier puppies aren’t so easy to come by. Lots of people want norfolk terrier puppies but norfolk terrier breeders can’t keep up because norfolk terriers usually have small litters of only 1 to 2 norfolk terrier puppies. Norfolk terrier puppies need to be brought up in a loving environment or they will develop unfavourable personality traits. That’s why it’s important to get your norfolk terrier from a good breeder. You should never buy a norfolk terrier from a pet store because those norfolk terrier puppies come from puppy mills, where the dogs are treated very inhumanely. The norfolk terrier puppies don’t do well being born into this harsh environment and this can affect the norfolk terrier’s demeanor for the rest of its life. Also, if you have another pet in the house, let your norfolk terrier get used to it while its still young so that they can get along when your norfolk terrier grows up. You can do the same with people to get your norfolk terrier used to being around others.

Norfolk Terrier Breeders

A responsible norfolk terrier breeder will test its norfolk terriers for genetic disorders and common norfolk terrier diseases before using them for breeding to avoid passing on these problems to their norfolk terrier puppies. Before you by a norfolk terrier form a norfolk terrier breeder, try to shop around. Find out about all the norfolk terrier breeder in the area and call them up. Ask lots of questions to see if they check out. It’s worth doing the research when it comes to choosing a norfolk terrier breeder because you’ll want your norfolk terrier puppy to be happy and healthy. A good responsible norfolk terrier will want to check you out as well to make sure that their norfolk terrier puppies are going o a good home. You can ask your norfolk terrier breeder about raising norfolk terriers and what you should expect. They may be able to offer some helpful advice if it’s your first time owning a norfolk terrier. If you haven’t owned a dg before at all, a norfolk terrier’s not a bad one to start with. Just keep in mind that training your norfolk terrier will make all the difference. If you don’t train your norfolk terrier from a young age, you’ll have a much harder time getting along with your norfolk terrier.

Norfolk Terrier Grooming

Norfolk terriers have two coats; a wiry coat and a soft undercoat. The norfolk terrier doesn’t need a lot of grooming except a brushing once a week or so. You don’t need to wash your norfolk terrier too often because they keep themselves pretty clean. You also shouldn’t cut your norfolk terrier’s hair because this will give it an unpleasant texture and make it very rough and scratchy. You should cut your norfolk terrier’s nails fairly regularly to keep them from hurting themselves by breaking their nails ad to keep your norfolk terrier from scratching you or your furniture.

Norfolk Terrier Rescue

The norfolk terrier is in high demand. Norfolk terriers tend to have very small littler, of only one or two norfolk terrier puppies, but tend to live to be quite old – anywhere from ten to twenty years. Norfolk terriers are sometimes abandoned by their owners, for whatever reason, but luckily there are norfolk terrier rescue groups that take in abandoned norfolk terriers and look for good homes for them. If you’d like to adopt a norfolk terrier, contact a norfolk terrier rescue group near you. If you don’t want to adopt a norfolk terrier but would like to get to know what the norfolk terrier breed is like and if they’re the right breed of dog for your family, you can foster a norfolk terrier until the norfolk terrier rescue group finds a permanent home for the norfolk terrier.