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Poodles are a very easily-recognizable breed of dog, especially if they have a show cut. These poodle haircuts are very distinctive, as part of the poodle is shaves, and in other parts the hair is long and puffy. Poodles were originally bred for swimming to retrieve things from the water. The poodle had to have a strong and muscular build and was shaved to make it easier for the poodle to swim. Parts of the poodle were not shaves, such as the hips and joints, to keep these parts of the body warm when swimming in cold water. Today, show poodles get these cuts just for the sake of looking traditional. Poodles come in different colours, some of which aren’t acceptable according to the kennel clubs. Most commonly, poodles have either an all white or an all black coat. The poodle’s coat is thick and wiry. If you get a poodle as a family pet and you don’t intend to enter it in any shows, you’ll probably give it a short cut for easy maintenance. If your poodle has a special show cut, it will need a lot more grooming. Poodles are normally classified into one of a number of different types, which depend mostly on the poodle’s size. A large poodle is usually just referred to as a poodle. A very small poodle, more of a lap dog, is called a toy poodle, and the miniature poodle lies somewhere in between.

Miniature Poodle

Miniature poodles are a lot like full size and toy poodles in terms of behaviour and overall attitude. Miniature poodles are fairly active dogs and need regular exercise to stay healthy – at least one good walk a day. If you live in an apartment, you’ll need to let them out often for fresh air and to give them a chance to run around. You will also need to feed your miniature poodle a healthy balanced diet. Most dog foods from the grocery store are fairly reasonably priced, but if your miniature poodle doesn’t like it, you might neeed to find an alternative. Many people make their own dog food; it’s easy, fast, and cheap. Check out some sample recipes online to make your own dog food. You can make a big batch of it in an hour or so and then divide it into individual portions for your miniature poodle. You can freeze some of the portions so that you won’t have to make it again for another week or two.

Miniature Poodle Breeders

If you’re looking for miniature poodles to adopt, first try a miniature poodle rescue group. Miniature poodle rescue groups look for homes for abandoned miniature poodles. If these miniature poodles aren’t adopted from an animal shelter, they are usually pur down because there just aren’t the resources to support that many animals. Miniature poodle rescue teams foster the miniature poodles until they can find good loving homes for the stray miniature poodles. Miniature poodles often end up at miniature poodle rescue havens because their owners didn’t do enough research before buying a dog and later discovered that a miniature poodle wasn’t the kind of dog they wanted for whatever reason. Sometimes it’s because the miniature poodle doesn’t fit their lifestyle, or they get a more demanding job or a small apartment. Whatever the case, it’s not really fair to the miniature poodle, who is left homeless. If you know a miniature poodle is the right dog for you, consider adopting one of these needy miniature poodles. You could save a miniature poodle’s life. If you decide you have to have a miniature poodle puppy, try a miniature poodle breeder. There are miniature poodle breeders all over the place. Just be sure to choose your miniature poodle breeder carefully. Miniature poodle breeders should always test their poodles for genetic disorders and common poodle problems before using them for breeding. If you’re trying to choose a miniature poodle breeder, be sure to ask lots of questions. If possible, ask to pick up the miniature poosle puppy in person. If they’re very much against this, they might be hiding something. After all, you don’t want to support those miniature poodle breeders that treat their miniature poodles inhumanely. Also, if you intend to buy a show dog miniature poodle, you’ll need to do a little extra research beforehand. The kennel clubs have very strict standards for miniature poodles’ behaviour and appearance, so you’ll want to know what these are before you choose your miniature poodle.

Miniature Poodle Puppies

Miniature poodle puppies look a lot like toy poodle puppies, only they grow faster and bigger than toy poodle puppies. If you’ve decided to get one or more miniature poodle puppies, it’s a good idea to make some preparations before you bring them home. You’ll need some food and water dishes and a bed for your miniature poodles. It’s also a good idea to get them some of those pet mats for house training so they don’t make a mess of your floor. Many miniature poodle owners buy a crate for their miniature poodle puppies so that they have a familiar place to sleep and can be put away easily if necessary. As your miniature poodle puppy matures it will start to grow new teeth. This will make your miniature poodle puppy want to chew everything in sight, including your clothes and furniture. You can help them by buying lots of chew toys for them. You should also start training them at a fairly young age or they may never stop chewing your furniture when they’re older.

Poodle Skirt

Poodle skirts were a popular fashion in the fifties. The poodle skirt is a long skirt that’s very small in the waist and flare out down to the bottom. All poodle skirts have a signature leashed toy poodle embroidered near the bottom of the poodle skirt. You don’t see poodle skirts today except at costume parties.