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Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apsos are small gentle dogs. They are usually fairly relaxed dogs but often have wild spurts of energy. Lhasa apsos make good family pets and don’t mind staying about the house, but they do need regular exercise. It’s important that your lhasa apso keep active to maintain good health. Lhasa Apsos are originally from Tibet. The lhasa apso has a thick dense coat to keep it warm in cold Tibetan winters. It is believed that the souls of the Dalai Lamas live inside the golden lhasa apsos. If you want to enter your lhasa apso in dog shows, you’ll have to make sure they meet the breed standards to qualify. If your lhasa apso qualifies, you’ll have to let its hair grow long.

Lhasa apsos should be less than a foot tall with longhair on their legs and floppy ears. Lhasa Apsos usually have curly tails and a small black nose and dark eyes with a long dark beard and mustache. A lhasa apso dog’s coat may be a number of different colours. Most lhasa apsos are cream or light brown colours, though they can also be other colours such as grey or darker brown. Lhasa Apso puppies’ coats may change colour as they mature, so you never know what you’re going to get when you buy a lhasa apso puppy. Lhasa apsos are very affectionate towards their owners but are wary of strangers and make good alarm dogs. Lhasa apsos generally make good family dogs but won’t tolerate children who tease them or are too rough with them. It’s better to just keep your lhasa apso away from very young children, just to be safe.

Of course, you need to be careful with all dogs, not just lhasa apsos, around small children. Lhasa apsos also don’t get along very well with other pets and might pick fights with other pets. The lhasa apso is a good watch dog because they have very good ears and a fierce bark. To intruders, it sounds like there’s a much bigger dog waiting to maul them inside. Lhasa apsos may also get testy if you don’t pay them enough attention. Though they can be fussy, stubborn dogs, lhasa apsos make wonderful pets if matched with the right owner and lifestyle.

Lhasa Apso Puppies

Lhasa apso puppies are tiny and need a lot of attention when they’re young. A young lhasa apso puppy can fit right in the palm of your hand. If you’re thinking of getting a lhasa apso puppy for you or your family, you should know that owning a lhasa apso is a big commitment. Lhasa apsos can live for up to twenty years and require attention from you every single day. You’ll have to spend even more time with your lhasa apso puppy to make sure they don’t get into any trouble. You’ll have to be able to spend a large part of your day with your lhasa apso puppy because they require almost round-the-clock care. You’ll have to make sure your lhasa apso puppy always has plenty of food and water and a warm comfortable place to sleep. As they get older, you can buy them chew toys to prevent them chewing your furniture. However, you don’t want to wait too long before you start house training your lhasa apso.

Lhasa Apso Breeders

If you’re looking for a lhasa apso puppy, a good place to start is with lhasa apso breeders. Not all lhasa apso breeders are alike, so it’s important that you choose your lhasa apso breeder carefully. A reputable lhasa apso breeder tests their lhasa apsos for genetic disorders before using them for breeding. This is definitely necessary because it greatly reduces the risk of your puppies suffering from genetic diseases. If you want to become a lhasa apso breeder, the best way to get started is to contact other lhasa apso breeders and ask them to help you out. You can also read up about lhasa apso breeding at the library. It helps if you’ve at least owned one or more lhasa apsos in the past. If you don’t have a lhasa apso, your going to have to find some if you’re to become a lhasa apso breeder. You don’t want to get your lhasa apso puppies from the pet store because they probably won’t be as good for breeding. Most pet store lhasa apsos come from puppy farms.

Lhasa Apso Pictures

If you’ve got some great lhasa apso photos but you’re not sure what to do with them, we’ve got some ideas for how to show off your lhasa apso pictures. You can take your lhasa apso pictures to a photo shop and have them blown up and frames. If you have a number of lhasa apso pictures, you might want to have a lhasa apso calendar made. This is a great gift idea for a lhasa apso owner. Some photo shops will even make a jigsaw puzzle from your lhasa apso pictures. You can also have your lhasa apso pictures printed on dinner plates, birthday cakes, and t-shirts. The possibilities are endless. Another option is to hire an artist to sketch some lhasa apso pictures for you. You can buy lhasa apso pictures directly from the artist or some artists will draw lhasa apso pictures to order if you provide them with a photo of your lhasa apso. Because lhasa apsos tend to look fairly similar to one another, you can ask the artist to add some personal touch to your lhasa apso picture, like your lhasa apso’s favourite toy or their name printed somewhere on the drawing.