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Labrador Retrievers

Labrador retrievers are very loyal dogs and make great family pets. Labrador retrievers may also be referred to as black labs, golden labs, or chocolate labs, depending on heir colour. Labrador retrievers are known as one of the happiest friendliest animals known to man. They are faithful companions and also make good watchdogs. Labrador retrievers are fairly big dogs but are very gentle with children and other pets. However, Labrador retrievers do tend to shed a lot. Labrador retrievers also love the water. Labrador retrievers were bred in Newfoundland, Canada for many years, where they were used as fishing dogs. They would go into the water and retrieve the nets for the fishermen. Labrador retrievers have also been used by hunters, hence the name. The labrador retriever has a very good temperament and is one of the most popular breeds of dog in both the united states and the united kingdom.

I have many friends who are owners of labrador retrievers. One of them has a black lab and a golden lab; another has a chocolate lab, and another has a black lab and a chocolate lab. Of course, labrador retrievers are not the ideal pet for everyone. Labrador retrievers are very big animals and they need a lot of space and exercise. They also need to be around people, so they’re ideal for a household where there’s always children around. If you’re not much of a runner but want to exercise your labrador retriever, you can always go roller blading with your lab. You can’t do this with a lot of other dogs because it’s too dangerous, but labrador retrievers can be trained and are usually very perceptive dogs. In fact, labrador retrievers are often used as seeing eye dogs because they’re intelligent and well-behaved.

When I buy my new house, I’m going to get a black lab. Black labs are my favourite because most of my clothes and furniture are black, so I don’t have to worry too much about my black lab shedding all over the place. Black labs are usually black everywhere except for a small spot of white fur on their chest. Because labs grow to be very big dogs, it’s important that you train them properly when they’re puppies. I have known black labs that weren’t properly trained and they were out of control. They would eat whole meals off the table or counter if you weren’t watching them and they’d run away all the time. When I go to buy my black lab, I’ll first check with the humane society to see if they have any black labs or other kinds of labrador retrievers that are in need of a good home.

So what kind of person is the right kind of person to own a labrador retriever? Anyone really. Labrador retrievers are very loving animals and you’ll fin that they get along well with everyone they meet. They are often used as therapy dogs because of this. Some labrador retriever owners volunteer at hospitals and bring their labrador retriever to the hospital to visit the patients. These visits by the labrador retrievers mean more to the patients than you know. Some hospital patients don’t have family and the only visitor they get might be a labrador retriever therapy dog who comes in once a week to see them. I was in hospital for eight months as a child and I got to know a very special labrador retriever therapy dog named lucky. This labrador retriever was a black lab – maybe that’s why I’m partial to black labs. Lucky, the black lab, would visit me every Saturday at the hospital for at least half an hour. He would sometimes climb up next to me n my bed when the nurses weren’t watching. I would get my parents to bring a bag of dog treats when they came to see me so that I could give them to the labrador retriever when he came to visit. Since then, I’ve always wanted a labrador retriever of my own, but have never had the time or space to keep a labrador retriever.

Now I have more flexible hours at work and I’ll be buying a bigger house of my own where I can keep a labrador retriever. When I get my own labrador retriever, whether it’s a black lab, a yellow lab, or a chocolate lab, I’m going to start volunteering at the hospital and bring my lab along to visit patients in the hospital. I used to volunteer in a hospital in high school where I visited patients in the long term and continuing car ward. In many cases, my visits would have been better if I’d had a labrador retriever with me because a lot of the patients in long term care were not able to speak very much and were happier to have a labrador retriever to play with. If you’re a labrador retriever owner and you have some spare time, you should consider making your lab a therapy dog. Your labrador retriever will not only like to get out of the house, but will enjoy the attention from patients. Of course, your labrador retriever must be properly behaved if they are to become a therapy dog because you can’t have your labrador retriever startling the patients or disrupting things at the hospital.

The colour of a labrador retriever’s coat depends on two alleles of a gene that affects pigmentation. In one littler, all three coat colours may be present, including a black lab, a golden lab, and a chocolate lab. The black lab and the chocolate labs’ nose colour usually matches their coat colour, whereas a yellow lab may have either a black nose or a pink nose. Some unusual labrador retrievers have very light hair. These labrador retrieves are called dudleys. For the most part, a labrador retriever’s coat colour doesn’t matter all that much to labrador retriever owners, because whatever the colour, labrador retrievers are very lovable dogs.