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Japanese Chin

Japanese chins have very distinct-looking faces. A Japanese chin dog is usually white with black or brown or sometimes tan patches. The japans chin has a very unusual face that seems to be frozen in an expression of confusion. Though Japanese chins tend to have mostly short hair when they’re young, their hair grows quite long as adults. Japanese Chin dogs have large black eyes and a curly tail. Because their eyes are so big and protrude out of their face, japans chins are at a high risk of doing damage to their eyes by scratching or puncturing them. If your Japanese chin scratches his eyes, you can apply some antibacterial eye drops but more serious scratches may require medical attention. If your Japanese chin doesn’t have as much hair as you expected, it’s probably because they’re still young and hasn’t yet grown its adult coat. Sometimes its more than a year before a japans chin grows its adult coat. The adult coat is long and silky and stays clean on its own fairly well. You don’t need to groom or wash your japans chin too often, but you should remember to keep their nails trimmed.

Japanese Chin Behaviour

The japanese chin is a bit like a cat in that it can be a fairly independent dog. At the same time, a japanese chin can show a lot of affection for its owner but is less friendly around strangers. The japanese chin is an intelligent dog and responds fairly well to training. The key to training a japanese chin is repetition – if you don’t repeat something you’ve just taught your japanese chin, they will soon forget. The japanese chin is one of the few toy dogs that is very obedient and good at learning tricks. The japanese chin dog is loyal to its owners and always eager to please. They make good watchdogs too. Japanese chin dogs are not comfortable in new situations or unfamiliar places. The japanese chin dog is a great pet and it gets along well with other pets but it is not the best dog for you if you’ve got small children. If young child is rough with your japanese chin dog, they could seriously injsre it, or at least give it a good scare. Japanese chin dogs are moderately active. They do well in an apartment but they still need to be walked daily to stay healthy. The japanese chin dog also needs a good healthy diet. The japanese chin dog usually lives for 10 years or less.

Japanese Chin Health and Beauty

 Because the japans chin is such a small dog, it’s very fragile. Be careful with japans chin dogs because they break easily. They’re especially at risk of injuring their eyes because they’re so big and unprotected. The japanese chin dog injures its eyes when it bumps against things because its face is so flat that it can’t act as a bumper. It’s important to clean your japanese chin’s face often because the moisture from its big eyes or its food gets trapped between the wrinkles in its face and rots. This can lead to an infection on your japanese chin’s face. Because their faces are very flat, the japanese chin dog is also prone to breathing problems. They have a very short nasal canal which causes the japanese chin dog to wheeze and snore and overheat easily. Japanese chin dogs also require a fair bit of grooming – they need to be brushed every day to keep their smooth coat from getting tangled. This will also reduce the amount of hair they shed onto your furniture and clothes. Japanese chin dogs also need to have their eyes cleaned and their ears checked almost every day. This is because japanese chin dogs are prone to ear infections as well as the face rot described above.

Japanese Chin Breeders

There are japans chin breeders around the world, but japans chin dogs don’t come cheap. Buying a japans chin from a japanese chin breeder is not the same as buying a Labrador retriever. Japanese chin dogs are far less common, so you might not be able to get a japanned chin puppy from a japans chin breeder on demand. You may have to tell a breeder in advance that you’re interested in buying a japans chin puppy in the near future. Japanese chin dogs don’t d well in the wild, so if you buy a japanese chin dog from a japans chin breeder, you’d better be sure you know what you’re doing because you can’t just set your japanese chin free in the woods when you get tires of it. When you buy a japanese chin dog from a japanese chin breeder, you are responsible for it for the rest of its life. The reason that the japanese chin, and most pet dog breeds, can’t survive on their own in the wild is because humans have bred them so that their brains don’t fully develop. The japanese chin dog, like all dogs, is descended from the gray wolf. When people first started breeding dogs, they chose the ones that didn’t fully develop and looked more like wolf pups, with big floppy ears and big eyes.

Japanese Chin Puppies

If you’re thinking of getting some japans chin puppies, it’s important to know a lot about the breed. Japanese chin puppies can be a handful and they need a lot of attention while they’re growing because they can be easily injured. It’s great to get dogs from the humane society instead of going to a pet store, but you’re not likely to find japanese chin puppies at the dog shelter. The best way to get yourself a japanese chin dog is to go to a japanese chin breeder