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Irish Wolfhound

The irish wolfhound is a very unique type of dog that may not be suitable for everyone. The most striking feature of the irish wolfhound is its size. The irish wolfhound is the biggest dog in the world, even bigger than a Great Dane. Yet irish wolfhounds also make fantastic family dogs if the irish wolfhound puppies are properly trained. The biggest concern when deciding to buy an irish wolfhound is space. All irish wolfhounds need plenty of space to run around in. Because of their size, owning irish wolfhounds will require you to also have a big vehicle in which you can transport them.
Though they need plenty of outdoor space to run, irish wolfhounds are family dogs that prefer to stay indoors at night. The irish wolfhound is not a suitable city dog and if you only have a small apartment, irish wolfhounds are certainly not the breed for you. The irish wolfhound was originally bred for hunting and as a rescue dog in war. As they have tradirionally worked closely with humans, irish wolfhounds make close ties with their families. While irish wolfhound puppies may cause trouble in your home due to their very active nature and oversized bodies, when your irish wolfhound grows up he will be much more docile, loving, and calm. While irish wolfhounds are great with people and children, you will have to watch your irish wolfhound around small animals because of their hunting instinct.
The hunting instinct of the irish wolfhound may be a great concern to those who also have cats, small dogs, or other small animals because it is very difficult to breed out of even irish wolfhound puppies. Another concern when deciding on an irish wolfhound is the cost. One thing about irish wolfhounds is that they will cost more because they eat more food. Vets also often charge more for treating irish wolfhounds. An irish wolfhound is not for you if you do not have the space and cannot afford the cost. If you have a farm or if you like to hunt, an irish wolfhound could be the perfect breed. While they are not guard dogs and do not bark often, irish wolfhounds will look out for you and your family. When competing in shows, irish wolfhounds are shown in the hound dog category.
While irish wolfhounds are very tall, taller than a Great Dane, irish wolfhounds are also fairly thin. The shaggy coats of irish wolfhounds may be many colours but are often cream, black, or blue-gray. The size and temperament of your irish wolfhound will be determined by how you raise your irish wolfhound puppies. Size and temperament are also a concern of irish wolfhound breeders and you should be very careful when you decide to purchase irish wolfhounds for sale. After deciding an irish wolfhound is right for you, you are going to decide between an older irish wolfhound and irish wolfhound puppies.
If you choose to purchase an older irish wolfhound, you should be careful to check if the dog has any bad habits. Older irish wolfhounds may be a better purchase for someone who does not have time to train irish wolfhound puppies or someone who wants a calmer irish wolfhound. If you choose to purchase an older irish wolfhound, look for an irish wolfhound rescue or at irish wolfhound breeders who sometimes sell older dogs. If you want to look at irish wolfhound puppies, you should research irish wolfhound breeders. These irish wolfhound breeders may be found through irish wolfhound organizations or through looking at advertisements for irish wolfhounds for sale. If you have seen an advertisement that says irish wolfhound for sale, always look into the breeder. When you are looking at irish wolfhounds for sale, the prices usually range between six hundred and twelve hundred US dollars. An irish wolfhound for sale may be a show quality or dog or may have flaws that prevent him from representing the irish wolfhound breed in a competition. Many irish wolfhounds for sale as non-show dogs just have small physical flaws that will not prevent them from being fantastic family dogs. You should research the irish wolfhound breeders and see if their irish wolfhounds for sale are show quality. You should also be very careful with irish wolfhound breeders to be sure their irish wolfhounds are not inbred, which will result in costly genetic health problems in the future. When looking at irish wolfhound puppies, you should consider their sex, their colour and their temperament. Some irish wolfhound puppies may be smaller or more sociable than others. When responding to a call for a single irish wolfhound for sale, you should be very careful if reputable irish wolfhound breeders do not sell him.
Reputable irish wolfhound breeders should be registered with a national kennel club and should be able to provide purebred papers for their irish wolfhound puppies. Once you have selected an irish wolfhound from the many irish wolfhounds for sale, you should start training. These irish wolfhound puppies are quick to learn but are very energetic and may be destructive in your home initially. As long as you selected an irish wolfhound with a good temperament from reputable irish wolfhound breeders, your irish wolfhound should respond well to training. While an irish wolfhound certainly is not for everyone, irish wolfhounds may quickly become a welcome new member of your family.
There are, however, various aspects of irish wolfhounds that may still be a concern. Because of their size, irish wolfhounds are prone to serious health problems and have a relatively very short lifespan. Another thing to always remember about irish wolfhound puppies is their need for constant socialization. If irish wolfhound puppies are not socialized enough, they might become aggressive or defensive when they are older. That said, if you put time into training and loving your irish wolfhound, he could be an affectionate and peaceful dog. Be very sure that the irish wolfhound is the right dog for you; obtain him from a reputable breeder, and train him well and your irish wolfhound may become a happy addition to your home.