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Irish Setter

The irish setter is a beautiful dog with a flowing red coat. The irish setter breed was originally bred for tracking in hunting and sport. While irish setters have maintained the urge for tracking over the years, they have also become great family dogs. One thing about irish setters to note is their need for space and exercise. The irish setter is not aggressive and will be suitable for a house with children. Many irish setter puppies are a little difficult to train at first, as they are very smart, but with patience your irish setter will be obedient as an adult. Even when adults, however, irish setters have been known to roam so a fence for your irish setter is essential to keep him on your property.
Many people are attracted to irish setters because of their shiny red coats and their sweet natures. Most irish setter puppies housetrain quickly and the irish setter loves to be near people. If you have a farm or even a large yard and a family, the irish setter could be a perfect breed for you. If you just want an irish setter for your home and family, consider choosing from non-show quality irish setter puppies. If this is the case, you may also look for an adult irish setter from an irish setter rescue. There are a few irish setter rescue groups in the country dedicated to giving both older irish setters and young irish setter puppies good homes. If you do not need to show your irish setter, saving an irish setter through an irish setter rescue can be rewarding and cost-effective. If you do want to show your irish setter, the irish setter is shown in the sporting group category of American Kennel Club shows. If you intend to show your irish setter, you should purchase your irish setter from irish setter breeders, as only purebred papers for your irish setter can guarantee show quality.
A show quality irish setter must have the red coat typical for irish setters. When showing your irish setter, you should get him a proper cut for the irish setter red coat. Your irish setter must also be fit and proportionate. Judges also judge irish setters for their temperament. Your show irish setter should be outgoing and not shy or aggressive. These irish setter traits can best be guaranteed by going to an irish setter breeder recommended by the irish setter club of America or the American Kennel Club. When looking at irish setter puppies, always make sure that they are show quality irish setter puppies and not inbred by irish setter breeders or they could have health problems in the future. The irish setter club of America gives information about irish setters, how to raise your irish setter, where to find quality irish setter puppies, and even offers an irish setter rescue. The irish setter club of America aims to promote the breed of irish setters and help people connect with irish setters and irish setter lovers across the country.
The irish setter club of America also offers a list of irish setter breeders so you can find irish setter puppies in each region. The irish setter club of America offers information you need to know before buying irish setter puppies and even offers a list of integrity principles for irish setter breeders that they must uphold in order to sell irish setter puppies. When looking into buying irish setter puppies, you should always look at a reputable and recommended irish setter breeder. The irish setter is a very hardy dog. As irish setters were known for tracking and hunting, they are very active and need exercise. The coat of the irish setter is beautiful but also water resistant and serves a practical purpose in hunting. The hardiness and sport lifestyle of the irish setter may be translated into the line of irish setter boots. Many people buy irish setter shoes and irish setter boots for hiking, fishing, hunting, and other outdoor sports. What people like about irish setter shoes and irish setter boots is that they are tough, comfortable and waterproof. The logo of irish setter shoes and irish setter boots shows an irish setter dog catching a scent in the hunt. The marketing of irish setter shoes and irish setter boots emphasizes how rugged the irish setter products are. If you want to buy irish setter shoes or irish setter boots, visit the irish setter website. On the irish setter website there is a store locator which will tell you where in the country you can find irish setter shoes and irish setter bots.
The irish setter makes a great sport companion and many irish setter lovers are hunters. Yet irish setters are also great around children and families. The fact that irish setters are not aggressive and that irish setter puppies are easy to housetrain makes the irish setter suitable for not only farm homes but for the suburbs. When you are purchasing an irish setter, however, make sure you have the time to take your irish setter for runs because irish setters are very active, even as they mature.
Also make sure to take care of your irish setter as, like other, medium and large dogs, irish setters are prone to health problems like hip dysplasia. At least irish setters are moderately healthy dogs with a moderately long life span. You may know irish setters as red setters but red setters are actually a type of irish setter. Red setters are a variety of irish setter most commonly used to point in hunting. The logo for irish setter shoes and irish setter boots displays this pointing action of the irish setter or red setter. Whether you have decided on getting an adult irish setter or irish setter puppies, make sure you get your irish setter from a reputable source. Check out the irish setter club of America for a list of these irish setter sources. Your irish setter will be an important new member of your family so make sure to train your irish setter well and you will be blessed with a loving and obedient dog. The irish setter may not be for everyone but if you have the space and time to take care of a medium sized dog, the irish setter may be for you.