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The havanese dog is a very cute, tiny ball of fur resembling the maltese. The havanese dogs are shown in the toy category of dog shows. The Havanese is short, most often white, and fluffy with sweet eyes and a happy personality. The Havanese gets its name from Havana in Cuba where the havanese dogs were reserved for upper classes. The Havanese is a fairly new breed to the United States and Canada. A havanese dog is a unique dog to own and could be the perfect dog for you. There are very few havanese dogs in North America outside of Cuba so if you are looking for a dog that you don’t often see on the streets, you should certainly research the Havanese. One great thing about the havanese dog is its adaptability to urban environments. Unlike bigger dogs, havanese dogs are the perfect breed for apartment living. The Havanese is a lap dog, never bred for sport. The Havanese needs much less exercise than other dogs so if you have a busy schedule and a smaller living space, the havanese could be suitable for you. That being said, you should not get a havanese dog if you do not have time to give your Havanese attention. The havanese dog needs attention and love from its owner and it would be unfair to leave your Havanese for long periods of time. The Havanese is the perfect breed of dog to carry around while you are running errands and your Havanese will not usually mind being carried around in a purse or stroller suited for dogs. The Havanese is actually a very fashionable dog, though not yet popular and trendy. The pretty coats of the havanese dog, mixed with their sweet personalities, make the Havanese a breed very suitable for socializing with adults and other small pets. Because of their tiny size, havanese dogs may have trouble in a house with young children or larger pets. If you have young children, you might want to wait until they are older to get a Havanese. Once you have decided that a havanese dog is right for you, you should start looking at havanese puppies and havanese breeders.
First, however, you should decide if you want to look at havanese puppies or an older Havanese. If you do not have the time to train your havanese dog or perhaps need a calmer Havanese for your home, you should consider looking at an adult Havanese rather than havanese puppies. Even when looking at buying an adult havanese, you should still research havanese breeders. Many havanese breeders have older dogs that are no longer suitable for show and these havanese dogs could be very suitable as family pets. If you are set on looking for havanese puppies, do not just respond to the first advertisement of havanese puppies for sale. You should always look into the havanese breeders that write these advertisements for havanese puppies for sale. If you see “havanese puppies for sale” in your local newspaper, those advertisements could have been placed by reputable havanese breeders but they could also be put there by disreputable sources. For a list of havanese breeders you should consult a local or national havanese association. Sometimes people find havanese breeders internationally. This may be more difficult because you will not be able to see the havanese puppies for sale before you purchase one.
There are benefits of visiting havanese breeders and choosing from the havanese puppies for sale, like when you can see the havanese puppies and judge their temperament and how the havanese puppies interact with each other. Choosing from all the adorable havanese puppies will probably be very difficult but look for one of the havanese puppies for sale that has an outgoing and friendly temperament and no current signs of genetic health problems. Always make sure your havanese breeders give you papers for your havanese puppies. Even if you do not plan to show your havanese puppies, purebred papers from havanese breeders allow you to register your Havanese with breed associations and also offer a bit of a guarantee from the havanese breeders. So you have chosen one or two out of many cute havanese puppies from reputable havanese breeders, now what? Even though havanese dogs are said to be easily trainable, you should start training your Havanese early to avoid problems. With havanese puppies you will have to be extra careful because of their size. Treat havanese puppies like new babies and make sure your house is safe enough for your Havanese to not get into too much trouble. You will probably join the many havanese dog owners who love the Havanese breed.
Many of these Havanese owners have translated their admiration for havanese dogs into havanese artwork. It is certainly not difficult to find havanese artwork that celebrates your Havanese. Whether you hope to create your own havanese artwork or you are looking to buy havanese artwork, you are certainly not alone. Finding havanese artwork can be as easily as a quick internet search for havanese artwork. You can find all sorts of havanese artwork, from oil paintings to pillows to sketches. The Havanese is a beautiful dog that people have loved over the ages and much havanese artwork is available. If you love your havanese dogs enough to purchase havanese artwork, you know you made the right choice in dog breed. The havanese dogs were once a sign of Cuban social status but have now become known as a family dog, as well as an urban toy dog. Your havanese dog will probably enjoy a fairly long and comfortable life if you treat him and train him well. Remember that you chose your Havanese out of many havanese puppies so he must be very special. Who knows, maybe one day you will be creating havanese artwork to show your devotion to your Havanese like so many havanese dog owners have done in the past. The havanese dog is a friendly, happy breed of toy dog and if you are always careful of your tiny Havanese and give him lots of love and affection your Havanese will be a welcome addition to your life.