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Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are medium to large dogs. They have long golden hair and are good at retrieving things. This was no accident; golden retrievers were bred to be good at retrieving things. Hunters used dogs extensively for pointing out game for hunting as well as retrieving game once they’d killed or injured it. This was the job of the golden retriever. Today, golden retrievers are more commonly kept as family pets than they are for hunting. The olden retriever is known for being a very high spirits, good-humoured dog. Golden retrievers get along very well with children and are loyal companions. A golden retriever also gets along fine with strangers but can become protective of their owner if they think they are in danger. Golden retrievers are fairy big dogs and need a lot of space to run around, so they tend not to do as well in apartments. You’ll find that some golden retrievers act as if they’re lap dogs, and seem to be unaware of their size. They’ll often try to sit on your lap like a puppy, which makes it especially important for you to supervise them when playing with small children because they could knock them over and hurt them by accident. Otherwise, golden retrievers are very gentle dogs that love to be around people.

Golden Retriever Puppies

Who doesn’t like golden retriever puppies? They have to be one of the most adorable animals in the history of time. Golden retriever puppies have been around as long as the golden retriever. So what is it that makes these golden retriever puppies so tough? Well, golden retriever puppies are usually taken care of by their mothers as well as their owners, so they’ve got a lot of help. Also, golden retrievers are a fairly healthy breed of dog, aside from the usually problems most old dogs have, like hip and eye problems.

Golden Retriever Breeder

Golden retriever breeders aren’t hard to come by because golden retrievers are such a popular breed of dog. If you want to find a golden retriever breeder in your area, try the internet. Most golden retriever breeders advertise on the internet. If you decide to get a golden retriever from a golden retriever breeder rather than a golden retriever rescue shelter, make sure you choose your golden retriever breeder carefully. If your golden retriever breeder doesn’t know what they’re doing, you could end up with some very unhealthy golden retriever puppies. Golden retriever breeders have to be especially aware of a few genetic disorders that are commonly seen in golden retrievers who aren’t bred carefully. A golden retriever breeder must know a lot about the breed and know how to choose golden retrievers for breeding. A golden retriever breeder should test their dogs for inherited genetic disorders before using the dogs for breeding. IF you choose a golden retriever breeder who has taken the tie to do this, it could save your golden retriever puppy a lot of suffering and it could also save you a lot of money that would otherwise be spent on vet bills.

Golden Retriever Rescue

Golden retrievers make great rescue dogs. However, many golden retrievers need rescuing themselves. The least we can do to repay our golden retrievers for their heroic deeds is to find them caring homes. Golden retriever rescue groups try to find people to adopt golden retrievers that are retired from rescuing or that have been abandoned by ther owners. Some golden retrievers have a tendency to run away and end up in a golden retriever rescue shelter. That’s why it’s so important for golden retriever owners to get tags for their golden retrievers so that when they wander off, the person who finds them can contact their owner. A lot of vets these days will put a microchip under your golden retriever’s skin that can be read by a scanner which will display the owner’s contact information. Then the owner can be contacted to pick up their golden retriever. If you’re interested in becoming involved in golden retriever rescue, or you’d like to adopt a golden retriever, contact you local golden retriever rescue shelter.

Golden Retriever Pictures

If you’d like to get some golden retriever pictures, they’re generally fairly easy to come by. You can even get custom made golden retriever pictures of your very own golden retriever. If you’re looking for an artist’s sketch or oil painting of your golden retriever, look up Sarah Pais online. Sarah Pais is a Toronto based artist who specializes in golden retriever pictures. If your golden retriever can’t make it to Toronto for a sitting, you can simply send your golden retriever photos by mail for her to work from. I have seen her golden retriever pictures myself and they are quite impressive. They also make great gifs for golden retriever lovers, especially if you can get your hands on some photos of your friends’ golden retrievers. Another great place to find free golden retriever pictures is online. People post golden retriever pictures all the time. If you want to go the extra mile you can have your golden retriever pictures put onto a t-shirt or coffee mug. Some people make mouse pads with their golden retriever pictures.

Golden Retriever Names

Golden retriever names aren’t hard to come up with. In fact, there are few names that don’t suit golden retrievers. Some golden retriever names to stay away from are names like Robert and cheshy; cheshy is clearly a cat name. If you need some ides for golden retriever names, get yourself a golden retriever puppy name book.

Golden Retriever Embroidery Designs

Another great way to express your love of golden retrievers is to make some golden retriever embroidery. You can buy golden retriever embroidery designs at a craft shop or print some golden retriever embroidery designs off the internet. Some of these golden retriever embroidery designs are free. If you’ve got a lot of experience making golden retriever embroidery, you might not need golden retriever embroidery designs to refer to. You may be able to create a piece of golden retriever embroidery without a golden retriever embroidery design if you have a photograph of the golden retriever you wish to portray in your embroidery