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Fox Terriers

There are two main types of fox terriers including the wire hair fox terrier and the smooth hair fox terrier. Some also distinguish between english and american smooth hair fox terriers, but they’re pretty much the same. Fox terriers, both wire and smooth, usually have white coats with black, brown and gold tops. The fox terrier has pointed ears that flop down in front. It also has a strong muscular built and is fast and agile. Fox terriers are very fast learners, so they’re easy to train and you can teach them lots of tricks.

Smooth Hair Fox Terriers

Smooth hair fox terriers are the fox terriers with the shorter, straighter hair. The smooth hair fox terrier looks quite unusual because they have such short hair and sometimes if their tails are not cropped, have long hair on their tail. Smooth hair fox terriers shed a little, but not too much. You should really be more concerned, in terms of damage, with your smooth fox terrier chewing your furniture to bits. This will happen only if you let it. Smooth hair fox terriers need stuff to chew on when they’re puppies because their growing teeth irritate them. The key is to provide your smooth fox terrier with plent of chew toys and train them to chew on the toys and not on your furniture. Even if your smooth fox terrier is trained not to chew the furniture, they can become destructive when bored or neglected, like most dogs. Fox terriers need a lot of love and attention and will become bored and frustrated if their owner isn’t often around. That’s why its important when buying a smooth hair fox terrier to make sure that the breed of dog suits your lifestyle. Not only will you need to be able to spend a lot of time with your smooth hair fox terrier – you’ll also need to walk your smooth fox terrier regularly. Smooth fox terriers need a lot of exercise to stay fit and happy. Even better is a large enclosed field or park that you can let your smooth fox terrier run loose in. If you take your smooth fox terrier to an enclosed dog run, be careful. If you’re smooth fox terrier’s not socialized, they may be terrified of the other dogs or very aggressive toward them..

Smooth Hair Fox Terrier Temperament and Behaviour

Smooth hair fox terriers are a lot like wire hair fox terriers in that they both enjoy chasing small animals. This is because both types of fox terriers were bred for chasing foxes. You’ll often catch your smooth hair fox terrier chasing after squirrels and chipmunks. Smooth hair fox terriers are otherwise fairly gentle if properly trained. A smooth hair fox terrier makes a good family pet and usually gets alogn well with other pets and children if socialized from a young age.

Smooth Hair Fox Terrier Puppies

Smooth hair fox terrier puppies are a lot like wire hair fox terrier puppies, and most toher puppies for that matter. A smooth fix terrier puppy needs food, water, exercise, training, and a lot of attention and love from its owner. Its best to start training your smooth hair fox terrier while its still young. As you smooth fox terrier grows older, it will become harder to train them and break their old habits. One of the first things to teach your smooth fox terrier is house training. This is worth doing right away to save your carpets from you smooth fox terrier puppies.

Smooth Hair Fox Terrier Breeders

If you’re looking for smooth fox terrier puppies, try a smooth hair fox terrier breeder. You can usually find smooth hair fox terrier breeders on the internet. You can begin by looking for smooth fox terrier breeders in your area. You should call up the smooth fox terrier breeder or meet them in person where the dogs are bred, to se if they’re a responsible breeder. The best way to determine whether a smooth fox terrier breeder treats their dogs properly is to visit the place where dogs are breed and to ask them a lot of questions. You’ll need to be prepared for your meeting, so try to learn a thing or too about breeding purebred dogs before you go to meet the smooth fox terrier breeder.

Smooth Hair Fox Terrier Health

Smooth hair fox terriers suffer from the same problems as wire hair fox terriers. The smooth hair fox terrier is very similar to the wire hair fox terrier, though they look fairly different because f their hair. Most dogs, not just smooth hair fox terriers, develop problems with their eyes and hips as they grow older. The smooth hair fox terrier is a strong breed and should live to about ten or more years if well taken care of. A smooth fox terrier needs a lot of exercise to stay fit and a healthy balanced diet. It’s especially important to keep an eye on your smooth fox terrier when you take it for a walk because smooth fox terriers tend to pick up things off the ground and eat them. Your smooth fox terrier can become quite ill if it eats something off the ground when you’re not looking. Another health problem that some smooth fox terriers have is allergies. If your smooth fox terrier looks as if they have an infection in their nose, take them to the vet – it could be allergies. Often the vet will recommend a low-dose antihistamine for your smooth fox terrier. If the infection still doesn’t go away, your smooth fox terrier may need prescription medication. Of course, you must be absolutely certain that your dog needs antibiotics before taking them. Some irresponsible vets (irresponsible doctors do the same) will prescribe antibiotics to a smooth fox terrier even if they don’t need them. This is very dangerous because new antibiotics are running out and becoming less and less effective because they’re so over-prescribed. If doctors keep this up, we soon won’t be able to treat a lot of illnesses with antibiotics.