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Fox Terriers are fantastic dogs, but are not for everyone. Wire fox terriers make good family dogs because wire fox terriers get along really well with children. However, wire fox terriers, especially wire fox terrier puppies, have an awful lot of energy and need energetic owners to walk them regularly. They also need to have a fair bit of space to run around in your garden or a nearby park. Wire fox terriers especially like barking, digging and running. Be careful when walking your wire fox terrier to keep an eye on them because wire fox terriers have a tendency to pick up anything they find on the ground and eat it. Wire fox terriers especially like chasing and killing small animals. They also enjoy shaking around small animals and playing with them after they’re dead,. You need to watch your wire fox terrier to go out to make sure they don’t pick up any dead animals. My wire fox terrier recently found a dead squirrel when we were out for a walk and I didn’t notice it in her mouth until we got home. It’s no surprise that wire hair fox terriers like running and playing with dead animals because wire haired fox terriers were originally hunting dogs. Though fox terriers are supposed to be fearless, I find that my wire fox terrier is terrified of almost everything. My wire fox terrier is afraid of brooms, plastic bags, ants, and mirrors, among other things.

It’s important when you get a fox terrier puppy that you train it properly because they can be a real pain if you don’t. I’ve had a very hard time teaching my fox terrier not to bark and not to run into the road. As soon as my fox terrier sees an open door, she runs out of the house into traffic. I have been trying to train my wire fox terrier not to do this by putting an invisible fence across the doorways in my home. If my fox terrier approaches the door she hears a warning alarm, and if she doesn’t heed the alarm, she gets a small shock. This sounds like an awfully cruel way to train a fox terrier but it’s less horrible than it sounds. The shock that my fox terrier receives feels like a static shock you get from dragging your feet on a carpet in winter. Most fox terriers are very fast learners anyway and realize quickly that the alarm sound means back away from the door. If you go about it the right way, you can teach your wire fox terrier a lot of tricks. They are very intelligent and alert dogs and they learn things quickly. It took less than an hour for me to teach my wire-haired fox terrier to ring a bell when she wants to be let outside. However, the only way to make them remember their training is to practice regularly. My fox terrier has taken advantage of the bell and rings it every time I stop paying attention to her.

So where can you find wire hair fox terrier breeders if you want to buy a wire hair fox terrier puppy? There are wire haired fox terrier breeders all over the place, bu if you want to find one immediately, your best bet is the internet. Wire fox terrier breeders are protective of their breed because over-breeding of wire fox terriers can cause a lot of problems. Beware when buying a wire hair fox terrier puppy that they have an incredible amount of energy, all the time! You can take your wire hair fox terrier for a five kilometer run in the morning and they’ll be more energy when they get home than when they left. If you don’t train your wire haired fox terrier, they can cause a lot of headaches. You’ll find that like most puppies, wire fox terriers like chewing on just about everything, especially socks and antique furniture. It’s very important to keep an eye on your wire haired fox terrier all the time when they’re a puppy because they will try to eat a lot of things that will make them sick. My wire hair fox terrier has eaten a whole pair of leggings, screws, a roll of toilet paper, and much more that I’m sure I don’t know about, but these things made her quite sick. You also need to prepare your house before your new wire haired fox terrier puppy arrives. You should cover all electrical wires and phone cords and keep small objects that your wire fox terrier might try to eat well out of reach. Also keep an eye on your shoes when your wire fox terrier arrives.

Wire hair fox terriers also need constant attention and hate to be left alone. If you or your family isn’t around the house for much of the day, it wouldn’t be fair to get a wire fox terrier because they’d be miserable on their own. A wire hair fox terrier is very eager to please and tend to get along well with strangers. Though wire haired fox terriers are meant to be good guard dogs, not all of them are. If your wire haired fox terrier is afraid of everyone who comes to your door, they likely aren’t going to make a good guard dog. Though wire haired fox terriers are quite small dogs, they have a very vicious bark. If you don’t train them when they’re young, they’ll drive you crazy with their barking later on. Also, if you don’t teach your fox terrier that you’re in charge, they’ll walk all over you. Wire haired fox terriers are very loving dogs and loyal companions. If you’d like to meet other wire hair fox terriers and their owners, become a member of a wire hair fox terrier club. Some of these wire hair fox terrier clubs exist only online but other clubs meet up regularly to talk about their wire hair fox terriers.