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The daschund is also known as a wiener dog or sausage dog. The daschund is a medium size dog, but also has a miniature version that is quite a bit smaller. Dachshunds come in a number of different colours, though some are more desirable than others. Though an all-black or all-brown dachshund looks nice and is generally healthy, they are not eligible to participate in dog shows. Double Dapple dachshunds are not as healthy and most breeders won’t breed for this colouration because the dogs are usually born deaf or blind or both. There are three different kinds of coats in the daschund, including the long hair, smooth hair, and wire hair daschunds. Daschunds also have many different eye colours, including brown, green, and light grey. Sometimes a daschund will have two different-coloured eyes, like you often see in Siberian huskies. One of the daschund’s favourite past times is chasing balls, birds, and small animals. This comes from the daschund’s hunting instinct. Different dachshunds require different kinds of grooming. While smooth daschunds require hardly any grooming at all, long haired dachshunds need to be brushed regularly to keep their hair from getting knotted. Wire haired dachshunds are very rare and look quite different to the smooth and long dachshunds,

Dachshund Breeders

Daschund breeders bred the first daschunds in Europe. The dachshund is a mix of a number of European breeds from France, Germany, and various other countries. Today however, the dachshund is most commonly associated with Germany. In England, the daschund is often called a sausage dog, or a wiener dog in America. The dachshund’s long floppy ears are intended to prevent dirt and debris from the ground from entering the dachshund’s ear canal.

Miniature Daschund

Miniature daschunds are quite similar to regular full size dachshunds. Often the miniature version of a dog breed differs from the full-size in more than just size and weight, but not the daschund. The only thing that differentiates a miniature daschund from a full size daschund is its size and weight. Otherwise the dogs are almost identical

Dachshund Health

Dachshunds suffer a lot from unique health problems because of their unusually long spines and short legs. The wiener dog is prone to spinal injury because their spines are very elongated and not well protected by the small rib cage. Spinal surgery for your dog can be very expensive, so treat your wiener dog with care and make sure he doesn’t jump or climb stairs too often, as this could result in injury. If your daschund has the option, let him take the elevator instead or carry him up the stairs yourself. Remember when carrying a dachshund to hold him properly. You need to make sure that both the front and the back end of the daschund are supported at all times. Many of the dachshund’s spinal problems are hereditary, so responsible breeders should check the dogs for hereditary problems before breeding them. Another cause of spinal problems in dachshunds is obesity. Overweight dachshunds have increased pressure on their spine and are therefore more susceptible to injury.

Dachshund Rescue

Dachshund rescue is a service for dachshunds that have been abused or abandoned and need new homes. Daschund rescue helps to find people to adopt these dachshunds and give them a second chance at life. Today the dachshund is a very common family pet, but many of these family pets end up in dachshund rescue shelters. Why is that? Well, dachshunds are great dogs but they’re not suited to everyone. They need a lot of attention and they like to go for regular walks, however they shouldn’t do anything too strenuous that could damage their back. When someone who is completely ignorant about dachshunds and their habits buys a dachshund for a pet, they often discover that the dachshund isn’t the kind of dog they had in mind, so they drop it off at a dachshund rescue shelter and get a new dog. Because animal shelters are already at capacity, they can’t hang on to stray dachshunds for ever, so the dachshund rescue team provides a temporary foster home for them until they are adopted by a new family.

Dachshund Puppy

Before you get a dachshund puppy, visit a daschund rescue shelter to get an idea of what the breed is like. You might even find a daschund there that you’d like to adopt. If you’re set on getting a daschund puppy, the best place to go is usally a reputable daschund breeder. Keep in mind that not all dachshund breeders are good, so be careful who you get your dachshund puppy from. You can ask other dachshund puppy owners where they got their dachshund puppy and read reviews of dachshund puppy breeders on the internet. If you really love dachshunds, you won’t get a dachshund puppy from a et store. Dachshund puppies at the pet store come from puppy mills, which re like breeding factories where the dachshund breeder dogs are treated very inhumanely. These dachshunds are locked up in a mill and forced to breed all day for their entire lives until they stop producing puppies, either because its too much strain on their body or they get sick or die. If you think you’ve found a responsible dachshund breeder, you should ask if you can drop by the breeder’s place to see the parent dogs. If the breeder refuses, you may have reason to suspect that the breeding operation is not entirely legitimate. Another reason to take the time to find a good reputable breeder is to avoid buying a dachshund puppy with serious genetic diseases. If a breeder is irresponsible or ignorant about the breed, they may not test the dachshund parent dogs for hereditary diseases before breeding.